reasons why sex education is important and should be taught in schools

The biggest debate between teaching sex education in school and not teaching it is the line between providing knowledge and information about sex versus killing children’s innocence at a very young age

But with the internet and TVs, it’s very hard for a child to use any of those things and not find out what sex is or which is sex or not.

It is next to impossible to find a T.V show that would interest a child and does not depict love and romantic relationships in one way or another.

Even news that you would think is family-friendly sometimes reports about rape, prostitutes, talk about LGBTQ communities, gays and sexual harassment in some instances however much they try to sugar coat how they present it.

In fact, if a child does not understand something she sees or hears about and picks up interest in it, they are likely to search for answers about it to satisfy their curiosity and you would be lucky if they turn to you for answers than ask a random person who may miss lead them

So at the end of the day is hard to keep your child from knowing about sex unless you lock them up in a room with no source of information at all

Even a simple TV show for kids shows one of the kids having a love interest in the other, something any child would relate to their own feelings. Sadly kids act like what they see in the media let alone the fact they learn a lot from how we the elder people behave

The only big difference is most children take long or never realize or believe they are gay or bisexual till later in their years which could be a setback for lesbian sex education or LGBTQ education for that case

But by going with the norm of being straight, sex education at an early age is a win and no one should say no to it.

1. Case study on Sex Education Importance in Africa

In East Africa particularly Uganda. It’s one of the countries with the highest number of children who drop out of school due to early pregnancy and complications related to it.

Most of these girls get to know about sex through friends who happen to miss lead them, which friends were also misled too by someone else or what they saw on TV  and what they heard on the radio plus propaganda

Besides how else do you exactly expect kids to know about sex anyway let alone relating to their own feelings of finding the opposite sex attractive

At the end of it all, it is one blind person leading another something that would be solved by providing sex education to these children

Also, most of these girls came from poor families which showed that they could easily be manipulated by money or any other materialistic items

Even in a couple of instances for grownups, they can easily be manipulated by money to do anything they are very aware that is very wrong, so what of children

Given the fact these girls lack most of the materialistic things even the cheapest of all, they tend to give in easily to sex demands

And even if a child sticks by her word to stay in school, the problem of poverty goes way back to the family who is willing to cash in on her as dowry to any potential suitor who would be willing to pay anything

When I say pay anything I mean these girls are even exchanged in return for goats and they totally have no idea what even marriage is. This is perhaps why we could do with some sex education for couples

Before 1900 most girls in the African traditional society where married by the age of 13 but this is a more civilized society that is filled with information and that was over 100 years back but some still need sex education on that.

Poverty makes it even harder as some girls intentionally decide to engage in early sex or get married at an early age because of money or materialistic returns they would benefit from. To them what’s the sense of school when you could have what you are studying for earlier

This is one of the reasons for early childhood prostitution

So it is better to teach sex education to children at 10 years plus because if you keep quiet about the issue these children will be pregnant mothers by the age of 13 before they are even teens.

Literary it was better to kill the innocence by the age of 8 through providing knowledge and information than preserve the innocence and only to regret later

2. Case study on Sex Education Importance in the United States

According to national public radio Just over half of children in the United States — 53 percent — now own a smartphone by the age of 11. And 84 percent of teenagers now have their own phones

With those statistics, you can tell that actually your child is open to all the information in the world from the internet including adult content

Very few parents are keeping track of what their children are doing with their smartphones. And even social media which most teens or kids use smartphones for is also open to adult content

With uncertainty about what exactly children are using smartphones for and what information they are getting online from the internet, it is safe to provide sex education to them to be sure they are not being misled with adult content they happen to find on the internet thus need for early sex education

Apart from addiction to smartphones, teens or youth are next likely to be watching movies, series, soaps or music which happen to be the main source of unsuited content filling young minds

In fact, romance, nudity, and sex have become so normal on TV that people are now used to it. One BBC culture article talks of how TV has lost its sexual inhibitions literary because sexualized content has proven to sell by being able to capture the attention and interest of viewers

And its not just TV shows or music videos but the same concept of sex sells is also being used in advertising of different products and services in magazines and TV adverts

This again brings into question if parents even know or follow up what their children watch on TV

Importance of sex education

Here are 8 reasons why sex education is important and should be taught in public schools;

  1. The girls are very likely to drop out of school due to pregnancy because they are much likely not to have anticipated the effects of early sex due to ignorance. This can be solved by sex education
  2. Prevention of early pregnancy-related diseases like fistula is very likely to arise as young mothers tend to have underdeveloped body parts to support pregnancy
  3. Rasing of an immoral society. We don’t expect children to know about sex till later in their years but they happen to get to know about sex at a very young age its an indication of a very immoral society that the kids are growing from and this can be checked through sexual education
  4. And worst of all to curb the problem of AIDs and STDs as some of these are a result of ignorance and can be fixed with sex education
  5. Sex education provides useful knowledge and information related to sexual health. Some of the most asked questions on Google are where do babies come from, why do people have sex, how do people become pregnant and it is most likely young people searching for answers. All these kind of questions can be answered through sexual education
  6. Sex education also helps ease off unnecessary peer pressure among the youth. Some teens end up engaging in early sex because they see most of their fellow teens doing it and they don’t want to feel left out so they join the bandwagon.
  7. There is also stereotyping towards teens not engaging in early sex or having multiple sex partners saying “virginity is not dignity but lack of opportunity”, this makes some teens think, they have a problem and they are not attractive enough to attract a mate and perhaps that’s why they are single and no one wants to sleep with them but sex education can help fix this kind of propaganda
  8. Apart from spending time on smartphones, children also spend more time in school than they do with their parents at home which makes it a suitable place to inform children about sex education

In fact, it turns out that some teachers know their students very well than some parents know their children due to spending less time together mostly due to work

The disadvantage of sex education is some children or teens are likely to prove what they have been taught by practicing it or some teens will go ahead and apply family planning methods and still decide to engage in early sex but that’s better than them being ignorant about sex altogether


Sex education should be taught to schoolchildren as early as possible, these kids will know about sex as early as possible and when they do not, the children will act in relation to the propaganda they have heard from friends or TV and not facts

Also, children will easily notice how they are different from the opposite sex which will arouse curiosity as to why they are different from others thus making sex education a back up to wrong information that would satisfy their curiosity

The fact that children are supposed to be raised in relation to their gender responsibilities also means children should be taught about their body parts as well.

Do not let TV and internet or media raise the next generation for you and then complain about it being an immoral generation but since our generation is obsessed with the internet maybe we could teach sex education online

Besides of all things you have studied in school when was the last time you applied parts of an insect  in your everyday life, on the contrary sex in a very important aspect of life that should be taught in all public schools

So it would be good to get resources to teach sex education for children, sex education for teens and sex education for youth before marriage as each age group has different levels of understanding.

But most of all there should be sex education in school as part of the curriculum whilst promoting abstinence from sex till marriage as the core aspect of the lessons.

And should also be taught from all institutions that have children or youth like kindergarten, high school with teens and even religious institutions like church because the awareness will pay off as some parents are even embarrassed to talk about it with their children at home and take sex as a very sacred activity to talk about


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