8 Reasons Why the school Education System is so Flawed

Education is one of the few things that don’t have a bad side but have a couple of problems and challenges that may make it appear like a bad idea

Everyone is actually entitled to a good education and a right for everyone which shows how much of a good thing it is

But it is not all that perfect and there are a lot of flaws that stop the education system from being a perfect activity and below we look at the reasons why the education system is flawed and how it is flawed

1. The Education system does not benefit everyone nor gets the best out of everyone.

Some people turn out to be failures because the education system of exams cannot bring out the best in them.

Some people’s core talents cannot be groomed by education especially special talents like sports. So people end wasting their talents by looking for them from education when actually their calling is not in education

2. Education is used as a measure for intelligence

Using education results as a measure of intelligence and wisdom.

Wisdom and intelligence are inborn, education just nurtures and helps develop and groom your intelligence but it does not teach it to you.

The downside is people expect everyone that has gone to school to be intelligent and wise but the reality is everyone that has gone to school can only assure you to be informed and highly knowledgeable

4. Being educated does not mean you will do as you are taught

Most educated and learned people know what’s good and bad and why it is that way.

Most politicians know that corruption is bad and hinders the development of a country but they still go ahead and do it anyway for their selfish reasons

This does not mean that they are not informed or aware of the consequences of their actions or that education did not do its part but for some reason, they just decide not to follow what they know is good and right.

At the end of it, people expect different actions from educated people but end getting completely the opposite and their actions are no different from an uneducated person

That is why leadership is not taught in school or learned at school but inborn. School just polishes your leadership skills

5. Education is used as a measure for success which is not true

People use your education papers and results to measure how successful you will be in life where we can all name some examples of people who didn’t go to school and somehow life worked out for them to be successful

The common reason for this is because education is the only systematic way we can determine or predict how your future will be.

So if you study law we can easily predict that you will be a lawyer and thus you will earn from that which will make you successful

But we all know there are no guarantees on this, whether you study hard and pass or fall out of school, we cannot guarantee that you will be successful or a failure in the future

6. Unemployment after school

This is the biggest downside of the education system. To a lot of people, education is an investment.

Parents invest a lot of money in form of school fees in their children so that when they are done with school, they can find jobs that earn them some money only to be hit by some realities of life and ending up unemployed

There’s is no sense in going to school and ending up unemployed as it takes up 90% of the core reasons for education. That’s why after school some of the questions people will ask you is “do you have a job?”, “where are you working”.

No one is going to ask you if your character or personality is improved much as personal improvement is a very strong addition to your life but it’s not a core of education’s objectives to some extent

In other words, if you get educated and fail to find a job for whatever reason, then that is a failed investment because going to school and ending up unemployed is as good as never going there but this shouldn’t be an excuse for not going to school anyway

7. The education system is all about passing exams

This is the biggest flaw of the education system, it does not matter if you understood what was taught or if you will put what you learned into practice

As long you can pass exams even if you cheat and you are not caught, the education system takes it that you are educated and definitely you passed

So the students just concentrate on passing exams and literally leave school having learned nothing because all they did was cram work and passing exams without understanding anything

8. The education system does not teach about life

You will be taught about working in a job but you will never be taught about other things that affect your life as you grow up

The school system will not teach you about heartbreaks but that is one of the things you are very much likely to encounter in life and you need to be prepared for them in life just as the same education prepares students to work for the rest of their lives

The failure of the education system to include life skills and life lessons is a very big flaw in its relevance considering every human will encounter these life problems thus need for life lessons to face them properly

Failure to provide relevant life lessons in school in addition to job training lessons provided is the reason education is not so important after all because you can make it in life with good life lessons than you would with the usual education syllabus with without life lessons in it


Education even with its flawed situation of which it’s hard to get a solution for like,

There is no alternative for exams in schools as that is the only way we can tell that you understood and will practice what you learned in school

Education remains a very important right that everyone should attain in their lives irrespective of it’s inefficient flaws

Much as the article is answering why the education system is flawed, you will also realize its showing you how the education system is flawed plus how these flaws make education and the whole education system bad


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  1. James Tailor

    A great post, I like all of the 8 points you mentioned here.

  2. Clayton Micallef

    I agree with many of the points you mentioned here. I myself feel that sometimes the education system is set in a way not to teach us But to indoctrinate us with norms and implicit rules of how we should act think and what we should do. Sometimes I feel that the education system is not there to make us better humans but to turn us Into puppets.

    1. lesoned

      Am with you on that, we are more like similar products off the assembly line

  3. Teerath Kumar

    A great article, Get education for awaring yourself about whole world not for income generating tool.

  4. Guest Post Writer

    WOW, what a fantastic post. I really like this post on guest posting.

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