9 Reasons Why Religion is so Important in Life and to Society Today

The importance of religion cannot be underestimated considering the impact it is having on our daily lives every day whether we are interested in it or not

Religion is defined as believing in a supernatural power by carrying out different activities or rituals as a way of worship.

There can’t be a fixed definition of this, but there are a couple of ways you could define it as you understand

But why on earth we would need to create a religious culture in our lives today   

Here are 9 reasons why religion is important in our everyday lives and today’s society in reference to all religions in the world

Importance of religion in life

1. Guidance on how to live life

There are lots of things taught in religion especially to children in Sunday school on how to live peacefully with others in society

This is the same reason students are taught religious education in schools as religious education backs up formal education teaching its followers to be law-abiding citizens with high levels of integrity

And if you are going astray in life, religious books do provide you with information on what you ought to do in life

2. Religion gives us a purpose in life

One of the questions people ask themselves in life is what their purpose on earth and in life is.

Religion gives you a purpose to live for and for some people, it is to spread the word of God or others it’s to eradicate the evil from the world through their actions

And others it’s to help others, especially in poor countries through charity organizations. Some religions have been carrying out charity activities in Africa especially Christianity

In all those ways religion is inspiring people to fulfill their purposes in life for a good cause

3. Religion gives people hope, faith, and belief for a better future during hard times

Religious teachings set a very good ground for counseling and giving people hope during hard times 

The stories in religious books like the bible actually have encouraging stories to help people endure hardships in life and be able to achieve what they want in life

Religion is also being used in counseling the youth about the effects of early sex through sex education and also helping the youth in the fight against using drugs

4. Religion is used to guide us know what is wrong or right

Much as with our natural conscious we can tell what is wrong or right, religion guides you to follow and respect your intuition and do the right thing

Indirectly religion is keeping law and order by making people who follow it and do what they are taught in religious books.

Even in debatable instances, religion acts the final verdict on whether something is wrong or right and also helps us live with each other in harmony through doing the right thing

Importance of religion to society

5. Religion promotes unity in society

Even though different religions cause disunity among us

Having one religion in a given society is actually going to promote unity and that’s because all people in that society will all at least have something in common to bring them together

And of course, there are lots of benefits from being united and all this could be brought about by religion

6. Religions unite races, genders and social standings as one

Religion is a good platform to fight racism which is a growing vice in the world today

Most people are always looking at their differences and discriminating themselves into races and high and low-class standing which is not good

Most religions teach their followers that we are all made by the same God irrespective of our differences in culture and races or gender so we should treat everyone the same way we treat others

So religions encourage believers to accept everyone the way they are and accept them irrespective of the differences

In that way, religion is able to tackle growing vices which makes the world a better place for everyone to live in

7. Religion acts as a universal language

Apart from love since we can all speak the language of love, religion also provides another language we can all speak if we all belong to a certain religion.

 We can all be able to communicate with each irrespective of our races or indigenous languages, this is because religion provides a common ground and common language that can be spoken by all believers which creates one big society

8. Religion is used in promoting morals and values in society

One of the core purposes of religion in our society is creating a world with best acceptable morals from people

And in instances where society shows very poor morals religion is blamed because it has a very strong stand in our society today to ensure that morality is achieved

This could be through religious leaders being exemplary and also organizing seminars to educate people on expected and acceptable moral behaviors in our society  

9. Religion is used to make laws

Most laws are made with a foundation laid from religious books

Most laws in the world are based on religious books. The Sharia law is based on Quran teachings well as Christian nations also base their laws on the teachings of the bible

Religious books are all-around books that can be used for a lot of things and even offering advice to people but in this case, they are actually being used to make laws especially with confusing and sensitive crimes

You could see even most Christian nations have something to do God on their national emblems and people are sworn in using a religious book to prove their honesty in courts of law

Actually, if Christians follow the 10 commandments there would be little or no crime as most offenses lie within not following these laws

On the contrary, this kind of setup makes it hard to separate religion from the state


The world could run out of control if not for religions laying principles for their followers to abide by

Interestingly a couple of people are only doing the right thing because they fear to go to hell, which means if people wake up today and they are told there is no hell or heaven you might get some surprise reactions and behaviors from them

So religion is acting as a control to a ticking time bomb to earth from tearing its self apart though one of its greatest setbacks is lack of evidence to back some teachings and inconsistency which make a lot of people give up and end up atheists

And religious leaders failing to practice what they preach

But as long as religion remains, the world will be a good place to live in with each other


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