9 Ways How you can Stay out of Trouble in Life

Its one thing to want to stay out of trouble and it’s another to know what staying out of trouble is let alone why you want to

Staying out of trouble is when you are not on the wrong side of the law at any place, at any time because of doing what is unacceptable and neither doing something bad that can affect other people negatively in a way that makes you prone to punishment or warning

Here are 9 ways how you can stay out of trouble in life;

1. Avoid bad habits that lead you into trouble

The first step to staying out of trouble is wanting to stay out of trouble and you can achieve that by putting your wish into action through avoiding behaviours that lead you into trouble

Avoiding a bad group is only part of the fix, Avoiding unacceptable behaviors is the core of staying out of trouble.

Even if you have a bad peer group and you don’t engage in the same bad behaviors as they do, you will stay out of trouble.

And if you put self-control to your self, you will also be able to stay out of trouble. So don’t trouble trouble, until trouble troubles you

2. Avoid bad groups

You cannot avoid trouble when you are with people who are always creating trouble. It’s like a plant, if you don’t water it or plant it, it will not grow.

In the same aspect, if you are not with wrong people then you will not end up in trouble since you will not have watered the habits or behaviors that can get you in trouble

You will also not scum to bad peer pressure that would get you in trouble if you are not with the wrong people

3. Learning from mistakes

Experience is the best teacher because if you have bad past experience of getting yourself in trouble.

That will be enough to help you avoid a situation that could lead you again to the same bad experience

And the experience isn’t only supposed to be personal, seeing what other people are going through when they get themselves in trouble is enough for you to learn from and you don’t end up like them 

4. Go for rehabilitation

Some habits can become an addiction that could land you in trouble and you may need to go for rehabilitation to help you overcome your addictions so that you able to stay out of trouble.

All addictions are bad and unacceptable behaviors which can land you in trouble, so looking for ways to overcome your addictions can help you stay out of trouble

In simple terms don’t do drugs or over-drinking or anything related to that

5. Change the place you spend most of your time

Sometimes you are always in trouble because you are in a place that is always stirring up trouble

Some places are stereotyped to be sources of trouble and if you reside in that same place you will always end up a victim and always in trouble even when you are completely innocent

For instance, if people are rioting and you are not part of the riot then it would be better you leave that place because if police rounded up everyone in that area you will end up in trouble too

This way you can also be able to stay out of trouble while at home

6. Following rules and regulations

Some behaviors are not socially bad or unacceptable but are not allowed in certain places, for instance, speaking on a phone is not a bad behavior

But in some places or functions having a phone in possession is prohibited and if you are found in possession of one even if you are not using it, it will land you in trouble

Thus you can stay out of trouble following rules and regulations for example when you are at school or you could end up getting suspended for being in possession of a phone

7. Respecting tradition and culture

Culture and traditions come with their own regulations which you would be expected to follow when you are in a particular place with a particular group of people

This is not the same as following rules and regulations for instance as a Christian you can eat pork but you will have to follow a different routine when you are in an Islamic society.

That is not a law but you would be expected respect the tradition there or else you could get thrown out of their country

8. Get busy or find a job

Well as the saying goes, an idle mind is a devils workshop; you are likely to end up on the wrong side of life if you are idle

Getting a job, improving on your hobby or trying to learn something new every day that is useful will definitely help you stay out of trouble

You should also stay out of trouble while at work by practicing integrity

9. Avoid being in conflict with others

Well, any form of conflict can lead you in trouble. You can never judge how worse it could get.

Even a simple argument with someone can turn brutal in seconds and that can be avoided by not holding any grudges or being in conflict with any person

This can also be solved by solving any conflicts you have with anyone in a respectable manner say by reporting to police or courts of law if need be or concerned personnel

And if you did something wrong for which you are sorry, apologize and mean it


Do the right thing at the right in the right place and you will be able to stay out of trouble for the rest of your life


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