what is success in life?

Success is always attributed to hard work and we believe that when you work hard you will succeed and become rich and famous

Of course, no rich person will claim he was lucky even if he was born with a silver spoon. He will still say he worked hard for his riches

It actually happens most of the rich people if we are to attribute success to being rich, never actually tell how exactly they got the money.

If they were clear about how they got rich am sure we would all follow exactly what they did and get rich

Even still, if someone told you exactly how he did something and you did it as they say you might not get the same result due to various external factors that might have changed between then and now

And let’s not start on the success stories that claim I started a restaurant with one bean and a quarter of rice and now a millionaire in a foods industry

What is the meaning of success?

We are going to define success in two ways and that’s because we want to clarify on the different perceptions of success in life;

  1. Success means achieving something that you want and you have been trying to do or get it.

2. Success can also mean becoming rich or famous or getting in a high social position.

The truth is most of us only know the second definition of success and forget that the first definition of success also counts as a success in life

So whether you become famous or not, contrary to the norm today, once you achieve a goal or something you wanted, that already counts as success

What defines success in life?

TV shows and celebrities have altered our perception of success is in life to being rich and famous

If I ask you to name 10 successful people in life, the chances are high they will be rich and famous high profile people

Today people measure how successful you are in life basing on how rich or famous you are

But that’s mainly because all that people aim at achieving in life is getting rich because of the things money can do for you and the feel good experience of being famous and known

Is success only being rich and famous?

Basing on the above used definitions of what success means, then you clearly know that success doesn’t necessarily equate to fame or wealth

Since success means setting goals and attaining them, then the definition of being successful will vary from person to person basing on what they what to achieve

For example if you have been trying to learn how to play a piano and you succeed it, that would literary mean you where successful at what you were doing and actually its counts as success in your life even if it didn’t make you rich or famous

A person trying to achieve a dream of getting married in the Bahamas also counts as success in its own way

When you achieve your goal of getting married in the Bahamas you will not become rich or famous

But in your life you would have actually succeeded at something you wanted

Another an ideal successful life example is when you want to build yourself a house and you accomplish that goal, then you have succeeded

When you want to travel to the Caribbean for holiday and you accomplish that too

Or when you want to marry your crush, and you achieve that too

And when you also want to be a CEO of a big company or you always wanted to be self-employed and you made it happen then you would consider yourself successful

But to other people going to the Caribbean or marrying their crush is not success certainly because there is no monetary benefit to it but most of all because it was never their intended goal to achieve

This also shows that success is not always going to be in the business perspective of how much money you made or how rich you got but also on what makes you happy at the end of the day even if there is no monetary tag to it

Why is success attributed to being rich and famous?

Well I will give some real life examples to better explain this;

If you are good a something, everyone will get to know you because of it which will make you famous and if everyone gets to know you, since everything is monetized today people will get to pay to see that good thing about you that you can offer which will make you rich

Literary if you did something so good and succeeded at it, you can monetize it and get paid for it which will make you rich and you would also get known and become famous for that skill or attribute you are good at

This will imply that you would have succeeded in life if success is to be defined by being rich and famous.

So if Cristiano Ronaldo is good at football, he will become famous for his skills, which fame will attract big companies to advertise with him and also earn a huge salary from his football club which football club makes money from fans that come to see Ronaldo play

Or if Taylor Swift makes a good song which implies she’s a good musician, so people will pay to listen to her songs and attend her music shows which makes her rich and her talent famous

And finally, if you start a business which picks up and makes you a lot of money, you will become rich, and when you become rich everyone will get to know you which will make you famous

For the last example, you may not necessarily become so famous unless you hit the billionaire or millionaire worth tag but you will achieve the next topic, status

Success and Status

Starting with yourself, you do realize you are very much likely to respect a rich person something you might not do to a person you think is poorer than you. Probably because you look up to them for their success which in this case can be associated with becoming rich

Status from success can even further make you powerful, if you are to name some of the most powerful or influential people in the world, that list is very much likely to include rich and famous people which is not a coincidence

Success and Money

This also shows the business side that is related to success because money is literary always made from doing business

Well “if you are good at something then never do it for free.”

So if you are good at basketball, then people should pay to watch you play it

This implies that “success is not a result of money, But money is a result of success”.

The biggest association between money and success are the things money can do for you, a good education, respect, and status, access to good health facilities and even love and who doesn’t want that

But you won’t have any of those unless you are successful and this case unless you have money

How to be successful in life

Much as luck is a very core determinant of any success in life, but since it’s out of control, Here are 5 things within our control that you can do be successful in life irrespective of what you want to achieve

1. Set realistic goals to achieve

Don’t dream of being the CEO of a big I.T company when your C.V is full of geology experience. There is no way that will happen and definitely your unrealistic goals will make you fail in life

But this doesn’t mean that you set the bar so low, just make sure what you are aiming at is attainable

2. Don’t fail to try but at least try and fail

How exactly do expect to marry you crush if you have never talked to her, how do expect to be NBA legend when you have never tried to join your high school basketball team let alone try to train

Trying and failing is like trying to find your purpose in life, you can never find you purpose in life if you don’t try and you will also not know what isn’t your purpose in life unless you try and fail at your set goal

So you have to get up and try

3. Don’t just give up

Giving up is an indication that you have failed. But there is a thin line between giving up and knowing that you are wasting your time.

You will never know if you are good or bad at something unless you try, and if you fail that means you found something you are not good at and instead you should try and look for something else you will be able to succeed at

In that way, you did not give up but you found something you are not good so you avoided wasting your time on it

Otherwise you will end up failure if you keep on trying at something you aren’t good at

4. Learn from your failures

Even though failure can have a negative impact on you. It should just act as a lesson that you learned from. In this case, you won’t make the same mistake that led to your failure as you did before which will, in turn, help you succeed the next time you do something

5. Never stop asking or learning

Learning never ends and if you never stop learning you will succeed because each new information you learn every day helps you succeed because you will be informed with factual information that you will apply to attain what you want

And if you don’t know something ask,because if you did something you do not know, you are very much likely to fail at it well as you will succeed at something you are much informed about


Unlike the whole thing of being famous and rich as a sign of success today.

You should consider yourself successful in life if you are able to achieve or attain your goals

Even when you make your dreams a reality you have succeeded as not every form of success is going to make you rich or famous

So an ideal successful life is when you accomplish your life’s desires, wants, wishes, dreams, and needs that don’t necessarily have to appear as success or make sense to other people but you


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