self help ways how you can over come and stop an addiction problem

What is an Addiction?

An addiction occurs when you develop a dependence to use a drug or activity for psychological or physical rewards even though it’s causing psychological and physical harm towards you

So any habit that you cannot stop doing due to the short term benefits it gives you even though it is negatively affecting you like gambling can affect you financially, gaming addiction can come in way of your daily activities or even kill your social life

Other addictions that can affect you include, porn addiction, alcohol addiction, video game addiction, drug addiction, and the latest social media addiction plus the internet addiction

These addictions can affect your work life, social life, finances, health and some end up leading to death-related situations or depression

Trying to end an addiction by yourself is never going to be an easy task. It will take a toll on you. It’s like learning to live without your arm but when you win, you won’t believe you can actually do without it

Forget the easy sweet words like set goals and plan for the day to stop the addiction.

 An addiction is like a part of you and the moment you stop it’s like someone has held your nose and you are not breathing anymore. Even skipping a day will automatically make you feel and notice something is missing.

Forget the myths that taking a certain food will combat your addiction. We are being realistic on a real issue because no foods have proven as evidence to stop an addiction.

The best foods can do is help you deal with the after-effects of getting over an addiction during and after drug treatment

The following are self-help ways to get over addiction and are very helpful when helping someone else get over an addiction and also when helping oneself get over an addiction

1. Figure out you need to stop and want to

The first step to ending an addiction is figuring out that you need to stop and you should also want and be willing to stop

Even if everyone tells you or advises you to stop the addiction and you personally do not want or you are not willing to cooperate, you will not stop.

An addiction can be so strong that you will always find and create time for it even in the busiest of schedules.

This can still happen if you are under medication or even counseling.

It even gets worse when you realize you will need to break more other addictions that are leading to your current one. It’s also hard to have one only one addiction, you are likely to have at least two of them concurrently

 But the first step is wanting and willing to stop the addiction

Also wanting and willingness to end an addiction can easily make rehabilitation and counseling services useful and very effective if you enroll in one of them

2. Figure out how useful the addiction is to you and how it is helping you cope with everyday life.

To stop an addiction, you will have to figure out how useful the addiction is to you and how it is helping you cope up with everyday life.

You may be addicted to drugs because it the only way you can do your job or work overtime and the moment you stop you are going to be fired because your employer will notice a change in your work rate

Some jobs like driving for long hours may force you to take drugs that can keep you awake at night or other jobs especially, manual labor jobs are going to get you tired and you will be forced to do drugs to keep up

The solution to that is trying to look for another job that will not put you in a situation where you cannot do without drugs to keep up.

I read about a guy that sniffed some coke went for a job interview and nailed it due to his confident character and enthusiasm that he displayed. But deep down he knew he will have to keep up with the coke to keep the job which he realized he was not willing to do and he decided to just not go for the job

The realistic thing for now in that instance is getting another job because you need to work, there is no alternative to that as of now. You need to earn some money, you won’t stop working to stop an addiction unless it runs out of hand and you are laid off

3. Identify the root cause of your addiction

Finding out the root cause is very helpful if you are willing to stop an addiction, this is more of figuring out how useful an addiction is to you.

If you are doing drugs because of a job you have to keep, then there is your root cause.

If you are masturbating because no person of the opposite sex is willing to sleep with you, then there is your problem.

Or you could be addicted to games or internet because you don’t have actual friends to hang out with

You cannot solve a problem unless you know what is causing it and instead of solving the problem you solve the root cause.

If it’s your job and you can change it, then you very likely to naturally stop doing drugs because they will be no more need for them and neither will even your body demand for them because they won’t be of any use anymore

If its masturbation and you get a partner, the habit will break on its own because you will actually have no need for it since you have a perfect substitute for it

4. Reduce usage.

Sometimes you really cannot let go.

Take for instance in even jail drug addicts still push on the habit and under tight security

Now that’s the power of addiction in that you will do anything within your capabilities to go on with the addiction.

For example, on alcohol addiction, reducing usage from taking 5 beers a day you start taking 4, then 3, and so on. In the long run, you will be able to do without it but only if that’s what you want and this takes us to our next step that helps reduce the usage

5. Set a goal that will deter the addiction

Do not set a goal to stop the addiction say, “I will stop the addiction in December 2030.” That’s going to be very hard.

Set a goal that affects addiction. Like trying to buy a new car but the new car will need money so you will have to reduce the money you spend on drinking to save for the car

In the long run, while you are trying to reach a personal goal of buying a car you are indirectly be stopping your addiction and you will reach a point where you completely forego the addiction to make up for the goal you want to attain

6. Get busy

Seriously an idle mind is a devil’s workshop.

You have to get your hands busy or they will instead get you busy themselves.

That’s why we have to work every day, it’s hard to live every day doing nothing. Just pick up any activity that is worth it and you like it not an addiction you will not live without.

This can be efficient if someone else is helping you get over the addiction they try to make you busy without your consent

A sports hobby is one thing that can get your hands usefully busy

7. Go in public gatherings

Apart from a few addictions like over-drinking alcohol or betting and gambling. Most addictions are done in privacy like taking drugs, masturbation, or at times smoking.

It will be hard for you to stop an addiction that favors privacy yourself. But this will also depend on a couple of factors and is not easy to take yourself out away from addiction

This works best when there is someone else helping you get over the addiction. This way, they will always try to get you to a social gathering or places and environments that do not favor your addiction activities to take place

Natural ways for an addiction to stop.

These are not within your control but if they happened, you are very likely to stop an addiction on your own without trying:

Something traumatizing happens.

In the case where you are driving and you happen to knock a person dead due to drunk driving.

This can give you a traumatic experience of guilt. The same applies to killing due to being under the influence of a drug

The memory of the event will always keep coming back to haunt you and you may end up avoiding the incident that led to that bad experience

Something embarrassing happens

Imagine you are masturbating and someone records a video of you doing it.

By the time it’s done doing its rounds on social media you will not want to move anywhere

You can hold your head up high but the embarrassing experience will naturally make you leave that kind of behavior behind least it happens again

Getting over an addiction naturally

This is the best but sadly out of your control. Sometimes you just naturally stop the addiction.

You wake up one day you no longer interested in your addiction and it’s just not worth it anymore

8. Replace your addiction with another addiction

And for the grand finale. This is the easiest and best way to end an addiction. Very easy for anyone who is even unwilling or is finding it hard to stop the addiction.

Get your addiction and replace it with another that is or relatively the same magnitude

  1.  If you are addicted to masturbating and you replace it with getting sexual partners. Of course, this comes with demerits like STDs
  2. If you are addicted to drinking you can buy non-alcoholic drinks. They do exist that taste exactly as alcohol but don’t give off alcohol effects like deterring your thinking and reasoning capacity
  3. If you are addicted to porn then start going to a strip club and watch real strippers

Replacing your addiction with another addiction is not an easy one but its worth it for a really strong addict helping themselves out.

This is like removing your arm which is a part of you and replacing it with a metallic arm. To keep you going


Those are some practical self-help ways to help end addiction by yourself, and just like I said at the start it won’t be easy but being willing and wanting is really worth the start.

Do you have an addiction that you were able to get over, share with us how you were able to do it by yourself or how you were able to help some else get over an addiction?

And please the best way to stop an addiction is not to start one in the first place. its easier to prevent a bad habit than break it

And if you can’t help your self please seek professional addiction treatment


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