10 useful fun skills to that are applicable in everyday life

Who said learning should be a chore or a boring process for you to endure? And who said when you learn something fun, it shouldn’t add any value to you in life?

Here are 10 fun practical skills for you to learn whilst enjoying every bit of them and some of them are even useful and relevant and applicable in everyday day life.

1. Self defense

How well can you defend yourself when attacked. This a very useful skill you can learn and use it in everyday life when needed but that’s not all, you can else enjoy the whole process of learning as long as you don’t practice your skills on innocent people

2. Swimming.

Swimming can be fun and it’s a hobby for some people too. And honestly, it’s one of those fun to learn skills that don’t feel like chores. It’s a very useful and important skill one should learn as it comes in handy and at any particular time be it when saving a life or when escaping something

3. Cooking.

How can you not know how to cook your favorite dish. Cooking would also be a very great and fun skill to learn especially when you’re cooking your favorite meal and it’s also totally applicable in everyday life or even when you want to try out new dishes prepared by you

4. Learning to read a map

So thanks to google map you can no longer read a map or even care what it says. But learning to read a map would be a great and challenging skill to learn especially if you would take an adventure somewhere remote without the use of any gadgets

5. Learning to Draw.

Drawing, to some people like Leonardo da Vinci, could be an inborn skill but to you and me, it would be a fun skill to learn or even make money out of it through selling your drawings. It’s also a great pass-time activity when bored

6. Learn to play a musical instrument.

Who doesn’t want music in this world? Everyone has a genre that excites them and you can even sing your favorite song in the shower even though you can’t play any instrument to your favorite song.

Learning whether a keyboard or guitar or any instrument can be a fun skill to have and on top of that, even better playing to your favorite song let alone use it to earn you a music gig at a local restaurant.

7. Photography skills.

One of the most used apps on smartphones is Instagram and it’s a photo app. That’s no coincidence as we all love good-looking memories and one of the ways to achieve that is through learning to take breath-taking photos. And there is also the possibility of earning a job or getting hired on functions

8. Learn yoga.

It’s one of the possible ways of relaxing in life and taking off all the stress. It comes in handy as it could help you deal with emotional and mental stress and most of all it’s fun and doesn’t feel like a chore

9. Gardening skills.

This comes in mostly as a hobby or out of curiosity and even location. Gardening would be a fun activity but would be hard to achieve in the city meanwhile in the countryside, you watch certain plants till they bear fruit or even you could plant your herbs in the back yard and take care of them as they grow. This is also a great activity for boredom as you will be having something productive to keep you busy

10. Videograhy skills

It is easier for a person to remember an image or a video and that’s why they are always used in advertisements lately. But this can also be a hobby you enjoy doing and not necessarily a commercial aspect unless you’re making videos on youtube which also still be an interesting way to earn some passive money


There are lots of fun skills and lessons to learn in life for fun but we should also consider the fact that some skills are more than just fun but also useful in our lives in one way or another


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