12 Advantages and Disadvantages of using Social media

If you are not using social media you must definitely be living on another side of the universe and if you are living in this era, then the chances are high your generation age just doesn’t fit in well with social networks

To most aged people phones are purposely for making calls and that’s enough for them

On the other hand, most people below 35 years dread phone calls and would very much love you use a social media platform to communicate with them than make a phone call.

Now that’s how impactful the social media has become in our lives today

Here we explain the advantages and disadvantages as shown below ;

Advantages of Social media

If you are wondering what social media is used for and its importance, the purpose of social media lies in its advantages as shown below ;

1. Creating awareness from videos going viral

One of the most known things about social media is making something go viral especially for the good cause

Some of the things that go viral make the responsible people react to a situation going viral otherwise if there was no social media most of the content that would be used as evidence in different instances would destroyed

And no would even believe that something is true since there is no audio or visual recording of it

For example, if there is a hate crime that someone records and posts on social media, the pressure from the public would force authorities to react because of the available evidence something that could have been ignored in another instance

2. Social media is used to market Businesses

One of the ways to make a business succeed to today is by advertising it social media. In fact as of today there are people in different companies specializing in marketing company products on social media while also communicating with the potential customers

This shows how social media has grown into a virtual world of its own where you can meet lots of people to whom you can sell different products to

This has also lead to provision of jobs

3. Social media Kills boredom

Before smartphones, there were other ways of killing boredom but as of today. Using any social media platform will help you deal with boredom through interacting with other people, reading what other people have posted, listening to podcasts and watching videos too

4. Social media is used to make friends

This is possible through social networking where you will interact with other people with whom you share similar interests or goals or experiences

This happens to be one of the cores of social media. Making friends and interacting with different people all over the world

Perhaps it would not be called social media if it did not make people socialize with each other any way and at least it’s also helping some people learn how to make friends

5. Source of information

Well there are lots of things people are learning from just using social media and they probably wouldn’t have know about it had they not seen it on social media

This also leads someone to search more about a topic they have read about on social media and learn more about.

So using social media would open your mind to new information you wouldn’t even know thus making you knowledgeable in a lot of fields

Disadvantages of Social media

Despite the influence and impact of social media on our lives today, not everything about social is good as shown below;

6. Social media is used to spread false propaganda

Even though the social media provides information, not all information is good or credible

And It’s not only wrong propaganda being spread on social media but also fake news. It’s easier to succeed at spreading false news and negativity because people are more likely to react to it than good news

This why some stuff on the internet is over hyped in a negative way just to grasp your attention and read whatever it’s about

Even though social networks are trying to curb the spread of false information and hate groups, they have not fully curbed the problem yet

7. People do stupid things to put on social media

Today there are a lot of viral videos of people doing all sorts of things that are bad like killing animals in a very disturbing way just for the sake of getting likes and fame on social media

And even in a very deadly instance where someone is supposed to put the phone down and help in a given situation, a person would rather sit back and record a bad event happening than actually go and help

For example, if a person is drowning, one would easily just pick the phone record the event and post it on social media than actually got and help the drowning person

8. Social media is causing depression

One of the new causes of depression today is social media, this is mainly because most people are comparing themselves to others based on what they see them post on their social media accounts.

Since most people who use social media only post the good things happening in their lives, most people compare what the person posted to themselves and they will end up depressed considering they would feel worthless that the other person is better

These comparisons to others also gives rise or jealous and envy when people keep posting the good things one does not have

9. Social media is killing relationships

Due to the instance of making friends and meeting new people on social media. Some users end up starting secret relationships with friends they make online whom they end up cheating with in real life when they meet

Even worse some people no longer have enough time for their partners as they are always busy on their phones with virtual friends or partners

Families are also no longer able to bond as both children and parents are all too busy for each other on their smart phones

The free time that could be used by family to get together is instead spent by the family sitting around a wi-fi spot and talking to someone else or even themselves online

10. Social media is killing physical human interaction

The fact that people can communicate with each other online irrespective of location is killing physical human interaction. This is becoming the new normal

So now people can hardly interact with the person sited next to them but prefer to text a person that is miles away from them.

This gets worse when a person is used to texting than talking to people when they text a person they are with in the same room than physically speak to them

10. It’s becoming a new addiction

Who knew in the last 20 years that we would have an addiction to do with smartphones. People are not getting enough sleep because of phones whilst they are developing short attention spans due to increased usage of smartphones that of course, most people use for social media or other internet related activities

If you removed a social media app or internet from some people’s phones, the phones would be useless to them because all they ever use smart phones for is social networking

11. Children’s development is stalled by lack of exploring

Today, children receive smart phones at an early age, if a child is not playing games with a smart phone they are very likely to be using a given social media platform probably because they are always seeing their fellow adults always using them and of course they would have at least heard of the social media anyway

At a young age children should be out exploring new things they do not know and learning about them, making friends physically and not on virtual social media

12. Increase in crime through fraud

Even though social media is solving crime through letting information go viral about criminals. It’s also a hiding place for criminals

A lot of cybercrimes are being driven on social media through hiding behind fake profiles and running scams, Ponzi schemes and fake get rich quick schemes


Since social media has become a part of our lives today. We can take advantage of the advantages it brings to us and maybe in the later years we shall have to teach people about social media etiquette and good controlled usage as a way of making the best out of it and reduce on its disadvantages


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