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Learn About the Universal Law of Polarity that Creates Balance in Life

yin yang the universal law of polarity opposites creating balance in life

Ever wondered why certain things are the way they are and you ask your self if even God exists.

Or even wonder what’s wrong with some humans in respect to their actions well the law of polarity is one of the universal laws that try to answer some these questions about how the world operators and you would realize its perfect

So what is the law of polarity

The law of polarity is a law of nature where proportional opposites of everything naturally exist as polarities

Polarity means two directly proportional items opposing each other or contradicting each other

Understanding the law of polarity.

The best way to understand this complicated phenomenon is to relate to things that are opposites and relatively proportional to each other using the following examples

polar opposites examples

examples of polar opposites

The polar opposite means the directly proportional opposite of an item or situation so you should know if the opposite of man is woman or boy ?!?

More examples of polarity in everyday life would be;

  • beautiful and ugly
  • rich and poor
  • tall and short
  • fast and slow
  • wise and stupid
  • extrovert and introvert
  • Love and hate

from those examples, I believe you can begin to make sense of the opposites, and oh God is it coincidental that we have a black and white race!! like seriously!

Polar spectrum

  • first world countries – second world countries – third world countries
  • high – medium-low
  • best – average – bad
  • straight – bisexual – gay/lesbian

From the above examples you can scale anything from the opposites like tall to short and you can set the scale as you wish. maybe you can scale speed from fast to slow and from those examples, we can now get into our discussion

Law of polarity as a complementary

The law of polarity as a complementary views life in that one opposite needs the other to full fill its function, thus being complimentary.

For instance, remember that no one wants or intends to be poor and the law of polarity is a natural aspect that creates this opposite phenomenon on its own.

Say through natural selection where someone is born ugly and the other beautiful, meanwhile this happens on its own without us paying attention to it.

Of course, lots of factors come into play for instance being born in a rich family raises your chances of being rich and employing others while being born in a poor family makes you prone to working for someone else.

And just like that more opposites have been created the rich and poor, ugly and beautiful.

More about complementary polarity

To understand the complementary better take for instance if we are all rich worth 10 billion dollars who is going to employ the other and at what price will one rich person employ the other.

If we are all rich who is going to do a dirty job because we would all be having enough money to employ another person to do it for us.

Maybe one wise person would figure out a way to do it and if he does then he will earn more from the other rich people which will make him richer thus making it impossible for all of us to be rich.

maybe another person will drink his money away thus making someone else richer and at the end, we all cant be equally rich because a rich person needs a poor one to work for him and while a poor one needs a rich one to employ him so that he can earn something which makes dependency of two opposites needing each other. which makes these two people complement each other

this is a good example of polarity in everyday life

law of polarity as the law of opposites

This looks at polarity in the aspect that things only make sense if the opposite of them exists. what sense would poverty make if we are all rich, how would do you tell beauty if we are all beautiful and looked the same or how do you tell height if we are all tall.

In the end, you realize you can tell the difference from the other through the opposite existing and even if we were all the same height the human mind is designed to always compare things.

So even if you got the 10 most beautiful women in the world you would still be able to choose the best of the best among them.

If still, this does not make sense, think of it this way. of what sense would GOD (good) be to us if there is no SATAN (evil)?                                                                                 

  How would we even tell what’s bad if all we know is good? What would he be saving us from if evil doesn’t exist? So does God need Satan? is the law of polarity evil? well, that’s another discussion.

Is the law of polarity only about good and bad, worse and better more and less

If you look at the above explanations they are portraying that opposites are only going to exist in terms of bad or good. well to a larger extent yes its mainly in terms of better or worse but in other instances especially complimentary for instance female or male.

Opposites don’t explicitly fall in that line unless we start discussing females or male which is better. or races, black and white people are mainly opposites in skin color there isn’t a direct collation between which is bad or better

In other instances the differences full fill purpose or roles take for instance height is a difference that full fills basketball purpose or take for instance vehicles SUV work for family and trailers work well for transporting goods in the same our human differences in every aspect have a role to play and a purpose to full fill

the less of something the more its value, the more its craved for

This is just natural, you would realize from the above that actually the good side of something is rare and scarce and its what everyone wants or aims to get.

This gives it more power and value. take for instance being rich, the majority of people are poor and are all trying to work hard to be rich and enjoy the benefits.

Even beauty comes in here, forget the magazine and the beautiful people on TV. in reality, a small number of people are generally attractive and the majority of the people are trying hard to look attractive at least artificially.

But that is because we all want that good or positive side of something and at least be in that small percentage it represents or close

Again, on the other hand, the positive side is what the majority have and that’s what everyone wants of course.

Take for instance how many people are deaf or blind. there is a small percentage that falls under those examples most of us are on the side we want to be that can hear and see

All types and kinds of opposites exist

Yes, there is the opposite of everything or everyone believe it or not. You would also realize we are all different and cannot be exactly the same in lots of things.

I used to think women only want big, muscular, authoritative guys until I read about someone who wanted someone skinny and needy. and to her, that turned her on.

Take the regular debate about fat women and skinny women.

There people that want them big and others small and in that instance, we are having two opposites in what people like

That literary means there is someone meant for you and to them, you could be perfect while to another person you trash though we can call that personal preference too

and this also tries to show you that not all opposites are bad, for instance, a fat person will get someone that likes them while the slim counterpart will also get someone that likes them

So think of any trait character about a person and trust me it exists somewhere or get any particular person lay down their personality characters, traits and appearance then just know the complete opposite of that person exists somewhere

Do we have free will

this will always remain debatable because we all want, we work for the best side of things in life whether we do it wrong right, the results we want are always the same, but you do realize we are just like our fingers and not equal.

so it’s hard to tell if the law of polarity directly or indirectly influences our decisions but it sure has an effect on that but not necessarily on the results of our actions.

law of polarity and law of attraction

law of attraction looks at the fact that what you think and perceive is what you attract and get, so if you think and believe you will be poor that’s how you will end up.

if the law of attraction is real and there are people that think they will be poor thus poverty and some people think they will be rich hence rich and just like that we two polarities between the rich and poor.

but the law of attraction becomes illogical in some instances for instance if I believe I am knowledgeable will I attract know knowledge or I will have to read a couple of books to attract knowledge or I even have to work hard to be rich and not just wish full thinking.


Finally today you learned about the law of polarity where opposites of everything do exist naturally. so if you have something and looking for the opposite it’s probably out there somewhere in the world and maybe never blame or wonder why someone else is different from the rest. just know they are the opposite of another person because you’re now knowledgeable about it

Understanding the law of polarity also is also important because it helps us understand and accept our differences in life and embrace them instead of stigmatizing or spreading propaganda about those who differ from us

But most of all if the opposite of problem is solution them this shows there is a solution for every problem


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