Learn About the Universal Law of Polarity that Creates Balance in Life

The law of polarity will answer some of the personal questions you have been having about why some people are different from you or others in different ways whether good or bad as you will also learn that everything has an opposite as a possible cause of the differences

So if you have been wondering why some people are rich and others poor, some lazy and others hardworking, understanding the universal law of polarity will change your perception on life about the differences among people as you will get to learn that these differences are opposites that create balance and meaning in life

What is the law of polarity

The law of polarity is a law of nature where proportional opposites of everything naturally exist as polarities.

Polarity means two directly proportional items opposing each other or contradicting each other

Understanding the law of polarity.

The best way to understand this complicated phenomenon is to relate to things that are opposites and relatively proportional to each other using the following examples

Polar opposites examples

examples of polar opposites

The polar opposite means the directly proportional opposite of an item or situation.

So you should know if the opposite of man is woman or boy ?!?

More examples of polarity in everyday life would be;

  • beautiful and ugly
  • rich and poor
  • tall and short
  • fast and slow
  • wise and stupid
  • extrovert and introvert
  • Love and hate

From those examples, I believe you can begin to make note of the opposites, and oh God is it coincidental that we have a black and white race!! like seriously!

Polar spectrum

  • first world countries – second world countries – third world countries
  • high – medium-low
  • best – average – bad
  • straight – bisexual – gay/lesbian

From the above examples you can scale anything from the opposites like tall to short and you can set the scale as you wish. maybe you can scale speed from fast to slow and from those examples, we can now get into our discussion

Law of polarity as a complementary

The law of polarity as a complement views life in that one opposite needs the other to full fill its function, thus being complementary.

With complementary polarity, you will also realize almost everything has a feminine and masculine side of it. And the incase of relationships, feminine energy attracts masculine energy which is the opposite

The best example for this is that male and female are designed to complement each other even though some people are always drawing comparisons between men and women

This makes it appear as if men and women are meant to compete against each other when in reality they are meant to complement and complete each other.

If you compare complementary opposites you are going to come up with very poor conclusions and results because in most cases one’s strength is the other’s weakness or one’s downside is the other’s upside

And it’s through these differences in strengths and weaknesses that they complement each to create balance

yin yang in the law of polarity

The law of polarity as a complementary is not just about opposites complementing each other but should also complete each other

for example, breathing in would be complete by breathing out and this actually shows two sides of the same thing

Hot and cold are two sides of the same thing, temperature or husband and wife complete each other as a couple

This is usually portrayed by a yin yang symbol from the ancient Chinese philosophy

The Yin Yang explained

The black side represents something Bad. The white side represents something good. The white dot on the black side represents the good in something bad and the black dot on the white side represents the bad in something good.

For example, the opposite of kind is being rude. So being kind is a good thing and being rude is a bad thing. The bad thing about being kind is people will take your kindness for a weakness and walk over you. The good thing about being rude is people start to respect and obey you

Though on the example of kindness, they are two complementary polarities existing in one person side by side just like hate and love. So a person is not entirely rude or kind because they can be kind to one person much as they can as be rude to another

The example above also shows that a lot of things are neither bad nor good but that depends on how we tend to see them. One may look at a situation and only see bad things about it well as another may look at the same situation see opportunities out of it

More about complementary polarity

To understand the complementary better take for instance if we are all rich worth 10 billion dollars who is going to employ the other and at what price will one rich person employ the other.

If we are all rich who is going to do a dirty job because we would all be having enough money to employ another person to do it for us.

Maybe one wise person would figure out a way to do it and if he does then he will earn more from the other rich people which will make him richer thus making it impossible for all of us to be rich.

Maybe another person will drink his money away thus making someone else richer and at the end, we all cant be equally rich because a rich person needs a poor one to work for him while a poor one needs a rich one to employ him so that he can earn something which makes dependency of two opposites needing each other.

This makes these two people who are opposites complement and complete each other by one being an employer and the other an employee.

This is a good example of polarity in everyday life

law of polarity as the law of opposites

The law of polarity is at times referred to as the law of opposites

This looks at polarity in the aspect that things only make sense if the opposite of them exists. what sense would poverty make if we are all rich, how would do you tell beauty if we are all beautiful and looked the same or how do you tell height if we are all tall.

Meanwhile, all these differences happen on their own without us directly influencing them or necessarily paying attention to them

In the end, you realize you can tell the difference from the other through the opposite existing and even if we were all the same height, the human mind is designed to always compare things.

So even if you got the 10 most beautiful women in the world you would still be able to choose the best of the best among them.

If still, this does not make sense, think of it this way. of what sense would GOD (good) be to us if there is no SATAN (evil)?                                                                                 

How would we even tell what’s bad if all we know is good? What would God be saving us from if evil doesn’t exist? So does God need Satan? is the law of polarity evil? well, that’s another discussion.

Is the law of polarity only about good and bad, worse and better more and less

If you look at the above explanations they are portraying that opposites are only going to exist in terms of bad or good.

Well to a larger extent yes it’s mainly in terms of better or worse but there are exclusions especially with complementary polarity for instance female or male.

Opposites don’t explicitly fall in the line of good or bad unless we start debating females or males which is better, or races, black and white people who are mainly opposites in skin color, and there isn’t a direct collation between which is bad or better

This goes on to show our differences are best suited for something, for example, being 6feet tall is better suited for basketball well as being 5feet could be best suited for ice skating

Or a formula 1 car would be best suited for racing well as trailer is best suited for carrying cargo

The above examples show not all of the opposites or differences are necessarily bad or good but each them is useful at it’s opportune moment and customized activity and in the same way, our human differences in every aspect can have a role to play and a purpose to full fill

A better example is both hot and cold are not necessarily bad or good things but they are both different levels on the temperature scale that complement each other so hot would be useful when heating something well as cold will be useful cooling what you have heated

This shows both are useful at their opportune time and none is bad or more important than the other

Other everyday life examples that can apply here are rain and sunshine or day and night

The less of something the more its value, the more its craved for

This is just natural, you would realize from the above that actually the good side of something is rare and scarce, and its what everyone wants or aims to get.

This gives it more power and value, for example, being rich, the majority of people are poor and are all trying to work hard to be rich and enjoy the benefits.

Even beauty comes in here, forget the magazine and the beautiful people on TV. in reality, a small number of people are generally attractive and the majority of the people are trying hard to look attractive at least artificially.

But that is because we all want that good or positive side of something and at least be in that small percentage it represents or close

But on the other hand, the positive side is what the majority have and that’s what everyone wants of course.

For example, how many people are deaf or blind, there is a small percentage that falls under those examples as most of us are on the side we want to be that can hear and see

All types and kinds of opposites exist

Yes, there is an opposite of everything or everyone believe it or not. You will also realize we are all different and cannot be exactly the same in a lot of things.

I used to think women only want big, muscular, authoritative guys until I read about someone who wanted someone skinny and needy, and to her, that turned her on.

Or take the regular debate about fat women and skinny women.

There are people that want big women and other people like small women and in that instance, we are having two opposites in what people like

That literary means there is someone meant for you and to them, you could be perfect while to another person you trash though we can call that a personal preference too

And this also tries to show you that not all opposites are bad, for instance, a fat person will get someone that likes them while the slim counterpart will also get someone that likes them

So think of any trait character about a person and trust me it exists somewhere or get any particular person lay down their personality characters, traits and appearance and just know the complete opposite of that person exists somewhere

Do we have free will

Free will is the power to make your own decisions independently without being controlled by God or fate or being influenced by any external factors

So if the law of polarity says everything must have an opposite and its existence is out of our control then we literary don’t have free will to decide what we want

This will always remain debatable because we all want and work for the best side of things in life whether we do it wrong or right, the results we want are always the same, but you do realize even when we do the same things the results are not always the same and there is always a little bit of luck and fate to seal the outcomes of the actions

So it’s hard to tell if the law of polarity directly or indirectly influences the results of our actions but it sure has an effect on that though not necessarily on the actions from our decisions.

Law of polarity and law of attraction

The law of attraction looks at the fact that what you think and perceive is what you attract and get, so if you think and believe you will be poor that’s how you will end up.

If the law of attraction is real and there are people that think they will be poor thus poverty and some people think and believe they will be rich hence being rich, then just like that, two polarities are created, the rich and poor.

But the law of attraction becomes illogical in some instances for instance if I believe I am knowledgeable, will I attract know knowledge? or I will have to read a couple of books to attract knowledge or I will have to work hard to be rich and not just wish full thinking.

The law of polarity in relationships

Well at that start of this article we talk about how feminine energies attract masculine energies which are both opposites. We possess a mix of both feminine energy and masculine energy but one is always more dominate than the other irrespective of gender

The energy being talked about (Feminine or masculine) is a combination of physical, mental, emotional and spirtiual energies

Feminine energy is characterized by passive, intuitive, inward, kindness, nurturing, allowing, radiance and creative well as Masculine energy is active, giving, outward, aggression, protective, assertive, focused, control, and courage.

This could also be a reason why good girls are attracted to bad boys or bad girls ending up with good boys in relationships.

But these relationships hardly work out because there would be strong differences and their attraction energies will amplify beyond compatibility and won’t balance

And for same-sex relationships, well there is one partner that portrays the masculine energy well as the other tends to portray the feminine energy

But if both people are more feminine or masculine then their polarity is likely to decline so will their attraction energy

How the law of polarity works in a relationship

So for the law of polarity to work, there should be compatible proportionality between the polarities to create balance like passive (feminine) and active (Masculine)

So in this case one would always be good at talking (active) well as the partner is good at listening (passive).

 Not when two people are both good at talking or when both are good at listening

To make this intentionally work, you need to know which energy you possess as a person ( masculine or feminine)  which will, in turn, help you know which kind of person you need to attract

And even if you don’t know, when you find the right person that not only complements you but also completes you. The polarity energies you both possess will naturally attract each other and sync as they have always done

How the law of polarity and law of Attraction work in a relationship

There are instances where similar polarities don’t repel and instead attract. The instances when two feminine energies can sync and blend together very well

This also comes with the aspect that if two people share something in common, their energies are going attract instead of repelling each for instance if both of you love singing then that is going to bring you together

This is where most friendships fall as people make friends with people with whom they share some things in common and not those whom they don’t

And this is also where the law of attraction (like attracts like) comes in. Much as you connect with someone through opposite polarities syncing, to a certain extent you also need to connect with a person through similarities

This would make a perfect relationship as you would be attracted to your partner through the law of polarity as lovers and you would also still attract each through the law of attraction by having similarities as friends

This shows how the universal laws are connected to each other

And also, in reality, it’s hard to be with someone with whom you are only attracted to, you should also have certain things which are similar like hobbies


Finally today you learned about the law of polarity where opposites of everything do exist naturally.

So if you have something and looking for the opposite, it’s probably out there somewhere in the world and maybe never blame or wonder why someone else is different from others.

Just know they are the opposite of another person because you’re now knowledgeable about it

Understanding the law of polarity is also important because it helps us understand and accept our differences in life and embrace them instead of stigmatizing or spreading propaganda about those who differ from us

But most of all if the opposite of problem is solution them this shows there is a solution for every problem


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