lesoned is derived from a quote “Learn Something New Everyday” and just as the quotes states lesoned is a learning website where you always learn something new everyday online

The lessons are intended to be at least informative, educational and useful to your life and fully applicable not just learn something for trivia

The lessons are directed towards a notion that there things you may need to know in life and we provide basic information about them and if you pick interest in a particular topic, you can go deeper to learn more about it

Our content

Our content is based on the following aspects;

Life experiences from people(users) who are willing to let us share their lessons for others to learn from,

Life lessons about things learned in life as we grow up and where never or are never taught in school or told us by anyone,

Answering some of the most asked everyday life-related questions on the internet that we believe would contribute personal development as a way of living a better life through the acquisition of knowledge and provision of information that satisfies a person’s curiosity

Skills in any aspect of life or field of study which others would like to learn and would be useful to them

All these lessons help you learn useful things that would better your life

So if you have a lesson you like to teach, does not matter what kind of lesson because if it’s useful to you then definitely it can be useful to someone else out there contact us