Is Time Travel Possible? Logical Reasons why Time Travel is Impossible

If you believe time travel is possible, then this is for you. But the unanswered question remains, is time travel possible?

Yes because anything is possible and because it hasn’t been done yet doesn’t mean it cannot.

After smartphones, computers or airplanes and cars who knows what the next multi-billion big invention will be? maybe a time travel machine

But first,

What is time?

Time is how we know/measure the past, live in the present and predict the future in a couple of ways for example;

  1. Psychologically like saying it’s a new year is a human psychological programmed way of telling time
  2. Growing which is a physical human way of telling time  which makes time powerful cause it’s in every aspect of our lives

Why time travel is possible in the future

Necessity is the mother of all inventions, not until someone wanted to kill another so badly that someone actually had to work hard and invent an atomic bomb.

The necessity of needing to win a war brought the best out people in this case; Albert Einstein’s theory had to be proved as it seemed a great way to win the war.

So literary a theory had to become a fact, imagine having to prove God exists or else your life is no more, it’s hard to imagine how to you are really going to prove to a person that God exists at the expense of your life

 But imagine what you would have to do to prove that. Because all those that have defended the existence of God against their lives have ended up martyrs

Well, that is how time travel will become possible, necessity will drive us to prove time travel exists in the most unexpected way.

But as of now, there seems to be no urgent need for it, all you are likely to see are time travel theories and experiments.

Just as Albert Einstein left a theory formula E=mc2 that gave birth to the atomic bomb, maybe it will be a second time to turn a theory into a reality.

Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity could be used for a time travel machine let alone having worked on wormholes makes it very possible.

This implies that time travel is theoretically possible.

The two possible ways to time travel;

  1. From place to place. Like from Egypt to London. This seems more realistic and involves the physical movement of the body traveling through time
  2. From one era to another. Like from 2019 back to 1945. This makes me wonder would you travel back to 1945 alone and experience it by yourself or the rest of the world would have to travel with you?

And if you did, would you travel with your current knowledge and maybe invent the Internet or be a Steve Jobs, I would invent facebook I for one if I time traveled backward with my current knowledge.

Would you be able to alter the future if you time traveled forward or you would just go through it as it was meant to be without changing anything? This means if you cannot do anything about the future you will know when and how you will die and you would not do a thing about it

The necessity that can drive us to make time travel possible

But what could be so bad to drive humanity to make time travel a reality, no one would want to go back to the Hitler days so that can’t be a motivator

but what if we had a 3rd world war where atomic bombs are the weapons of use and we destroy our mother nature so bad that we could be the last of our species almost bringing our species to an end or the food gets too poisoned that it would not be recommended for eating.

In simple terms, if the whole world turned into Hiroshima or Nagasaki then we may need to time travel back to fix that quickly. Because the atomic bombs used today are even more deadly than those in 1945 so their effect cannot be underestimated

The possible realistic way of time travel

possibile type of time travel

Then what about the more possible time travel, from place to place. That would render all means of transport useless to a good extent. Maybe it would be a machine that you enter and come out from the other side of the world.

So we would be having portal spots which you use to travel to another place. More like the airport doing all the immigration if its international travel and certainly people using them would be called time travelers

Though this is more like teleporting which is not yet proven either.

Whoever is going to make that time travel machine is the next billionaire.

Why time travel is Logically impossible

The now let’s start with the less likely to happen but who knows? Only time!

The following questions leave a lot of loops which are also termed as time travel paradoxes and make you realize it’s all a movie fantasy and that’s where it will stay;

  1. So this travel means I can travel back in time and not start that business that failed, which means no one can fail. This is called the temporal paradox
  2. I could go back and stop my death, or my family would help me with that aspect so I survive an event that led to my death. This is also called the grandfather paradox, where if I got back and kill my grandfather means I would never have to be born neither would I exist in the future because my father won’t exist too
  3. Would you have an accident during travel?
  4. Can you be lost during time travel never to be seen again and where would you go anyway?
  5. And this time travel would also mean going into the future so you would know what will happen.
  6. Can I exist in two places at once like in the past and future or present
  7. Does time stand still while you time travel and come back to where you left off let alone it’s physically impossible to freeze time

How Time travel would affect Real life as we know it

 Knowing your future through time travel would make life completely different. Like there people I would not befriend because I would know they would betray me or find all possible ways something would work like doctor strange and guess what,

I would start looking for my future wife straight away and start planning for the future other than waiting for that unknown time to meet.  or I would go back and stop Eve from eating the forbidden fruit

This way of time travel is too twisted to be real unless you take avengers end game time travel so serious that you believe you can go back in the past and fix your mistakes but what kind of life would it be if we can fix our past mistakes and perhaps even control the future

Life is more meaningful if we cannot control, manipulate or predict our future and past and where would religion come into the picture when we can time travel and manipulate life events to our own preferences

All these illogical aspects make time travel impossible

Lastly let’s get to the time travel that sounds a lot more sensible and realistic, moving from place to place.

Well, I don’t know if we would be traveling like the people in the matrix movie did but seems real enough to believe 

Or we would have a time travel courier machine that you would enter to travel like from Paris to London using “British Airways ” via travel medium 3 with luggage of 20kgs is 3mins. Having a time travel machine for this would also imply time travel of physical objects is possible


Only “time” knows if time travel is possible but the paradoxes of time travel show it is logically impossible

What would happen if time travel was possible?

You may want to time travel back in the past and change something or at least you wish, do you realize changing just one thing in your own life can actually change a million things in other people’s lives.

By just going back a little in time and just changing one thing, for example; If trump never becomes president it means person x would be president and maybe Clinton would not be bothered by immigrants so you actually end up marrying one or maybe Africans may never accept missionaries and their colonial masters so they may never be enslaved?

Or going back in time just knowing exactly how and why COVID-19 started would impact a lot of things today

So by just traveling back in time and changing one thing or knowing something can have a serious impact on almost everyone presently

Time travel remains possible in theory but the illogical outcomes of its success make it impossible


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    We can’t travel to a future that doesn’t exist yet. If it does, then the present and future (and probably the past) exist all at once. If you want an argument for an all encompassing hard determinism, there you go.

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