can money buy happiness ?

This is one of the constant debates on whether money is everything taking into consideration if it was everything it would buy happiness and also considers the question of whether the rich are really happy in life?

Did you ever realize everything you do in life is for your happiness? The desired end result of all your actions whether good or bad is happiness

The straight answer is money can’t buy happiness but money can buy you things that will make you happy or you can use it to buy services that will bring you happiness for that case

If money really bought happiness then am sure no rich person would ever commit suicide because they would at least have money to make them happy or at least buy happiness and want to live every day of their lives

Some people say I would rather cry in a Ferrari than on a bicycle but that’s like saying I would rather be buried in a golden coffin than a wooden one,

The fact that you are dead, it does not matter and the same applies to crying. The fact that you are crying doesn’t make it any better where you are crying from, a Ferrari or bicycle even if you can also buy people to clean your tears because you have money

The thing is you all have emotional pain causing the tears and being poor or rich is not helping at all

Otherwise, if you think crying in a Ferrari is better then why would you be crying at all anyway

Money and happiness

Money can buy you happiness because you would realize a lot of your problems are caused by a lack of it. So if you get money and use it to fix all of your problems then you will be happy

But what if you were born in a rich family and you already have money, would you still buy happiness in this case?

I don’t think so, instead, you will try to maintain it, buying happiness mostly happens and makes the most noticeable impact when you have been poor before and considerably for quite a long time

When you have all the money in the world then you will buy anything money can buy and you can afford everything you want, you will purchase anything and you will reach a time when spending will not make you happy anymore?

The truth is if you reach the top among the richest people in the world, you are likely to maintain your status which could make you happy as you will need something to motivate you every day and also spending will not be a big deal, it’s more likely to be a normal thing that does not excite you that much

This confirms the fact that money can buy happiness because you lack it to buy the things that would make you happy

If you got at the peak of earning money will no longer buy you happiness, instead other things that money can’t buy will make you happy for example;

Things Money Can’t Buy

  1. Happiness- You will be happy for the birth of your son or daughter
  2. You will also be happy about having a grandchild
  3. Health- You will be happy about reaching 80 years with good health (of course money could  have helped you achieve that)
  4. You might also feel happy about helping a needy person or poor person or even starting up a charity organization
  5. Love- You will even be happy that you have a person that loves you ( considering you did not buy love with money)
  6. Time, Friends and Hope

You are very less likely to pay attention to those sources of happiness when you have money

Money, Relationships and Happiness

Well, can you be lonely if you have money? If you have the money you will have the highest number of friends and family around you because of course, they want the money favors from you

And since humans are not designed to be alone, the family and friends’ money will have bought you will definitely bring you happiness

Even though they could be fake friends or family, but what the heck? You will be happy at least

Today most relationships cannot survive because of money and relationships are actually also another source of happiness

This would technically mean people are relationships for money as it will bring them happiness ahead of being in relationship to bring them happiness

But would being in a relationship with someone with whom you both love each other while you also having money be perfection for happiness?


Money can’t buy happiness but it can buy everything that can make you happy and if you ever reach a time when money doesn’t make you happy anymore then you have definitely stopped existing and started living


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