A quick guide to basic self defense

Every day of our lives there certain things we do not pay attention to and one of them is if we can protect ourselves in case someone attacks us

Self defense is one of those skills not taught in school and yet it remains one of those relevant skills you should know or learn anyway.

During situations that cause a fight or flight situation you have two options, either to stay and fight or run, and this case we always prefer you run and if you cannot run from a fight, we suggest you fight and still run, but sadly life does not care if you’re ready to fight or run that’s why you should take on practical self defence lessons

Here is an overview of what you need to know about self defense and why you should learn it;

What is self-defense?

Self defense is your ability to protect oneself from any form of physical harm in case of an attack from another person

In this case, we will look at the physical form of self defense, so if you are capable of stopping or avoiding any form of physical impact on your body, you might as well have done some self defense.

Is it self defence or self defense?

Self defence (with c) is British English well as self defense (with s) is american English.

Why is it important to learn self defense?

There are a couple of good reasons why learning self defense is important like;

1. To able to protect yourself in case you are attacked by anyone.

Seriously you don’t know when or where someone might attack you from but being able to protect your self is the only way to be sure you are safe.

2. You learn discipline and control.

This is like having a gun and much as you can use it get what you want to by harming or scaring others but with great power comes great responsibility and this is one way to exercise your control and use of power and weapons.

3. It helps you fend off bullies.

When your kid goes for some self-defense lessons they will definitely be able to defend themselves from school bullies, besides you will be happy knowing you can kid stand for himself.

4. Your confidence will be hugely boosted

Knowing you are able to overcome being picked on, bullied or attacked by anyone physically will give you confidence. Even a potential attacker can get intimidated by the confidence oozing off your sleeves

5. It helps you improve body fitness.

This is a great way of keeping fit or burning off some fat or losing weight. While you are learning to defend yourself, you are also keeping fit and staying in shape.

By the way not every physically fit person you come across can defend themselves let alone fight you if you are trained

6. It gives you peace of mind.

This is something you may not even see coming but it’s one of the unsung heroes of self-defense training. you are at peace knowing one of your possible problems is under control.

It’s like sleeping like a baby because you have dogs and guards outside keep you safe, but in this, you are your own guard, maybe you have the dog

Self defence is also important because you have a right to self-defence anyway, honestly, someone won’t come to beat you up as u stare let alone being a natural human response to defend your self.

When to learn self defense

The sooner the better since there is no right time for it and considering the fact there are self defense classes for kids shows how right now is the best time.

Besides you can dedicate at least 5 hours of your time every weekend and do some self-defense training at home, the downside is there will not be enough room for practice because you will not go on beating people to perfect your moves.

Where to learn self defence from ?

There are a couple of places where you can have self-defence training because nothing is ever going to beat practical training with skilled personnel

But we cannot recommend any place, Instead, you will have look for a self-defense training place near you

How to defend yourself if you have not trained at all.

Nothing is going to beat practical training from skilled personnel but we have you covered in the meantime with basic self-defense tips for untrained beginners and also good self-defense for kids; whilst that training moment comes


Yes, I said retreat. We are here to defend ourselves not fight. There is no logic in taking on a 6 feet, 200-pound guy that wants to fight you or bully you.

The fact that he decided to pick on you, chances are high he holds an advantage over you. It would be a lot safer to get away in one piece as fast as you can than stay and end up with broken bones or a deformed body trying to show you’re a man.

Call for help

You know you’re not going to run forever and neither are you a marathon runner, so if an attacker is determined to hit you for whatever reason, definitely he is not going to let go off you easily.

So calling for help should be a natural instinct, actually scream for help because calling for help in an underestimate of your situation and it would be safer to run towards a place with people.

Carry a pepper spray

portable pepper spray

pepper sprays are usually carried by women and would be a good item as a self-defence tool for girls or women.

This is no actual lesson but a reminder or informing you about their existence, the fact that they are portable, it would not hurt to own one because you never know when you are going to need it, so having in it your bag makes it quite handy.

In some countries, it’s illegal to own pepper sprays. Getting a pepper spray gun would be an overkill considering how portable the spray alone looks.

When you are using a pepper spray, aim at the eyes of the attacker, irrespective of how close or far you are from the target and its one of the best self defense devices

Use any objects around you

Any item around you can be used as a weapon to hit someone or defend you yourself, while you could use any item around you towards anyone, you should also know it can also be used against you as well.

So the fact that you can pick up a bottle and throw it towards someone it means it can also be thrown back at you if you happened to miss or if he was able to grab it. So when you get to use an item around you do not miss when you get a chance to hit.

A kick in the groin(balls)

football players guarding thier groin from a ball during a set piece

If you have watched football and ever seen a player getting hit by the ball in the groin, he will go to the ground for some time, mind you this would just be a mistake and totally unintended.

So imagine it’s intended, much as this would well work for women especially if someone tried to rape you or if you at close range you can use your knee to kick him hard and if you are at a distance you can kick him with the tip of you your toes.

Even if he’s behind you back you can still lift your leg up, form a “V” at the knee and still hit him. this is a good self-defense technique for a girl to defend her self from rape.

The best way to protect your groin is wearing a groin cap but why would one need it if you not playing a sport like rugby unless you have ill intentions

Go for self defense training.

Nothing is going to beat the physical ability of you being able to defend your self so you should definitely create time and go to acquire some basic self defense skills

Learning self defense from home or online is not the best way to learn a hands-on activity like self-defense, you need to be attacked practically by a skilled trainer to test your ability to defend yourself.

The best way to learn self defense is enrolling in a practical self defense class

You will realize the above help is not relevant to fighting, that’s because we are not helping maintain a successful fight or to win one but help you get away from a random fight in one piece if you have not trained.

Hopefully, as you are done the reading you have added self defense training at least on your to do list or bucket list


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