can guys and girls be just friends

Of course, they can, everything is possible but a couple of factors have to come into play for that to be possible and maybe that’s why you are kept wondering if a girl and a boy can just be friends

It also depends on the perspective as to why you are wondering whether a guy and girl can be friends

Or you are asking because your wife or husband has a close friend of the opposite

And maybe because your friend has another close friend of the opposite sex

Because a girl and a boy being friends does not mean they cannot have sex if they are above 18 years, that’s

No one would really expect you to think the same for your 9-year-old son or daughter

In the current generation and society setting casual sex is on a high raise more than ever before and actually a normal thing today and that does not mean the parties involved are in a romantic relationship

This literary implies that a girl and boy are meant to be more than friends and this is even more evident as a relationship can start as a friendship and grow into something more

This could imply that friendship between a girl and a boy is a way of paving for a romantic relationship between both of them

Below we give you reasons why a girl and a boy can just be friends and nothing more while drawing the thin line between friendship and romantic relationship because a boy-girl friendship is always on the verge of becoming romantic

1. The reason for their friendship

One thing that can make this possible is the reason as to why the girl and boy are friends in the first place. It could because they are neighbors which is just logical that you can be friends with your neighbors and no other intentions

Even today when women work with men, this means that cross-sex relationships are very likely to sprout out as a result of sharing work environment at workplaces unlike before when women had only their fellow stay home moms as friends and men had their workmates as friends

Here is a situation that makes it impossible for a girl and a boy to just be friends in the same aspect,

Human beings are naturally superficial and we always first like something basing on how it appears on the outside and the same applies to the friends we make

Before we make someone our friend, there is always something we like about them.

That visible thing that makes us love them and with time we can even like other things we cannot see like the character if we spend a lot of time with our friends

In other words, for instances of cross-sex friendships, we can develop feelings for our friends with time

It’s impossible for a girl to like a boy as a friend when they do not like anything about them in any way neither is it possible for a guy to befriend a girl whom they like nothing about

You could be his friend because he is funny or caring but those are the same exact reasons as to why people date any way

If you did not like anything about someone you would instead be enemies not friends or just not friends at all

It is this thing that one likes about the other that could drive a girl and a boy out of a friendship into a romantic relationship 

2. Sharing something in common

This is a complicated one as both people sharing common interests may actually lead to something more than a relationship

 If a girl and boy both love basketball then there is a common ground for them to be friends though what makes this complicated is if you share common interests you are likely to fall for each other

Why on earth would you be with someone you have nothing to talk about?

It is this closeness that could drive a girl and a boy out friendship into a relationship or build a strong platonic relationship

With time when a girl and a boy are friends, they are going to share more personal things that are just more than random stories and hobbies

These personal stories and secrets or even activities when done together between a boy and a girl are likely to drive the relationship out of friendship into intimacy

Another reason why a man and woman cannot be friends is when both are single.

When both a boy and a girl are single and friendship turns out to be more like they are dating instead of being friends. And can you really just be friends when you are both single

At least you are most likely to be having casual sex with no strings attached

3. One of them does not have feelings for the other

This is quite good evidence that a girl and boy can just be friends.

If a girl does not have feelings for the boy then she will keep him friend zone

So if one of them is friend-zoned then definitely this means that they can friends and even poor timing can make the friend zone persist as one may develop feelings well as the other is no longer interested

This kind of situation can also lead the boy-girl friendship to be completely platonic

4. One of them or both of them already have partners

Some people like their mates of the opposite sex as friends and could share a few personal things together but when there is no intimacy between them

Of course, this should draw a line between a girl and boy being secret lovers or friends as both could actually happen as they would both be friends who are also secret lovers

This kind of friendship is very prone for friends to become lovers

For instance, if a girl got a problem with her husband, she is likely to tell her male friend and this shoulder to lean on for her is going to grow into more than a friendship making it hard for a boy and girl to just be friends


A boy and a girl can be friends depending on how long they spend their time together and what is making them friends with of course other situations of life coming into play

But every time a male and female try to be friends their private parts get in the way because male and female are hardwired to recognize each other


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  1. wally

    It’s rare that a boy and girl can be just friends without something happening. A relationship between a boy and girl should have a goal and that is marriage. If it were still that way we would not have the messy world we live in today. If one isn’t feeling it the other is. In a world where cheating is over 60% (90% in Thailand I hear) everywhere and growing these kind of relationships especially if already in a committed relationship with someone else are a threat to fidelity. If you are under 13 and haven’t hit puberty maybe so not after that though. Sampling everyone is a bad thing not a good thing. Body count matters.

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