What happens when you die and where do you go

The only people that should be telling you where you go when you die are the dead or those that have died and come back to life. On the contrary, it is those that have not died before that can tell the living about where they will go when they die

Sadly those that have died and come back to life like Jesus or Lazarus say nothing about where they have been.

Even people that claim to have near-death experiences do not give a good explanation of where they had gone in a moment

The fact that no one has satisfying evidence about what happens after we die has caused most people to fear death due to fear of the unknown let alone death being one of the most feared things in life

But it is not all theories and imaginations about where people go when they die as some people are able to communicate with the dead which would certainly give you an idea about where you go when you die

There is a thin line about what happens when you die and where you go when you die as what happens when you die is actually where you go

There are also scientific explanations about what happens when you die like your whole life flashing before your eyes and some brain activity lasting a few more minutes but today we look at the supernatural or spiritual happenings when you die

Below we look at all possible places you go to when you die or all possible paranormal things that could happen to you after you die

You could go Purgatory when you die

When your soul or spirit lives the body, it goes to purgatory per catholic teaching. This is like a waiting room for your judgment on whether you will be sent to hell or heaven.

So all our souls wait there as they anxiously wait for their fate for their deeds on earth also known as judgment day

In the meantime, as your soul waits, people on earth can pray for you so that God may reconsider your sins or punishment

Others say it’s a stay of purification before we go to heaven

In Islam as another Abrahamic religion, they also believe in judgment day

When you die you could go to hell

When you die you could be sent straight to hell, why wait for judgment day when the bad things you did already show where you will end up

And in hell you will burn for eternity without dying, well you can imagine the pain

This is one other thing people fear about death, ending up in hell

You could go to heaven when you die

Just the opposite of hell. If you followed what God told you to follow and you were a believer, then why wait for your fate when you could go straight into your designated place

A reward for your good deeds on earth, the land of honey and milk where is no killing or pain or crying

This backed up by prophets that have been able to go to heaven alive like Elijah which could imply if you are bound for heaven you will go straight

During the transfiguration in the bible Mathew:17. Jesus talks to Elijah who is earlier talked of as going to heaven alive; Elijah is with Moses who the bible says died like any other person at 120 years

So if Elijah who went to heaven straight and Moses who died a natural death both appeared to Jesus at the same time, this means that when you die, you go to heaven or hell straight

When you die you become a ghost

Well, the word ghost is used wrongly with it being associated with negativity. But a ghost would be your spirit which of course is invisible and roaming the earth. At times a ghost is only visible to a select people and not everyone

So when you die your spirit gets out of your body and roams the earth and at times these spirits are called lost souls as they do not know where to go and just go on haunting places or people

You could be reincarnated when you die

Reincarnation is when your soul or spirit comes back through the birth of a baby or a new body

This is more like being given a second chance in life. So when you die today your soul will come back in a newborn baby

There have been reported cases of this instance where the babies seemed to know everything as the deceased let alone look exactly like them after a while when they have grown. So you soul, consciousness and mind is transferred to another body

So this would imply when you die you could be given a second chance in life to make things right but this only works if you still carry the memories of your former body

This also shows that we are alive because of our souls inside our bodies and once the spirit lives the body we die

Your soul is also always transferred to a baby as they may not have a soul yet as they’re developing unlike a living person whose body already has a soul in it

People with bad hearts end up as demons

A demon would be an evil spirit from hell, so this would show that the bad spirits that are sent to hell.

 The spirits can escape from hell and come back to earth to torture people or even tempt them into sinning so that the person would also be cast into hell like them

Sometimes demons can take possession of anything and control it whether living or non-living so don’t  be surprised when you find a talking doll or a bicycle riding its self

You go into the world of the dead

Some people believe there is another realm that could be on earth or somewhere else in the galaxy or space and is only for the dead. This is more like saying you go in the spirit world since when your body dies, the spirit does not and when it leaves the body it goes in the spirit realm and joins other spirits

It is the reason why the Egyptian pharaohs were buried with all their riches gold and even their wives

It was believed they would need these in their next lives.

You become a god

Some dead people attain some supernatural abilities like being able to predict the future when called or summoned through a ritual

There are rituals that you can carry out and call the spirit of a dead person to talk to you or the spirit takes over the body of a living being and speaks through them to others

You could also ask the spirit where they are but in most cases, they are always around us and all you need to do is call it

This means when you die you stick around as spirit and you could be evocated by a skilled person like a seer

You become ancestral spirit

This is more common in African culture or religion. The dead are not believed to be dead instead they are believed to be gone into another world where they could be called to help their living family members

In African tradition, the souls of the dead always rest in natural things like trees, Forests or lakes or even mountains. So all nature is embodied by spirits of the dead

They are supposed to be given sacrifices in the form of animals or food gatherings

These natural things are not supposed to be destroyed as it’s their natural resting place after they leave the human body and when the trees are cut or when the lakes are contaminated, there have been reports of the spirits coming to live among the people and even beating them severely using invisible whips for destroying their habitats  

And even when the spirits stay in these natural features, they also help preserve nature as the trees possed by the spirits are not supposed to be cut neither are water bodies contaminated. In other words, the spirits guard and preserve nature

So if you contaminate the water bodies the spirits will hold back the fish thus humans will die of hunger, so they would have to offer a sacrifice to be forgiven or at least change their ways

The spirits of the dead are also known to rest in the bodies of wild animals, so certain wild animals are not supposed to be killed or hunted as the spirits rest in them

There have also been stories of tress being cut only to release blood instead of sap or water as if they are cutting a person, in other instances, wild human-like screams have been heard from tress being cut

So some trees can be cut well as others are not supposed to be cut as they are resting places for spirits


All the possible things that happen when we die or where we go after death show that there is life after death.

This is one of the reasons why people fear death as they do not know where they will end up when they die or when they will actually die. It could be a worse place than they ever imagined

But all of them show that death is not the end of us but instead a new beginning and it is all a new supernatural experience maybe that is why it’s all associated with religion

The only difference is that the next life after we die is lived in the form of a spirit which spirit does not actually die but should rest

Perhaps that’s why they say Rest In Peace


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  1. Eileen Burns

    A thought-provoking blog thanks for sharing I had a near-death type experience when I had sepsis it was like a bright light that gave me advice it was like a split second then I was back in a sort of coma state. I think there is life after death but I don’t think any of us humans can even comprehend what that really means. Because it is probably so unlike the life we live now.

    1. lesoned

      I agree the life after death is definitely different from the one we have though I don’t think we eat food or have to work and near-death experiences seem to give a different experiences for those that experience them as some people who experience them can’t actually relate what was actually happening at that moment with everyday life events probably due experiencing something new in their lives for the first time while some people just happen to have hallucinations

    2. Christian

      That is very interesting to hear. I am a firm believer of Christ and think that what you experienced is very intriguing

  2. Regina

    Very good written post

    1. lesoned

      thanks for the appreciation !!

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