which religion is right for you in the world today

When you start wondering which religion is right then chances are high you are at crossroads between atheism and picking a new religion.

With all the religions in the world, a few things are certain, all religions are false so religion is manmade, all religions are right so the different religions are just diversity or one or a few religions are right and the rest are wrong

One thing you should know about all religions is they all aim for and at the same thing. A happy life on earth with each other as humans and a good relationship with our gods or God as you prepare for an everlasting life after death, defeat Satan and also worship the all mighty God, Allah or whatever you may wish to call him

Much as many religions lead to different gods, their description of evil or Satan is almost the same, so they are fighting the same thing in different ways

Religion is the belief of a supernatural being with superhuman capabilities. So a large number of religions would imply the existence of more beings with supernatural capabilities.

This would even be more evident in;

Exodus 34:14 “Do not worship any other god for the Lord whose name is Jealous is a jealous God” 

This bible verse alone shows that there other gods whom the lord of the bible does not want us to worship apart from him

How to tell the right or wrong religion?

There is no convincing way to determine which religion is right or wrong because the only way to prove something is through evidence and in this case the evidence should give constant results per every exact action when performed

Science has the best way of proving something, to prove a scientific fact, we have to attain the same exact results for every exact action we do.

For instance, every time you apply heat to a certain degree on a metal with a liquid in it, it will boil

But we cannot say the same for our deities, we cannot guarantee that every time you pray, help the poor, offer sacrifices and fast you become rich or your illness will go away

It even gets harder to prove because you could be told your reward is in heaven where no one reading this had ever been to prove that

Proof of about which religion is right is also affected by confirmation bias as show below

Confirmation bias in religion

Confirmation bias is what actually causes a conflict between science and religion

Confirmation bias is a tendency to search for and interpret information in a way that confirms or strengthens one’s prior personal beliefs or hypothesis

Today, scientists are trying hard to prove they are right by backing up their reasons with some evidence while believers irrespective of religion will do the same with some facts of their own.

So if a person heals from a disease, a believer will claim it was the mercy or love of their God that made a person recover while a scientist will say it was because of medicine given to him that he recovered

This is also where the debate of evolution of man vs. the story of creation of man comes in

So despite all the differences in religions, this is one of the instances where all religions are actually the same

But if you picked two different religions and asked either follower which of the religions is right, they will both come up with reasons backed with some evidence from their holy books to back up their belief that their religion is the right one

Why is there religion

Due to different problems that are beyond human capabilities to solve, leads people to believe in a superhuman that can solve the problems for them, In this case, we need a hero to save us.

Just like you have seen in superhero movies, the hero always has supernatural capabilities beyond the humans he is saving.

The hero is also saving them from a villain and in this case the villain is Satan.

So God or Allah is the hero that is saving us from the villain Satan.

The fact that there are lots of problems beyond our human capabilities that we cannot fix on our own which makes us believe that maybe there is a supernatural being that can fix them for us.

A being that can raise from the dead which none of us is able to do

So as long problems and challenges exist on earth religion will also remain as most people are drawn towards religion due to their problems seeking intervention from a higher being and because life is hard which implies if people got the better of life, they would not care about religion or what it says anyway

On the other hand, people also wouldn’t care about religion if they didn’t have problems or if they are not scared of eternal fire which makes it blackmail (that if you do not worship one God you will end up in hell burning forever which of course no one wants to be a victim so they are left with no choice which eliminates free will)

This raises a new Question,

Is Religion Man-made?

The truth is that this is debatable but 100% possible because people create sculptures and call them their Gods, people can call a tree their God. I am sure you have seen an elephant looking image being worshiped by Indians and to them, that’s a God. He is called Ganesh and he is a Hindu god

Ganesh hindu god

Well as to other people that may appear stupid. So if the Indians believe the elephant looking like person is a God and you don’t then the chances are 100% possible that religion is man-made because they would also not believe that a human-looking man is a son of God

Religion being man-made is also even more evident with the fact that every society or tribe had its own religion and God and a way of worshiping their god or gods especially prior to the colonization which made most people Christians or Muslims

The existence of a variety of religions shows how religion is manmade as everyone can come with their own religion and back it up with a theory for existence and ritual for initiation and boom a new religion is born

How each tribe or societal setting had its religion associated with it;

Umayyad caliphate. this occupied the current day Arab peninsula and north Africa. the official language was Arabic and a couple of other languages and religion was Islam

The Arabia Penisula that was occupied by Umayyad caliphate is now occupied by the current-day kingdom of Saudi Arabia with still Islam as the religion and the main language is Arabic

Roman Catholic Church. its is by Romans and they spoke Latin and Greek and occupied present Italy, Mediterranean region and Western Europe (did you know the bible was first translated from Hebrew to Greek) in the Roman Empire

Romans hard other religions and gods before making Christianity official

African tradition religion- by Africans and speaking indigenous languages from Africa. Each African chiefdom or kingdom had its God or gods as part of its religious culture

Qing dynasty. occupied the present-day china with common languages like Mandarin and Manchu and religions as Chinese folk religion, Taoism even Buddhism

Buddhism and Hinduism have some common origins as both have some of their roots in India and Pakistan and also have multiple languages whilst they also have some core differences

Also, all the societies above have their own dressing code and the dress code can be associated with religion since it was always unique

the examples above show that having many religions is not new and every religion has a language, culture, tradition that goes with it as per that society which was usually a kingdom, dynasty or empire and it is the right and true religion according to the followers

But the most interesting observation is all these dominant religions apart from African traditional religion is, they have their roots in Asia

Jesus who Christians follow was born in Israel, Jerusalem which is in Asia; Muhammad for Muslims is born in Saudi Arabia, Mecca which is in Asia too

And Buddhism started in India over 2,500 years ago by a man called Siddhattha Gotama who came to be known as the Buddha which is in Asia too and Hinduism which has no founder but it stared in the Indus Valley which is near modern-day Pakistan which is also in Asia

So Asia must have something special about it with religion as the top four religions in the world with most following all come from the same continent, According to Wikipedia Christianity 31%, Islam 23%, Hinduism 15%, Buddhism 7%  and others 24% this including atheists, African religions, Baha’i, Judaism, etc

Is this a coincidence?

How do you know which religion is right for you to choose?

Think of religions as political parties, political parties all aim for the same thing, developing the country for the better

Then why do we have different political parties when the goal is the same or when we could unite?

Because people disagree on how we are going to achieve the same thing, one person thinks if we need the country to develop we need to invest in education, another thinks we need to increase taxation.

So due to the difference in ideologies of how to best develop a country, different political parties are born with a following as that of the leader

Just in the same way, for example, Christianity, All Christians read the bible but with different interpretations of the bible, new religions are born in relation to what everyone thinks is right.

But remember all religions Catholics, Seventh-day Adventists, and protestants, born-again, Jehovah ’s Witness are aiming for the same thing but differently

For instance, seventh-day Adventists pray on Saturday because that’s the day God rested after creation but Catholics pray on Sunday as a commemoration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ and celebrated with the Holy Eucharist

So in such an instance, a new religion gets born with those that believe prayers are supposed to be conducted on Saturday Vs those that believe prayer is supposed to be conducted on Sunday

Then another person comes up with another theology that we can emulate Jesus’ life of not marrying and remaining celibate as church leaders i.e. Catholics, then another person says no, God created man and woman so that they procreate and fill the world so church reverends can get married

In such an instance, a new religion is born, those that believe church leaders should also marry and perhaps be exemplary and those that believe church leaders should not be married and emulate Jesus’ life on earth

After each ideology gets a following, each of them comes up with ways to worship the same God, that’s one of the things that would make you wonder which is correct?

Because every religion seems to be doing its own thing but remember it’s doing its own thing in the aspect of being unique and different from the others in its way of doing things but the goal is the same

And even though there are disagreements are on particular issues some things remain the same for instance all Christians read the same bible.

We cannot all be human beings created by different Gods

So take religion as a diverse way of worshipping God, it is next to impossible for different Gods or god to create the exact same beings like each other and they all place their creations on the same planet

This a good logical reasoning to show that actually we are all made by the same God but the big question remains which God exactly as there many religions representing different or the same God

You can also think of this as cars made by the same company Because one is a blue trailer and the other a black SUV then the other a yellow bus does not mean the cars are made by different companies(God)

The differences in location, size color or design may be intended by the company to make the cars full fill their purposes (Replace Company with God and car with people)


As you have read we cannot ascertain which religion is right or wrong. In fact;

it’s also the lack of satisfying evidence on which religion is right that you actually you have a right to a religion of your choice in most countries today

If there was any concrete proof about correct religion with objective evidence it would be a law that everyone should follow that religion

Because if you ask a Muslim he will say its Islam and back it with a reading from the Quran as the correct religion

And if you ask a Christian he will back up his side with the bible as the right religion

So chose if you are to chose a religion which is right for you, Even though most people follow a religion based on what they parents follow or taught them

Chose a religion with a ritual you are willing and able to follow and logically believe for example;

If you feel baptism as an initiation ritual is good for you, take that and if you think you circumcision works for you, follow that but remember all religions have the same values because no religion allows us to harm or do bad things to others

And lastly, naturally, humans are designed to tell what is wrong and right, if your intuition tells you something is not right do not do it. You do not need religion to tell you what is right and wrong, religion is just guidance

omnism all religions are the same 
if you are wondering which religion is right

Finally, God is too big to fit into one religion


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