10 good Reasons why family is so important to you in life and society today

We all have a family we belong to or a family that belongs to us which signifies the importance of family to us and society as it turns out to be a part of our lives

A family would refer to a social group of people who are related to each other mainly a mother, father, and their children

But things have changed and friends can also become family too

Even pets turn out to be family

It is the different families we belong to that actually make up the societies we live in.

Here are the reasons why family is so important in life and society;

Importance of family in your life

1. A family gives you a sense of belonging

Well, we all want to be loved whether you admit it or not and the first place you will get that love will be your family.

And once you feel loved, definitely this will give you a sense of belonging where you are loved not where you disliked. Literary you belong where you are loved

This is actually third on Maslow’s theory of needs showing you how family is important in life

 2. Family is a source of happiness

A couple of things bring us happiness in life and one of them is actually family

Starting a family or being part of a family, whichever way you try to see it will definitely make you feel happy. And perhaps the bigger the family the merrier which will make you happy too

3. A family gives you purpose in life

Life would very much lose meaning if you lacked a family. It would be hard to find things worth living for because you would realize most of the things you doing are because of your family

Even the hard work you put in every day in the things you do indirectly ends up to family which gives you a purpose to fulfill in life

4. Family provides emotional support

When you are down, the first people that get your back are family. It would be odd to get emotional support from strangers or paying people money to act like they are there for you

So definitely you are going to need family when life gets hard besides they are the only people willing to do it wholeheartedly, willingly and for free perhaps because of a price tagged to everything today 

5. Look out for each other

Looking out for each other literary means caring for the well being of other people around you and not being selfish

In this case, family always have your back and make sure nothing bad happens to you in any way for instance if someone tries to fight you, the family will come out and get on your side so you do not lose the fight

The same is hard to tell for strangers as everyone would only care about themselves since humans are inherently selfish

6. Family offers protection and security

It would be hard to ensure your security if you lived in your house alone.

If you got attacked by anyone the first people that would be able to help you out of your mess are family

Even your confidence is boosted when you know your family will protect you from any attack unlike when you are alone and you know you are on your own. Of course, you have to draw the line between protection and being bullies

Importance of family to society

7. Family teaches you society morals and values

As the old saying goes charity begins at home. Most people expect the proper raising of children to be done by the family because they would be wishing you well and perhaps they are the best people to do it for you

On the contrary, most people think this is supposed to be done by a school

Being taught acceptable society morals also helps you not to get on the wrong side of society, for instance, being a drug dealer or nuisance in society

No stranger is really going to care about teaching you morals but will instead criticize you for lacking them

8. Family helps curb crimes

This sounds odd but being part of a family will help you to restrict yourself from committing crimes least you leave your family behind because you are in jail or on the run

Your family helps raise you as a respectable member of society who is also a law-abiding citizen by being exemplary

On the other hand, some people end up committing crimes in a bid to provide for their families but that’s going a little too far

9. Family helps shape society

Today’s society gives an indication of the families today. If society is very immoral it would also imply that families are immoral considering that charity begins at home

If families raise a generation that is racist then society will be racist too which shows family is needed to shape the nature of the society we want to live in with each other

Family builds the future generation through empowering today’s children

Family is the starting point of everyone’s life and the foundation. A bad family foundation will build a future generation it will be embarrassed about

10. Family is needed to raise a religious society

Most people belong to the religions followed by their parents. This implies that if there is no religion in a family the people from that family are likely to grow up with no religious values or morals which could have a bad impact on society due to their poor morals  


Family is a bigger section of life and society that we ought to take seriously as it directly or indirectly influences the behaviors of the people we live with every day in our lives Which behaviors may have a negative or positive impact on us


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