can you wear black to a wedding as a guest

We have all been conditioned to associate certain colors with certain events, for instance, we all know black is usually worn on burials and that’s why one will wonder if they can wear a color associated with negativity to an event associated with positive vibes

Other colors too have been associated differently like pink is for girls and blue is for boys, red means stop and green means go

This is a great thing to standardize colors in respect to the occasion at hand and fashion does not yet have any color associated with events unless you personally set theme color for your event say everyone must wear red for my baby shower or everyone must wear blue for my house warming

This does not eliminate the fact that we have all been conditioned or culturally raised with a mindset that the bride at the wedding is expected to wear a white gown and the groom a black suit.

Then we expect the maids to wear based on the theme color of the occasion or decoration set by decorators and at times even the bridesmaids can wear black too

Can you wear black to a wedding as a guest?

girls wearing black at a wedding

To some people, it does not even show any wedding etiquette if you wear a black dress,

But it’s even worse to wear white as that color is usually reserved for the bride to stand out and be recognized; besides you may even be more beautiful than her and steal her day

But as guests, it’s totally acceptable to wear black, forget it being a color associated with death. It will definitely look good on you whether you are a man or woman it has no effect at all.

But in respect to color and culture it could turn out odd to wear white to a burial unless you are wife to the deceased as you would look to be attracting unnecessary attention to yourself in that respect and also white isn’t a good color for such an event

Black is also a great color to match the day’s programs for the wedding be it in church or at the reception, it’s the only color that can handle a little spill of wine on your clothes or even work on a summer wedding

Black is also one of the few colors that are likely to match all other colors of what you are wearing for instance shoes, purse or even your necklace

Can a Bride wear a black gown?

Definitely yes, a bride can also wear a black dress to her wedding.

The big deal is we have been raised to associate certain colors with events and a bride on her wedding is expected to wear white as it’s the color associated with positivity.

On the other hand, it could also be for personal reasons for being unique, besides the color of your dress on your wedding day has no effect on what actually happens in your marriage.

In addition to that it’s just a damn dress, what the heck any way as long as your beautiful for your day

In fact, it’s more acceptable today because black gowns are already in stock, no need for special order on that and definitely, they would not be there if no one was ever going to wear them anyway

bridesmaids wearing black

Just like it is okay for the bride to wear black, even the bridesmaids can wear black if you want and it will look good for the occasion just like any other colors. this shows how the black color has become acceptable on weddings today

And black can also be combined with white perfectly or any other color

More on personal preference

I have seen weddings where the bride and groom set a theme to dress as Romans but follow the whole Christian customs of church and marriage procedure and this case the color is cream

Others decide to set the wedding theme to match Egyptian pharaohs because maybe that’s what they love and the color is black and gold

In such cases, they also ask the guests to follow suit and dress accordingly to make the whole occasion colorful otherwise it would look odd if you are the odd man out.

And for such instances of being unique it makes your wedding stand out and besides everyone would talk about a certain bride that would black to her wedding and looked very wonderful in it considering it being rare


Yes, it is okay to wear black to a wedding as a guest or even a bride and maids.

For men wearing a black suit with a white shirt and bow tie is more of a wedding uniform, no need to think or worry much but you might as well wear all black throughout with black everything


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