21 important life lessons not taught in school that you should learn

Once you are done with school everyone thinks you have learned everything but there things out the school’s scope and there entirely up to you to go study

Here are some life lessons that should be taught at school so you do not wish you hard known, definitely we do not expect you to wait for life to teach you now that you will know them and or deal with the ugly fact that school does not prepare students for the real world.

Let’s get rolling with 21 important life lessons and life skills not taught in school that you should learn;

1. Doing the right thing may be hard and painful but worth it

deciding between good and bad

One ugly thing about life is that the bad side seems to always have an upper hand over the good side and even worse no cares how you did something all we care about are the results

So you can cheat your way through a test as long as you are not caught and you pass, the fact that you passed literary means you read hard even though you didn’t.

It even gets worse when you realize that the right thing is harder to do whilst the bad thing would even get you quick results with less effort and minimum input

But trust me you would rather fail from doing something right than regret you had done the right thing, and just because everyone is doing the bad thing it doesn’t make it right.

At least you are naturally designed to tell what’s good and bad using your conscious

2. Work hard but don’t forget to live the life you have worked for

enjoy and be happy fro the little things you have achieved

There is a debate about whether we eat to live or we live to eat but I think we need food because we can do without all the rest of the things we work for apart from food.

So you wake up early morning go to work so you can earn some money and purchase food to eat

But just remember that when you are on your death bed not to say;

  • First, I was dying to finish high school and start college
  • And then I was dying to finish college and start working.
  • Then I was dying to marry and have children.
  • And then I was dying for my children to grow old enough so I could go back to work.
  • Then I was dying to retire.
  • And now I am dying…
  • Certainly, I realized I forgot I forgot to live

That is actually the cycle of life we are trained to live “born-school-work-family-death”

3. Dating and relationships

dating and relationships

The only times we are taught relationships in school is to warn us against early pregnancy and HIV or even worse to remind us not to follow our emotions which are natural but to cage them

Honestly, this is one of the complicated topics as it shows how we are different in all aspects whether we want to or not because it is manifested when we decide to pick different partners we think are good for us whilst someone else thinks they are really not good enough. its a choice of course

But you won’t be taught of a heartbreak because you were warned not date at all to start with.

You won’t be taught how to let go, and move on, besides we are different and would react differently to that, in that some people move on easily whilst others just never do

4. You are different and unique by default

we are all the same in different ways by nature

School is designed to make all of us the same despite us being different but even as school forces us to be shaped into similar beings like a package box coming out of a factory from the assembly line, our differences still shine through.

From our different races to religions and then some people turn out fat, others turn out skinny, other people turn out of sportsmen, others engineers and others turn out basically to nothing

But still, we are going to end up different however much schools try to make all of us the same.

5. Basic home repairs

tools for home basic repairs

Honestly, the school won’t teach you how to repair your car tire or fix a clogged pipe. Those are some of the basic repairs you are going to need to teach your self

And some don’t require a lot of technical skills you could just look up a youtube video and do it but no school will teach it to you unless it’s in your line of study

6. How to think and Understand

thinking and understanding

School 90 % percent trains your memory but to make education valuable you need to think, memorize and understand. School doesn’t care if you understand or not as long as you pass we believe you understood everything

Here is a good example of thinking and understanding, it’s only by thinking and understanding that you can innovate or invent something new.

You can not create without thinking and understanding inside out what you are inventing that’s why some people like Zuckerberg created facebook, it’s not taught at school but he had to use his head to think and create, then whats app, Google, smartphones.

None of those billion-dollar projects is taught at school but people that created them had to think not to learn them from school. if they learned anything from school it was coding which they definitely well understood

So can you use what you were taught at school to think of a new invention?

7. Failures are lessons to learn from

failures are lessons to learn from

If you are not making mistakes then you are not learning. I back that up 100%. But the sad reality of life is some times you do not have second chances to fix some mistakes. And some failures will follow you for the rest of your life while some failures will give you endless opportunities to try

But the real lesson here is how you handle failure, some people are able to get back and others never return back up.

6. The law

learning about the law

In a couple of instances, the laws you are likely to know are the ones within your line of study. For example, if you study engineering, your knowledge of the law is mostly strong in that aspect

Then the other laws you will learn are the ones in your line of activity like if you decide to buy a plot of land that’s when you are likely to learn a few laws associated with the real estate

The third incident is when you or some else is already behind bars, that’s when you will know all about a certain law to do with helping you or someone else to get out of jail

The last incident is media, t.v radio or internet is also going to be your other source of information about certain laws

You can see that only one incident on learning about the law is associated with school and the rest are coming from life situations teaching you about the law

7. How to cook

how to cook lessons

Of course, unless you turn out to be a chef or part of the hospitality industry you likely not nor care about where food comes from as long as you can buy it from a restaurant.

But soon or later you would see the importance of knowing how to cook other than buying the food when you get a family. In fact, buying ingredients and making food for yourself is likely to be cheap and also offer more value for money than buying it or even brings the family together

8. You are on your own when things fail or go wrong

One of the things I remember my teacher telling is me that you came here alone and you are going to leave with your results alone when he found us making noise in class.

And even when we were punished, you call your parents alone for the rules you broke at school and your parents will deal with you personally.

This is the reality of life you are always going to be on your own when things get negative but everyone will associate with how they worked hard with you to achieve certain results if things go well

It’s not a coincidence that you are loved and have lots of friends when you have money, but if it dares to get finished at least you will know your true friends

9. Loving yourself comes first

You know no one is going to love you as much as you love yourself but that does mean you be selfish.

But how on earth do expect some else to love you if you cannot even love your self either Any way whether anyone loves you or not all that matters is you love yourself because no one is going to do it for you and self-love comes first.

10. Forgiveness

forgiveness moving on and reconciliation

One of the hardest things in life is forgiveness and there is no topic in school for that.

But you need to free your soul of all the heartache that comes with holding grudges and let go because you are also holding yourself captive

Forgiveness is so hard to the extent that God did not forgive Adam and Eve in that up to now we are serving a punishment for wrongs and mistakes of two people we have never seen until they get forgiven. So do not be hard on your self

11. Handling unexpected results despite your effort

unexpected results from our  despite our effort

This is interesting in that we all know if you put water in a freezer it turns into ice. But what do you do if other peoples’ water turns into ice and your evaporates?

That’s more like saying study hard so that you get a good job and you end up unemployed or saying hard work pays and actually it fails to pay for your own case

It is things like this that actually give you a glimpse of what life is like and there are not taught in school neither does society understand them

12. Scams

fraud and internet scams

Most of us are internet users and we are likely to have landed on these so good to be true offers.

This is so serious that I read about an Italian football club that was scummed of about 1.75 million then some bank was also sold a fake airport by some Nigerian scammer

So if you think its a joke when serious business entities are ending up as victims then you have you to learn about all possible scam related activities like a pyramid Ponzi scheme, loan sharks, etc

13. Using social media

social media usage contol

Maybe with the trending level of social media usage today it could become a topic someday but as of now everyone behaves like the people they find on social media

It even gets worse with all kinds of behaviors and characters hidden behind fake profiles and keyboards all just to show you how social media can go off track pouring all their hatred and bullying on other users

But the worst part is when it becomes an addiction and a couple of people cannot live without their smartphones either can they even talk face to face but can fluently text

14. Emotional and Mental Stability is as Important as financial stability

money does not equate to hapiness

99.9% all school does train is to get rich, so only financial stability is taught and that’s all that is on everyone’s lips. money money

In reality, you need to be emotionally stable to make money though to some extent you can also become emotionally stable because you have money but if that was all the case we would never hear of a rich person going to court filing for child custody maybe money could fill that gap

In the same aspect, mental stability is equally important otherwise we would never have any famous people committing suicide if all that mattered was financial stability

15. Marriage, family, and kids

The funny thing about this is there are lots of family and marriage counseling centers out there than there are places to prepare couples for marriage.

And when you have kids you experience everything about them for the first time though some people decide to first spend time with some kids and see if they could handle it or even practice some of the things they will do during parenthood.

Perhaps failure to fix this leads to a great number of single moms today and lots of baby daddies

16. People are inherently selfish, everyone for himself

You will have to agree with me here. Everything someone does is for their personal gain

So if you cannot figure out how someone benefits from helping you then you are in trouble.

Of course, there are people out there that can do self-less acts but that number is really small as most of these people are on their death trying to save the best for last of their ticket to heaven

17. Self-development and personal improvement

self discovery and personal development

Once you are done with school somehow it’s taken you have improved your self in all aspects of life but actually, you have mostly improved yourself in line for jobs and most of the other aspects of your life that deal with mainly soft skills like etiquette have not been improved

You will have to personally improve other aspects of your life like character, attitude, and personality if you have a shitty one.

18. Finding your passion and what interests you

finding your passion worth living for

How many people are actually doing what they love and how many people are actually full filling their abilities

That is really a small number as most people are only working as per what life brings them and only what school taught them.

So unless you go out and chase your dreams or full fill your imaginations you will just remain in the bandwagon following the school system design

Perhaps this is a good reason to try and learn something new every day because that’s one of the instances that will help you discover your hidden passions and interests or even capabilities you were never aware of

19. Risk and reward

I should just say the higher the risk, the higher the gain but at the same time when you incur losses they are also as hard as the risk, so you have to make some very well calculated risks

20. Patience pays but pains

patience pains but pays

There is no guarantee on this, that if you are patient you will be rewarded at the end.

There is a thin line between being patient and wasting your time, the trick is to figure out which is which

But let’s stay positive here, we all have different time frames and if you accept that, then you are good to go otherwise if you read your time based on other people’s clocks you are either going to be ahead or far behind.

21. School results are not a measure of intelligence or wisdom

This will take people some time to accept until you meet someone that is well learned and realize their actions do not match their education certificates

For some reason, we expect a lot from educated people because we believe that they have been groomed into the best they can be which is at times true

But wisdom, intelligence, and leadership are not learned at school but rather inborn talents or skills


You do a self-assessment and find out where you stand on things not taught in school

You can share what lessons you have learned in life in the comments so you can help others not to wish they had known


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