10 good reasons why education is so important

10 good reasons why education is so important

 The next stage of our lives after we are born is going to school. It’s no coincidence that education comes in as the second activity in our life’s development stages but to prepare you for the next stages of your life you grow up before you start working or starting a family

There is a thin line between learning and education but when you get educated it means you have learned something new that adds applicable value to your life.

Even though there some things we learn at school and never get to use in our everyday life it doesn’t mean education is pointless, it’s just that not everything we need to know in life is taught at school

Some lessons are learned outside the school and would be very hard to incorporate into the school curriculum

So you would definitely need to learn them outside school;

Below we discuss the reasons why education is very important in our life and a right to everyone in the world;

1. Education is being used to build a better society

Education helps build a society where we are all knowledgeable about our dos and don’ts so as not affect others negatively and neither of them affecting us negatively

This achieved through Providing useful knowledge and information through education which knowledge would be applicable in our everyday lives we use this information to help us live well with each other

For instance, going to school and learning how to read and write would improve our communication in a society because it’s hard to live in a society where we cannot even communicate to each other due to barriers that can be removed by education

2. Education makes one employable

One of the core reasons for education is to be an employable citizen. This also makes girls’ education important because in most societies cases they were left out of employment due to lack of skills to be employed due to a lack of education

Every job has minimum requirements for a person to do it as it requires expertise, skill, and knowledge of how to run it for efficient results

You cannot be employed as a doctor if you are not educated in medicine because honestly what will you do when you have no technical knowledge about it

Thus education trains us to be employed in different fields we have studied as we would have acquired enough technical knowledge and skills about the job to be able to run it

3. Education creates awareness

Education helps us become informed about things we would not know unless we have gone to school.

Some people end with early pregnancies due to not being to have received information early about its negative side effects. And wish they had known earlier

But this regret of wishing you had known is fixed through going to school and getting educated about problems of early pregnancy and how to avoid it

4. Education helps in prevention

Through education, we are able to prevent the occurrences of certain events that would turn out to be negative to us

Some of the things prevented are wars as we are taught about their history and effects, diseases as we are taught about the causes, effects and how to prevent them.

Some of these cannot be prevented unless you are an educated person is fully aware of the consequences of certain actions

This is one of the reasons there is sex education in schools, to help prevent consequences of engaging in early sex

5. Education helps in creativity

The knowledge gained from education helps in creativity otherwise there would be nothing new created if people didn’t even think.

Education gives you a foundation to kick start your creativity or innovation by providing you with already existing information.

It’s this existing information you can use to build something new or add on already existing information through your own research and discoveries based on what you have learned.

This would be useful in making a world a better place through innovations and also make you a famous or rich person if you want to

6. It’s the best way of learning new things

A child will ask a thousand questions about the whys and hows of the world from their parents as they grow up.

Since they would be new in the world, they are lots of things that would be very fascinating to them and wouldn’t understand how they work. If you don’t teach them they come up with uninformed assumptions

This where education comes in and helps you learn something new every day you go to school.

That’s why you are even taught subjects that you might never apply in your life. This lets you know why where when how what something is which would increase your knowledge base

At times it is entirely up to you how you use the lessons you have learned in school and knowledge you have gained from things you have learned as everything taught to you is not showed to you how you will apply it but required information about it is provided to you

One way of find use for your knowledge is by continuing to learn new things every day or every month or every year and it’s then that you will find the relationship between different things you have learned and how you can practically apply the lessons you have learned

7. Better problem solving

Education gives us an edge in problem-solving

Through different lessons taught to us. It makes it easier to apply different knowledge from different fields of study to solve problems better

This is achieved through solving a problem as the earlier persons did, and one the ways to know how a certain problem can be solved is through being educated about it.

8. Education helps us full fill potential

Well as some people’s potential cannot be fulfilled through education.

A good number of people can have their potential and abilities brought to best use through education like being a doctor would require you to first be educated about medicine before you can actually fulfill your potential of saving lives in new and different ways

Something you might not be able to do if you are not educated

9. Education is a life trend and event

Think of what you would spend your time doing if you were not going to school

From morning to evening you would need an activity to keep your hands, legs, and brain busy otherwise being idle is just going to make you a devil’s workshop.

It’s even hard to spend all your teenage and childhood years doing nothing, so education comes in as that useful activity to be doing in the meantime as you come of age

10. Education is an investment

Education is one of the biggest investments where people put their money.

Investing in education means people will employ for you skills you learned in school and knowledge and pay you in return for it

On the other hand considering the value of education to a country, it should be the basic need of life and certainly completely free, perhaps paid for by governments


That winds up our 10 good reasons as to why everyone should attain education as a right and an important aspect of life

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