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11 Important Reasons Why you Should Learn Something New Every day

11 important reasons why you should learn something new everyday

Every day or every week or even year we learn something new, whether we intended to or not that’s another thing but in our nature learning never stops.

Learning refers to acquiring knowledge or skill through reading, practicing, studying being taught or from experience

Learning is important in our everyday lives because it’s one of the ways we grow like from learning to walk, to talk or even bath ourselves. All these are examples of lessons we learn in life as we grow up and at some point, we stop learning because we have become good at something.

But learning can be continuous. This is achieved by deliberately deciding to gain more knowledge than you already have, increase and improve on your skills in different fields which would benefit us in professional development or personal development or help invent and innovate new things.

Taking on lifelong learning implies that your quest for knowledge does not stop on graduation day but continues throughout your everyday life until you die.

Below we explore good reasons why learning something new is important and that’s why one should always be willing to learn something new, though this time learning as a voluntary continuous decision, not as a random life event;

1. Improve your skill and knowledge base

Well learning a new thing would get you to improve and increase on your knowledge base of things you know that you can apply every day for the betterment of your life. Like if you know how to change a car tire, you will honestly not call a mechanic for that but only if you decided to learn something new that you didn’t know.

2. Better problem solving

One of the reasons we have various problems or challenges in life is limited knowledge in different fields that affect our everyday lives directly or indirectly.

At the end of the day, we are struggling with problems that we would have easily solved had we been informed or become knowledgeable about them earlier.

Imagine how many problems or challenges you would fix if you were informed in a lot of fields, definitely you would be able to care for child alone in absence of your partner because you learned about it, give your neighbor who has had an accident first aid and also change your own car tire without the help of a mechanic.

And with just those three skills or knowledge you have foregone a baby sitter, saved a life and saved some money from calling a mechanic.

3. It could earn you a job

A lot of jobs have nothing to do with how many languages you speak but if you take it upon yourself to learn new languages of your interest, it wouldn’t be hard to find a job if you can speak 3 or 5 languages or even better write them, in some sectors like travel and tourism, even if you lack hospitality skills the fact that you took it upon yourself to learn a new language gives you an advantage in that industry.

In fact, 5 languages are an overkill as most people know two languages and or 3 at most and knowing five puts you in a position to work as a spy, highly paid interpreter or u can even be hired for corporate espionage…just saying.

4. Your confidence is hugely boosted

Remember those kids in class that would read ahead of the teacher in that they would either skip class because they read everything and they are confident they know it or they would always have their hand up in class because they are at par with what the teacher is teaching, one underlying factor in their in behavior is confidence that what they know it is the right or correct thing and they are confident of their answer that’s why their hand would be up.

5. Not everything is taught in school

This is why learning is very important for students.

The ugly truth about school is it’s designed to train you and prepare you for a job. That’s why when you are done with school, no one asks if you have good morals but one of the first questions you receive on completing school is, ”do you have a job?

It’s literally the reason your parents invested their money in your school fees so you can find a job and be an employable citizen as you earn from your job. But a lot of things are beyond what school can teach you, school doesn’t teach you how to handle heartbreaks even though are now daily events in people’s lives.

You can read the list of lessons you should learn and they are not taught in school

6. Say goodbye to propaganda and stereotyping

Knowledge changes perception, the more you know and read about things, the more your perception changes

it’s a dark world living your life on myths when actually you would benefit a lot from living your life on facts. The only way you going to move away from myths propaganda and stereotype is through experience or by reading more thus making you knowledgeable and informed

Even the way you act and reason towards certain things completely changes because you are now accurately informed with facts you have learned thus change is the end result of all true learning

For example, it is people who have decided to learn about mental illnesses that do not stereotype it as a weakness or seeking attention neither do they stigmatize people with it instead they help them

This is because after learning more about it, they understand it which changes the way they perceive it which perception is different from uninformed person

7. Better decision making

How many decisions do we make every day in life and later wish we had actually known better. Sometimes the knowing better would have actually come from learning something new every day and that would give you a large scope of information on which to base your decisions whether it’s directly or indirectly related to the decisions in question you would be covered.

8. Attain new skills

Well, you won’t gain any new skills unless you are trying out something new and how do expect to do that unless you are learning something new.

Doing the same thing over and over again will only perfect a skill, and in even some instances you are good enough and cannot practice anymore because you not getting any better or worse since you would have the maximum level of expertise and you are perfect at it

So to attain new skills you will definitely need to learn something new

9. Making new friends

If you learned how to ride a bike you definitely stand a chance to make friends with other bikers. If you decide to learn about poultry you likely to have it easy making friends with farmers or if took interest in basketball you likely to make friends with other ballers because you both have something in common to share that binds you as friends.

Even learning a new language would help you make friends given that fact you can communicate in their mother tongue, that’s a language barrier problem solved

10. Discover talent

You never know how good you are until being good is the only option left, deciding to go learn how sing to could turn out be life changing activity that turns into a career or on the other side it would show you how actually you are bad at singing and definitely try to look for your talent elsewhere.

Either way, it’s a win-win because you know what you are good at and what you are not

11. Become open minded and good thinker

The new knowledge you attain from learning something new would help your brain become accustomed to letting in new information through being open-minded while also making you a great thinker through being able to examine and sieve through the information you get and remain with only relevant information that is useful to you.


The list is obviously endless but it’s high time you started to learn something new every day because you don’t know when it would become handy but at least you are prepared to deal with different random events in life


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