7 reasons why you are still single in relationships

For some people, for some reason, when they clock 25, 37, 40, or even 50 years, one of life’s wakeup calls is realizing they are still single.

While others are not just still single but are always single, or single for all the time they have known their lives and almost forever alone, whether it is a good or bad thing, that’s another discussion

They are lots of reasons why people are single and in most instances, you can do something about the reasons.

Reasons like;

  1. fearing competition
  2. experiencing a heartbreak
  3. being picky
  4.  never going out
  5.  self-esteem issues, whether low or high self-esteem
  6. Not interested in relationships.
  7. Busy with aspects of  your life like career
  8. Some people decide to remain single
  9. Even trauma
  10. Built a wall closing off other people hence closed to connection
  11. you are stereotyping potential mates

These the regularly reasons why a lot of people are single and there is a quick easy work out around them be it a guy or girl

But what are reasons as to why you are single and you likely not going to do anything about them neither are they within your control to do something about them?

Here are 7 reasons why you are still single and you are likely not capable of doing anything about them but instead just to let the problem take care of its self.

1. You too good for every potential suitor

Yeap, some people are intimidating in a couple of ways mainly because of their beauty or amount of money they possess  which would make interested people feel insure about them

So definitely you will have potential suitors put off by this, though mainly this happens to women who have successful careers and outstanding beauty

And your partner may not feel worthy of you. No one would want to settle for a person they will easily lose because they have found someone better

But we definitely do not expect you to stop working hard or make yourself ugly just to meet anyone’s standard, so definitely that’s one reason you could be single and you are not going to do anything about it but instead, someone will just have to make themselves worth suitable for you

You are sufficiently independent

independent working woman single

This can be a continuation of the first reason that’s why it’s not counted. Most girls get into relationships because they want money.

So any man with more money than the girl will definitely try to start a relationship with any girl considering he thinks like he can add some value to her in terms of monetary items.

But in some instances, there are girls that have good jobs, built themselves houses and own good cars and honestly, there is nothing you are going to buy her that she can’t buy herself so that you can buy her love.

Well if you this kind of miss independent you may stay single for a long time as few men would be able to handle your ego that comes with your success. And of course, you are not going to make your self appear broke

2. You are extraordinarily ugly

Well if you are ugly who would want to take you anyway. That seems a lot clear. But very debatable and depends on a couple of factors

But you would have to be on another level of ugliness for no one to take you.

In reality, there is someone for everyone but if your soul mate is not dead then you could be despicably ugly.

And this why we say you cannot do anything about it because if you could, you would have definitely done it if you are capable.

If it needs money for a face job, you would look for it and do it or buy the most expensive makeup if need be.

But who wants a partner full of buxom injections on the butt or breasts. It’s in that case that you will have to wait for someone who finds you beautiful and accepts you

3. You have a good social life

close friends can keep you single for a while

Having a great social life might leave you single for a while. Great friends and family are enough to keep you occupied that you might forget and not miss being in a relationship

You are not going to chase away your full-filling friends that even make you not feel single for a moment or start-up arguments with them just to feel lonely. Your extrovert character wouldn’t allow this

So this shows being single does not necessarily equate to being lonely

And this could be the reason why you are still single and you will not do anything about it until different conditions or situations make it possible

4. You are old school in relationships

Well the current generation relationships are just sex, fun, and money, nothing serious and no strings attached

But if you are old school in relationships and you take relationships serious you may have to wait for a little while as you cannot change the current trends of nightstands and flings, casual affairs and texting instead of meeting

That might keep you single for so long and even if you decide to settle you will find it hard to get a serious a partner to settle with as it’s easy to find sex and nightstands than it is to find love and serious relationships

This why being single does not mean you will luck a sex life or end up as an incel

5. You are meant to be single

growing aging alone and single

Do you believe somethings were meant to be and others were not meant to?

What are the chances you belong to the other kinds of people that where meant to be alone?

There is no evidence on this but it’s worth considering when desperate times hit.

The sad bit about this is you never get to know whether you where meant to be alone or not until you die and the people around you realize there was actually no soul mate for you and you were meant to be single forever

But whilst you are alive you will be asking what is wrong with me, why am I single?

6. Bad timing can keep you single

You either late in the dating world or you are too early. That’s poor timing that’s not within your control. Maybe you wasted time while you had it or let potential mates go

Seriously do you ever ask out someone out and they say no. Only to realize they lost a parent.

How do you ask someone out during such a time? But how where supposed to know anyway

Or holding on to ask someone out only to do so and be told that someone else asked them out just hours earlier and maybe if you had asked them out yesterday  you would be in a relationship

Certainly, you going to stay so single for a while because honestly when is the right time for dating.

But bad timing could be associated with the next reason, being unlucky.

7. You are beautiful but unlucky

On a serious note, every person is lucky or perhaps blessed

But your luck could be wanting because you could see this when every man you meet just wants to sleep with you and nothing serious.

Or even when no makes a move towards you, despite the fact you hang out, or you are charming, name it.

You could be what most people would desire as a partner but still no luck for some unknown reason

And as of late, there is no guaranteed way to work on your luck but the good news is good guys are always single as most people believe they are taken


If you happen to be single for any of those reasons, then you may want to wait out until the odds are in your favor.

Meanwhile, you can look for activities to do while you are single that you may never do in when you get in a relationship or work on how to get a boyfriend or how to get a girlfriend


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