5 Reasons Why You would be Considered So Ugly

You will be considered ugly if you lack the physical sex appeal. We are not talking about inner beauty now.

But if you have ever asked your self why you are so ugly or what makes you ugly then there could be a truth in it since you can’t just ask yourself such a random question without getting signs about it that it could be true or false

Besides human beings are superficial and will always judge how good something is inside based on how attractive it appears on the outside.

If a woman kept in shape some people use her outside appearance to believe and conclude she has never had kids. Probably because they expect the physical appearance of a woman that has never had kids to appear in a certain way

And also because people have been raised to stereotype ugliness and relate it to being fat. this is called a halo effect

The halo effect is the tendency to let one of an individual’s characteristics influence the evaluation of other characteristics

But today we are looking at the things that will make you appear attractive if you have them even though in reality you would be considered ugly if you lacked them.

Having the following will make you appear too attractive to most people considering the halo effect that will naturally be in play when someone sees one good thing about you. They tend to think other things about you are attractive as well

This brings in perception, the first impression a person has about you will have an overall effect on how beautiful they tend to see you.

an example of a halo effect is a beautiful person will always be associated with intelligence, compassion, loving and caring but the same cannot be said for a person who our mind perceives as ugly.

A positive impression will make someone create a positive image you about in relation to every other thing about you and one of the perception images created is your physical appearance 

The following reasons why you are so ugly will make a physically ugly person appear attractive in that if they lacked them they will turn out to be so ugly

And also answers the question of why am I so ugly, number 1 is the only artificial and external thing the rest is natural and internal

1. Money will make an ugly person look beautiful

looking beautiful after spending money on make up . you not ugly you just broke

Perhaps you are not ugly you are just broke

We can hardly name a person that is ugly if they are rich. I have read about some people saying that Zuckerberg is not cute, about 3 in one million people will say that.

But when you have the money you will appear attractive to most people, your ugliness will be swept under the carpet by the money literary basing on the things that money can do for you and beauty cannot

Money pays for education, pays bills or even pays for you beauty makeup to look beautiful but beauty cannot pay for that at least to some extent unless you are using sexual favors to get them

Your dressing will also be impacted  by having money, you will be capable of buying the best clothes and trust me a couple of people look attractive because they are wearing nice clothes that look good on them and make them look attractive

Even the cars you drive, the house you live will create a visual impression of you being beautiful something that would not happen if you were broke. Remember the halo effect where seeing one good thing about a person makes you visualize everything about them as good

The downside of beauty with money is it’s not genuine, people don’t like or love you for you but for what they can get from you

This is one good reason why men always escape being judged for being ugly, they always tend to have more money than women which money is needed by every one

Power or authority

Being in a powerful position will definitely give you authority. It’s hard to be in a powerful position and you are poor.

So technically money=power= authority, having money will make people fear and respect you. hardly will they ever consider or care about how ugly you are.

Power and authority have been put under money because hardly do you ever meet a powerful person who is poor. A poor person is easily manipulated by money to do or be anything anyway

In addition to that when Forbes makes the list of the most powerful people you will realize they are all millionaires at least and the beauty is always ignored and slipped under the carpet

External beauty vs Inner beauty

This is the ugly truth about ugliness and serious debate about whether beauty is inside a person or outside a person and a lot of people are asked if they prefer external or internal beauty

Outer beauty is what most people look at first to judge a person’s inner beauty that’s why people wear nice clothes to look smart so that they can be approved by others and judged positively since smartness also makes people appear attractive ( this would be another example of the hallo effect in play)

if outer beauty did not impact anything as some people may argue that it is less important then women would not put much effort into it

Plus women are always wearing makeup which is external and men also go to the gym for bodybuilding so that they attain attractive bodies which are external too which shows much relevance to outer beauty

Not forgetting women enlarging breasts and buttocks or changing any of their body parts’ appearance, color, and size all in the name of being pretty

This would conclude outer beauty is just as important as inner beauty and cannot be ignored but the fact about outer beauty is it is subjective and not objective as what you may term as beautiful to you may appear ugly to another person

The reason external or outer beauty is placed under money is because you are likely to need money to attain it and maintain it too unless you happen to be born exceptionally naturally beautiful or you’re comfortable in your own skin

More on External beauty (Physical beauty)

When we talk about physical body traits it’s going be subjective as opposed to the regular stereotypes of attraction we know

For example, girls have been conditioned to believe that unless they have a slim light curvy body with maybe long legs they are not attractive and the end result is seeing women trying hard to lose weight, not for health reasons but to appear attractive.

Interestingly, if you a look at any of the participants of miss universe, they all suit the stereotype description above

Well let me break it to you there are men that like fat, chubby or thick girls though you may find few willing to admit it due to the stigma held towards fat women by some people

In the same aspect, the stereotype of an attractive man are broad shoulders, muscular chest, and tall with an athletic body

But interestingly there are girls who are attracted to the complete opposite and they would be interested in a skinny thin and needy man or even a fat guy with a big stomach and to them, that’s not ugly or a turnoff

So that makes it hard to tell if you are ugly or beautiful basing on facial appearance or body shape because it is a completely subjective perception

This also eliminates the prospect of a nice guy and bad boy stereotype as a nice guy you find boring could turn out to be fun and interesting to someone else

But this doesn’t take into account fact that you have to take care of yourself and practice personal hygiene like grooming your body by having a nice hair cut and having your beard shaven if you have too.

And brushing your teeth, taking a regular bath or treating a skin disease if you have one because they directly have an effect on external beauty

2. Talent or skill will make an ugly person appear beautiful

Talent will save you the drama of wondering if you are beautiful or ugly. Who never wants to be associated with a person of talent basing on what talent comes with, money and fame

It’s hard to tell now if the best sports stars, musicians or actors are even ugly or beautiful

Because just even appearing on TV for the wrong reasons makes you look beautiful and perhaps a star in a bad way.

Hardly do you ever hear of a famous person’s ugliness brought up, it’s something that is slipped under the carpet. Even a very fat star will get her size issue ignored something you won’t  

When you read blogs or magazines about the most beautiful people in the world, they always show famous people because they are the ones known anyway but it doesn’t imply there are no better-looking people who are not celebrities

Besides, they always go for face jobs and get makes up artists to make them look beautiful in public

So being talented will definitely make you appear beautiful for lots of reasons in lots of ways

3. You are comparing yourself to someone else

If you think or feel you are ugly then the chances are high its because you are comparing your self to someone else

In this case, your brain is hyping everything about someone else and you are seeing as if everything about you is bad

This is why it’s not good to compare ourselves with others as we tend to see the better things about them against the bad things about us which could all be in our heads and not real

So you will think you are ugly in your head but when in reality you are a very attractive person

Take for instance the people on T.V shows, movies or other celebrities, almost all of them look attractive and it’s not a coincidence because they do a lot in the background like wearing makeup and having fashion designers helping them wear nice clothes plus getting well-groomed hence not looking ugly

So if you compare yourself to other people in that instance you will definitely feel you are ugly but if you had makeup artists and fashion designers you would relatively look beautiful too

Actually, you would be comparing someone else’s highlight reel with your behind the scenes

You could be suffering from Body Dysmorphic Disorder

Body dysmorphic disorder is a mental health disorder where you are obsessed with one or more perceived flaws in your appearance.

The flaw might be minor or not even seen by others. But you will always be embarrassed and ashamed or anxious about it in that you even avoid social situations.

People with this condition even end up having numerous cosmetic procedures to correct the perceived beauty flaw so that they can appear as attractive as they think they should be

So if you have body dysmorphic disorder you are likely to think that you are ugly when in reality it’s all in your head and there is totally nothing wrong with you.

Actually constantly comparing yourself to others is one of the symptoms of body dysmorphic disorder

Deformity and abnormality

Even though this article doesn’t take into consideration body deformities when talking about beauty because they are out of your own control.

But the impact of physical defects on beauty and attraction cannot be ignored, in this instance, external and internal beauty debate doesn’t really apply

At times it’s not always in your head and you actually do have a deformity or abnormality you have to accept and come to terms with it

The deformity is when you have a major abnormality in the shape of the body or body organ. The good news is some of these can be corrected

for example, having 3 fingers or cleft lip and cleft palate are abnormalities that will definitely make you feel you are ugly since you are not supposed to be like that

Of course, the only way you can tell that you have an abnormality is when you compare yourself with other people and see they are different from you or you feel they look better

This is different from body dysmorphic disorder because the defect is real, factual, noticeable and not just in your head.

If you have watched the movie wonder, then you should know what am talking about and the solution lies in a confident character other than always feeling sorry for yourself about something you have no control over

4. Good character traits will make an ugly person look beautiful

Character is the natural trait that you hold and always takes time for someone to figure out unless they spend a good amount of time with you.

Definitely, you being special in any way will make you stand out for some people and this will make you appear attractive to some people

This is that part that deals with inner beauty. Having something special about you that turns on your partner and makes them want you at the cost of you being ugly

Moral, mental qualities people possess are something their partners would pick at the expense of them being mesmerizingly beautiful. Unlike personality that can easily be seen and judged on the face, a character is more skin deep to see. And it’s a lot more of who we are

It would make you wonder what someone saw in a partner they decided to marry as they would appear totally ugly to you.

Some characters that people find attractive are honesty, loyalty, respectfulness, loving, responsibility; compassion, kindness, self-control, patience, and sincerity.  The list is endless for these as they vary from person to person

The odd thing about this is some people only have good characters because they are poor or ugly but they could show a negative character if they were beautiful or rich

Someone knowing they are beautiful will make them get a shitty attitude and bad behaviors as they know and always get away with it, something ugly people hardly do

Honestly, who would want a beautiful partner who is always cheating on them anyway? We would all love a loyal partner

5. Great personality makes ugly people look beautiful

Personality is a behavioral pattern displayed by people and makes them easily distinguishable from others in relation to their environment

These are quite easy to see and notice as there are always displayed by people in their everyday lives and it cannot take long before you figure out someone’s personality for instance if there are extroverts or introverts

Examples of personality traits people find attractive include confidence in their abilities, optimism, and courage during danger, determination during difficult times, sociable, calmness, funny and hardworking, etc

There is a very thin line in the difference between a character and a personality but a combination of both is actually who you are.


This article does not concentrate on outside beauty like eyes or lips or muscular body because of differences in preferences among people

Well as one person may find a person with big eyes attractive and beautiful another person may find them ugly.

In the end, external or physical beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and cannot be used to determine if a person is ugly or beautiful due to different personal preferences involved

If you are unsure or curious about your facial or physical beauty and you would like to get both subjective and objective opinions.

Even on the symmetrical aspect of attractive and ugly faces about beauty or appearance from complete strangers, then try to check out this subreddit or maybe this one and follow the rules on how to get rated on your beauty

So you are only ugly because of the following reasons;

  1. You are poor
  2. You have no talent or skill
  3. You are comparing yourself to someone else
  4. You have a bad personality
  5. You have a negative character

Of which you can do something about them to look attractive which is a good thing anyway


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