What is True Love in a Relationship According to the Bible?

The most terrible of poverty is loneliness and feeling of being unloved and perhaps it’s true. It would be very hypocritical for someone to claim they do not want or care about being loved.

Because to love is nothing, to be loved is something, to love and be loved is everything

And even though we are designed to love, we also want that love to be true or real love.

I do not think anyone would want to be loved for their money or someone settling for them because they ran out of options and have no choice or someone loving you through manipulation

We all want that love to be authentically genuine. At least everyone has watched a movie before and movies depict true perfectly well in that even the audience gets attached and you feel the emotions of the actors and actresses on TV

And that gives you a glimpse of what true love is and how it feels like for a man or woman, it does not matter

For the meaning of true love, the bible has the best description of love and how it feels like. It points it out 100% accurately that you will not need another definition

The bible also has the best definations of what true love means. These bible verses best describe the meaning of love accurately as it should be

Love in the bible is not stereotyped because the way it is defined and written it does not aside with true love in a relationship, true love in marriage, true between man and woman or true love in the friendship

Below we look at the true love meaning in a relationship according to the bible based on 1 Corinthians 13;

1. Love your neighbor as you love yourself

According to the bible that is the second greatest commandment of all.

And if you understand it clearly, if you loved anyone, as you loved your self, you would not inflict pain on them or hurt them in any way because you would neither inflict pain on yourself since you love yourself that much

So if true love is when you love everyone else as you love yourself then I think everyone would be happy

In addition, if you loved your neighbor as you loved yourself, you would not break the 10 commandments like killing, stealing or even cheating on your partner. Because you cannot do any of those to another person if you loved them as much as you loved your self

This is not in Corinthians but still counts as to what love is, after all, I believe we all love our selves quite a lot and this what true love feels like, loving someone else as much as you love yourself

2. True love is patient

How patient can you be with some else in any aspect of life. The truth is you are likely to give someone time if you love them

The best example would be not cheating on your partner while they spend long periods of time away from home

Or even when your partner goes to work abroad on a three-year contract, and they do not go with you, you would actually wait for them to come back

Of course, you can only do that if you love someone, right?

3. True love is kind

Am I the only victim of bad customer care at receptions because the person attending to me is rude and mean.

But what does this have to do with love? As they are there to work not love you

Well much as you may get a lot of people rude at you, that does not mean they are rude at everyone.

These people that are rude towards you actually end being kind to other people

Why? Because they love them. This is no excuse for being rude to someone but that’s the reality and just because someone is kind to you does not mean they are kind to everyone else.

Their kindness could be only shown to you. But do not take human beings lightly, some people are only kind to you with hidden intentions and you could end up a victim.

As much as kindness is a sign of love, some people use it to take advantage of you and fulfill their selfish interests

4. True love is not jealous or conceited or proud

Some people believe jealous is a sign of love as you would not want to lose your partner to someone else, this could mean you want them for yourself alone

But the bible thinks otherwise literary because nothing good is likely to come out of your jealous and in addition to that you should trust someone to be loving you back so that you do not get specious about them

But how does pride come in?

Well, being proud or conceited is going to give rise to jealous, it does not matter what kind of relationship you are having with anyone because even pride can kill a good friendship due to jealous when you are literary bragging to other people

But if you love someone you will help them get better and be as good as you, literary because you love them and wish them well as you wish yourself not throwing your success in their face and acting full of yourself or arrogant

And realistically you cannot be jealous of someone you love; instead, you will be happy for their success

5. True Love is not ill-mannered or selfish or irritable

Human beings are inherently selfish and everything we do is for our gain, it’s quite hard to find something selfless someone was able to do

But if you apply love towards another person in what you are doing, then I think it’s possible to come up with a selfless act, completely out of love

You would also not easily get irritable when you love someone, because they will do a lot of crazy things but you will keep your cool and not let things get of control, it’s hard to say the same when you dislike someone of course

And would you be ill-mannered around someone you love, I think we all try to keep our dirty behaviors in check when we love someone least we make a bad impression

6. True Love does not keep a record of wrongs

Well if they asked you the bad things about someone you hate, you are likely to come with a long list of things that are bad about them or things you hate about them

On the other hand, if you love someone you are likely to ignore the bad things they have done, in fact, you will forgive them for the wrongs they have done

7. True love is not happy with evil but is happy with the truth

I am sure no one ever wants to be lied to no matter what, we all want the truth all costs.

And in this incident, you will be able to tell a person you love the truth and the person you tell the truth will be happy that you came open however bad the truth is not that they are happy with the bad truth you said

Some people would rather hear a beautiful lie than the ugly truth but love does not work that way

8. True love never gives up and its faith, hope, and patience never fail

Giving up is the order of the day in relationships today, almost no one is patient in relationships today and everyone has lost hope and faith in relationships.

Money has made love a job opportunity for girls and a way of having sex for boys.

And today would you marry a man that is broke? well if you love him, and would you be patient with him to get rich? maybe.

When true love is involved, you never give up on someone no matter what and you always patient with them whilst you have faith and hope in them that they will deliver. All that just because you truly love someone

9. True love is eternal

Isn’t it perfect for this to be our final one for true love? It is eternal and never dies, love lasts a lifetime, forever and ever perhaps with a happily ever after ending till death do you part

But if you wake someday and you feel like you no longer love someone, then that does not count as love at all as true love is eternal. Maybe you just confused love for your lust and infatuation?


So now that you know what true love is, the world needs it more than ever before as love does not discriminate between nationalities your race, gender, sexual orientation, social standing, education level, relationship status, and political party

You would also realize life is hard and the world is a dangerous place because of people that have no love at all and ironically money has not made loving any better as it has a price tag attached to it now and it is only the rich that can afford true love

And lastly, if true love was a currency how rich would you be?


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  1. wally

    Incorrect amundo on the jealousy thing. God is a jealous God and he likens His relationship to that of a husband and wife.
    Only cheaters think jealousy is always a bad thing they often try to turn it on their victim. While true, too much destroys a relationship zero jealousy will too. Zero shows a complete lack of care, love and valuing what you have. It’s a fine line between too much and too little. Without a little jealousy there are zero boundaries. Boundaries are by nature in a relationship a smidgen of jealousy. Zero jealousy is not biblical at all. No matter what paul says.

    I see the angle here free love, casual love and deviant love…not winners at all…

    1. lesoned

      Most things if not everything is two sided and depends of how you perceive it, jealous could be a sign of love to someone in the sense you love them and you don’t want to lose them, it could also be a sign of insecurity, low self esteem and fear of abandonment, besides you can also be jealous of people you don’t love.

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