How Do You know if Someone Loves you without saying it

Actions will always speak loud than words, but that’s not conclusive because actors and actresses do it all the time that it looks so real

It’s also hard to pick up non-verbal clues and body language signs that show if someone loves you or not  

Like someone may look into your eyes if they love you but on another instance they may love you but they are shy to look into your eyes

The same can be said for a person lying as they can also avoid eye contact.

So it’s inconsistent to use a sign like eye contact as a way of telling if someone loves you

That means anyone can act so well that they make their love for you appear to be so real even if it’s just infatuation or pretense

Here are 9 ways how you can tell if someone loves you even if they don’t say it;

1. They become blind to your bad side or ignore it

This is the best way by far that you tell if someone loves because it will also bring up there true colors

When you love a person you tend to overlook their negative side and instead you concentrate on their positive side.

For example if you are a guy and you are broke but she’s still sticking with you, then she definitely loves you because in most cases no one would want to be with a broke person unless they love them

And for a girl if you know you are bad a cooking and your partner is not complaining but instead helping you get better then they love you

Also this comes in when someone wouldn’t want to make you feel bad about your short comings and they instead decide to slip them under the carpet even though your flaws are clearly visible to others

How to know if someone loves you test

The fact that we like people for their good side, you can test if someone loves you by showing them something negative about you even if it is not real.

For example, as a guy, you can tell her that you are broke or you lost your job because some girls go in a relationship to fix their financial problems. A person that loves you will stick during the bad times and be happy with your honesty

And for a girl, you can tell him you are pregnant and he’s reaction can show his true colors as some guys are not interested in long term goals

You can think of anything negative thing to test with to know if someone loves you because most people are only with you during the good times or for what they can get from you and disappear when you need them or when the benefits are done

2. They are interested in and listen to what you say.

Well even if you are boring or you think you are boring, when some loves you, they are likely going to pick up interest in your conversations.

And they can go ahead learn more about what you talked about so that they are able to keep the conversation flowing and so that they don’t feel left out of the conversation next time

Why would anyone want to listen to what is being said by someone they hate anyway

3. They remember everything you said

And the end result of listening to what was said is remembering it

Ever said something you didn’t take so serious only to hear someone refute it later at an unexpected time

Like saying these shoes are too small, only later for someone to show up with new shoes, saying, you said those where small so I got you new ones

4. Always willing to improvise

One of the things that make relationships last is sacrifice, this is usually because you are both not always going to be on the same page and you will have disagreements

But in this case, someone who loves will be willing to sacrifice something for you literary to make you happy or in a bid not to lose you

In most cases people stand their ground and hold their guard on what they want and it’s always love that makes them loosen their grip

5. Willing to forego other things for you

One thing about loving another person is your brain may take a break from working and you wouldn’t believe the things you did because of love

There is a saying  people are never busy they just have priorities and this saying suits here very well and in this case you will become a priority in someone’s schedule

So someone will be willing to forego his night out with friends and instead spend that time with you

Or create time for you during their busy schedule and not necessarily find time for you in their free time

6. Free flowing conversation

This may not be evident enough, but a person interested in you will keep the conversation going unlike someone who is not

And even when texting, a person who is interested in you will not keep a conversation short with replies like “k”. A long text shows more interest in a conversation to keep going

But a flowing conversation is more of a sign that both of you have connected and have the same interest in things you are both talking about

7. Prefer to call than text

In this new era where people prefer to text than call, comes a new exclusion,

When someone loves you, they are likely to prefer making a phone call instead of just texting

Besides the love bit of it, making a phone today shows a little bit off more respect, urgency and seriousness in a matter than just texting which most people would prefer

8. Picking up interest in your hobbies

Well, this is a good indication that someone loves you for example if she didn’t know anything about football, you would be surprised that actually she has learned some footballers’ names and rules of the game.

This would also help both of you sync and spend some time together through sharing similar interests

9. Introducing you to friends or family

Well if his friends happen to meet both of you together and he doesn’t bother to introduce you to them then something might be wrong. Or he is hiding something or he’s not proud of you.

It doesn’t matter what stage of the relationship you at, if you are still friends he would still introduce you as a friend


Human beings are capable of many things and are very unpredictable in how, when or why they do things

And when someone wants something, they will be willing to do all they can to get it or even kill for it

But only time will tell if someone loves you or not, because a person that loves you, a person that is lusting over you and a person that is infatuated by love can do exactly the same things

And it’s only after a while that their true intentions can be known

This is a very important thing to consider in life because a relationship that gone wrong can actually lead to a mental breakdown which shows how important it is to invest your emotions in people that are will reciprocate them


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