10 reasons why your vagina is smelling and what to do about it

I don’t know who told you how your vagina should smell but at least it should not be disgusting from a logical perspective. A sweet, musky, or salty is considered a normal vagina smell.

First of all, any natural living thing has its natural scent assigned to it whether you like it or not so stop stressing about what nature offered because it’s out of your control.

But how about if your vagina has a foul odor, in fact, you cannot smell it if you are not near it, let alone it’s hard to notice the scent of your own body.

It’s hard to know how bad any of your body parts smell like, say your mouth, armpits, body odor, or even your vagina. It’s the person near you that will notice the bad odor that comes from you.

But if you can notice the bad odor from any part of your body even your own vagina, then trust me it is really strong odor and believe me everyone else is noticing it too and you definitely have to do something about it.

Let alone inconveniencing you it’s definitely inconveniencing everyone else around you and below are some possible reasons as to why your vagina could be smelling bad;

Knowing the following causes of foul vagina smell is also instrumental in preventing the bad odor down since you would know why its there how to prevent it

Reasons why your vagina is smelling

1. You are on your period.                   

Unquestionably this sounds obvious but it should not make your vagina smell noticeably bad. Sometimes it results from a hormonal change during the menstruation period. Besides blood, there are also some bad bacteria and uterus lining a combination of which you would not expect to smell good.

2. You just had sex.

Well think of this, your vaginal fluids have their own scent, semen, the guy’s sweat, your own sweat, and bacteria. Well that’s a very big package you going to handle down there definitely the mixture of all those fluids will not bring out the best odor there’s and would cause a smelly discharge

Besides where your partner’s hands clean before he touched you because they could have been full of bacteria

3. The type of foods you are eating.

It’s quite hard to pay attention to certain things like the type of foods you eat. All you likely to care about is that the foods are tasty or nutritious. Onions and garlic are likely to cause this, in fact, they have an impact on different body part odors like through your sweat, or even your mouth, urine and vagina may not be exempted. So may have to check on the foods you are eating

4. You have a sexually transmitted disease

STDs like gonorrhea and Chlamydia which are caused by bacteria can trigger a very bad odor from your vagina. This requires you evaluate your sex life including oral sex or anal sex. These can easily be treated by antibiotics if noticed early

5. Yeast infection.

Candidiasis is an example of a yeast infection caused by fungi. It can manifest itself as a white, thick vaginal discharge. Yeast infection has a bread-like odor

Yeast infections also cause itchiness and pain during urination and that’s one way you can notice them

6. Excessive sweating

Sweating is, of course, a body’s way of cooling down and any part of your body can sweat. And if you start sweating down there say due to a workout or hot day or the area around your thighs. This may lead to omitting a bad odor due to the sweat trapped around your vaginal area

Your vagina is flesh and the poor aeration on top of sweating is going to give off a rotting smell. Just as the same would happen if you place meat in a warm closed contain for long favoring growth of bacteria

7. Poor hygiene

Much as the eye and the vagina are the only body parts that clean themselves. You don’t need soap because they are delicate parts and the chemicals in soap will inflame them or cause a ph imbalance to your vagina

If you don’t clean the dirt washed out, it will build up around the vagina which will attract bacteria which will lead to an infection and a bad odor.

Poor hygiene tops the cause of most vaginal odor related problems

8. Your menstrual absorbent has been in use for so long.

One thing you will realize is not to leave any room for bad bacteria to build up. Leaving your pad or tampon in for long will lead to a fishy smell. Change them constantly based on your menstrual flow.

9. Hormonal changes

 Changes in your body hormones can have an effect on your vagina odor like menopause, that time towards your period and after.

10. Bacterial vaginosis (BV).

This is a result of overgrown vaginal bacteria. This affects the vaginal balance between good and bad bacteria.  This leads to a fishy vaginal odor

How to get rid of vagina smell down there

The ways to get rid of the vagina smell are also relevant in preventing vagina odor,

i) Practice Proper Hygiene

This takes up most of your responsibility and its something you should always ensure do in all possible ways. It’s efficient on how to get rid of smelly discharge and period odor

it is also the best way how you can make your vagina smell good naturally

You should pay attention to places where you urinate as these could cause you urinary tract infections if they are dirty

Or even sharing the toilet seat with everyone could cause you infections as you do not know if they left any infections or if even the toilet seat is clean

ii) Shower regularly

After bathing, make sure you dry your vaginal area dry and avoid fecal matter from moving from the anus to the vaginal area because it can also lead to infections that can cause a foul smell. You can do this by cleaning from front to back.

Clean your vagina and vulva with clean water. This helps eliminate all the possible build-up of bacteria from semen, sweat and vaginal fluids

iii) Change your underpants regularly or when they get soiled

iv) Let your private parts breathe

Wearing very tight clothing that can actually trap sweat and bacteria near your vagina is going to lead to having a fishy odor.

Cotton is a good material that is less likely to hold moisture close to the vagina area

iv) Drinking plenty of water

This can help in diluting the toxin concentrations in your body that are leading to the bad smell like sweat or even the foods you are eating.

v) A change in your diet could solve the problem

vi) A couple of infections above can be treated with over the counter antibiotics

If symptoms persist the best option always is talking to a doctor about your vagina related problems.

Not everyone has a fishy smell, by the way, some people have rotten eggs smell of milk that has gone bad and some times it’s indescribably bad

Well those are some of the possible reasons as to why your vagina is smelling and possible solutions provided too


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