12 Reasons why you are always tired all the time and what to do about it

At least once in a while, we may feel tired for a while on a certain day or week we had an overload of activities to do, which would be a straight forward reason as to why you may feel tired.

You should be able to differentiate between being tired, feeling sleepy or being lazy. Even all of the three.

But there are instances where you cannot put a finger on what’s making you tired and not only that, the period you are feeling tired is abnormally long that being tired becomes a part of you and you just become tired of being tired

Well we look at the possible reasons you could be feeling tired especially when you are not paying attention to detail as to why you are feeling tired and the problem would be a very minor one and can definitely be fixed by you in no time

The following are the possible reasons why you are always feeling tired all the time

Physical causes of being tired

1. Having a heavy workload

This is very much straight forward and expected but even at times, you think you are doing less and you end up pushing your body to the limit beyond which your body can handle thus ending up tired.

Even when you do an exercise or activity for one day when you have taken long without doing one, you will feel tired for a long time until your body stabilizes and gets used to the exercise or any heavy activity you are doing

So running 10 kilometers after being lazy for about 6 months might have a toll on you for weeks because you are unfit thus being tired or even when you are from holidays and you have not been working out regularly, getting your body fitness back to normal might take a toll on your body while it gets used and you may end up always feeling tired

2. You are not having enough sleep.

In whatever you do, do not try to outsmart mother nature. We are designed to need sleep and rest after a day’s work so if you try to have irregular sleep patterns or lack sleep for whatever reasons like taking care of a baby during the night for mothers

You could feel the side effects of poor sleep during the day and one of them is feeling tired all the time and this literary means you have poor sleep regularly.

That’s something you should check and work on like sleeping for short hours will actually catch up with you during the day when you have not given your body enough needed rest during the night hence feeling tired all the time

3. Your lifestyle could be making you tired.

Over drinking

Some people who over drink end up waking up in the middle of the night which affects their sleep patterns and this will affect them during the day when they are feeling a lot tired because they didn’t get enough sleep

Nature of your diet in relation to weight ( overweight or underweight)

Eating too much or too little might make you feel tired.

If you eat less than you need your body will feel tired because it will be deprived of enough food to keep it running and if you eat a lot your body will be overwhelmed by the amount of food it has to process and you will end up always feeling tired.

4. Pregnancy.

Specifically, women, the first 12 weeks of pregnancy drain them of their energy thus making them feel tired. This could be the reason why a female would be tired all the time

Medical reasons why you are feeling tired.

5. The medication you are taking could be making you tired.

You should always find out the side effects of the drugs you are taking. Some medications like cancer treatment will make you feel tired as part of the side effects they pose to you and if it’s a temporary medication then you might have to bear it until the dose is done but if it’s for a long time it may be a good idea to ask your doctor for an alternative.

6. Anemia

This occurs when you have a low number of red blood cells which help with transporting oxygen around the body

This deprives the body of enough oxygen which will, in turn, make you feel tired and weak

You can visit the doctor for a checkup and also test for iron deficiency. This can also be caused by blood loss like heavy menstrual periods

 7. Hypothyroidism (Underactive thyroid gland)

This occurs when the thyroid gland does not produce enough thyroid hormone (thyroxine)

The thyroid is a butterfly-like gland located below your chin in the neck

The lack of enough thyroid hormones can also lead to depression, weight gain feeling cold and also feeling tired

8. Heart-related problems.

If you are having any heart disease you are also likely to feel always tired. If the heart is having problems to pump oxygenated blood in the body you are going to feel the tired due limited supply of oxygen in the body

So if you try to run a very short distance you will quickly feel tired with shortness of breath, chest pain or even end up fainting

9. Sleep apnoea

This occurs when you have interrupted breathing where your throat narrows or closes during sleep.

This, in the end, can lead to snoring and at times makes you wake up in the middle of the night causing interrupted sleep and when you wake up in the morning you will feel tired.

This can also lead to low oxygen in blood since the oxygen supply to the lungs is cut off when the throat closes. this situation can get you feeling tired all the time even when you think you have had enough sleep

10. Chronic fatigue

Fatigue is a constant feeling of tiredness.

Chronic fatigue occurs when even resting does not make you feel better or re-energized. It goes for a really quite long time like 3 months and every time you wake up, you feel as if you did not even sleep.

This can be a symptom of other things like depression, anemia

Psychological causes of tiredness

11. Lots of stress.

Having a lot on your table to fix even before you touch it, is going to make you feel tired. For example, work, family, losing a loved one, or relationship issues. All these, once they became overwhelming for you considering you have to do something about them, is just going to end up stressing you and even lead to depression in the long run.

And the worse thing about them is they will make you feel physically tired even though you are just sited thinking about them.

You have to figure out what is stressing you and do something about it. And if you cant, then you have to let go and don’t let it stress you with sleepless nights

12. You are depressed

Depression results from an imbalance of your chemicals in the brain and one of its symptoms is feeling tired

Depression also is likely to affect your sleep and energy levels thus feeling tired. The feeling of hopelessness psychologically deprives the body of energy needed to do something considering there is no motivation to give your body a boost to do something

What to do when you are always feeling tired

1. Getting enough rest

This is a little obvious you are supposed to change your schedule so that you could create enough time for sleep at least 8 hours out 24 hours is enough to refresh your body

2. Do not overwork your body

Whether you are having a deadline, responsibilities to full fill  or lack of fitness you are supposed to give your body what it can handle in a given time frame and not break it, besides your body will not work to the best of its ability when it’s tired unless you are machine and even some machines require rest

3. Avoid taking naps

There is nothing wrong with naps but napping in between the day is likely to affect the long night hours of your sleep. So you definitely need to sleep when you have to otherwise naps may affect your pattern of sleep at night and you could end up feeling tired.

 4. Avoid taking drinks with caffeine

Well, a warm cup of coffee could keep you warm on a cold night but it will also keep you awake which could still have an effect on your sleep pattern.

5. Make your room conducive for sleep

Honestly, how are you going to sleep if the lights are on and some loud music is playing?

On top of that, you have been looking at your smartphone for a long time. The light and sound will keep you awake and you end up sleeping late only to wake up early morning after minimal sleep feeling tired as if you did not sleep at all

6. Having a good diet

You should have a balanced diet and eat enough food, do not overload or eat less than your body requires. Eat food basing on your age, gender, weight, and nature of work you are going to do.

7. Eat at least three meals a day  

These include breakfast, lunch, and supper and include whole-grain foods like rice. Oatmeal, lean meat. Fruits and vegetables plus low-fat dairy products not forgetting to drink water during the course of the day

8. Do a physical activity.

Get up and run in the neighborhood. Do an activity that makes you feel good, do some dancing. This will help you feel energized, but overdoing it can lead to fatigue

9. Visit a doctor

If you have tried all the above solutions and still feeling tired, then the problem could be deeper than the eyes can see and you need a medical checkup and that’s why it’s the last solution probably because if symptoms persist seek medical attention

We hope you were able to find the reason as to why you are always feeling tired because unless you find out what and why is causing the tiredness it will be hard to find the solution to the problem


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