7 Good Reasons Why You are Not Losing Weight when Dieting and Exercising

There are a couple of good reasons you want to lose weight and guess what?  You are not losing any.

 It actually gets worse when you instead end up gaining more weight than losing it.

Below we look at the possible reasons you may have ignored before taking on the challenge of losing weight and they could be hindering your progress.

1. Differentiate between muscle mass and fat

You may think you are fat because the weighing scale reads 80kgs but when your (BMI) Body Mass Index actually reads normal. So before you claim you are fat you have to actually prove to yourself that you are fat and need or want to lose some weight.

Basketball players average 90kgs plus and they are athletes who are deemed fit enough. So you could also fall in this category of giants and when you combine your weight and height you are actually not fat but rather lazy maybe   

2. Setting unrealistic goals

You have to be very realistic in every goal you set.  The unrealistic weight loss goals of trying to find the quickest and fastest way to lose weight can be affected by;

Your lifestyle

You may realize your lifestyle will not favor you in losing weight for example if you spend most of the time seated or maybe in the next month you will not have enough time to work out. So at the end of the whole exercising and dieting, you end up with no weight loss

Sometimes you cannot give up on beer and in some cases it makes people gain weight instead.

You cannot give up your favorite dish.

Do you have that favorite food that you cannot get enough of? Well, that same food could be the one affecting your weight loss and all your efforts keep going down the drain. It could even be the most readily available food and the alternatives are hard to acquire

Amount of weight to be lost in a given period of time

Have you considered your weight and how long it will take you to hit a certain target? Take for instance wanting to lose 10 pounds in a week may be quiet unrealistic and it may take you some good months to reach your target so don’t give up the fight

3. Genetics

Seriously, most people never pay attention to this, for all they care about is losing weight. But this would be like trying to alter or fight Mother Nature. This is something that is out of your control to some extent

Take for instance there are skinny people that eat a lot and they never change so the same could apply to you. In fact, you will find skinny people trying to gain weight well as you are trying to lose it.

Figuring this out could be a little easier, just look through your family photos both your mother’s and father’s side. The failure to lose weight could be lying in there.

4. Your diet.

This needs very good homework for your goal. You need to know what foods to eat to lose weight, know which foods provide fibers to your body and whether you need them in losing weight or not.

You should be able to tell which foods contain fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. This will be useful in selecting which foods not to eat in order to lose weight and which foods to continue eating because you may be eating foods that are just adding on your weight

And the work out you are doing in relation to the food you are eating is not making you lose weight or gain it but it’s actually making you fit.

This can also be one of the reasons for gaining weight while working out and eating healthy.

We didn’t specify any foods because everyone has a different weight loss diet plan, they need to follow that suits them and may not work for another person

5. Not working out hard enough

Which working out is enough, a lot or less. That may be hard to determine but setting tools to use at every stage for a given time frame can make working out easier to determine if you working out hard enough.

If you set to run 1 km in the first week of exercising and holding 2kgs dumbbells in your hands. Then 3 km and 5kgs after 1 week can help you set the pace of how hard or less working out is needed based on attained results from the first and second week in relation to your set goals.

The other reason you may not be working out hard enough is getting tired quickly. If you get tired quickly you will think that you have worked out hard when you actually spent 5 hours running 1 km which may not be hard enough.

6. lack of good sleep

You need to have enough sleep to refresh your body. After a long day of working out, you need to have a good rest and reset your body for the next day.

This can be easier to notice say you wake up feeling tired, it may imply you overworked your body or may have actually had poor sleep and that’s why your body is feeling tired.

7. Medical condition

You may have medical reasons for not losing weight when dieting and exercising like the following;


It’s a condition where your thyroid gland does not produce enough thyroid hormones that the body needs. This condition can affect your weight loss goal

You are on medication hindering weight gain.

This may come un-noticed because when you are taking drugs at times you may not consider the side effects of these drugs and some drugs actually lead to weight gain.

You are stressed.

You may even find that failure to lose weight alone is taking a toll on you and this could also lead you to be stressed.

Losing weight is a responsibility of its own and when you combine it with other daily responsibilities like family and work they could become overwhelming for you and you may end up not losing weight at all

You are depressed.

Working out maybe one of the solutions to depression in a bid to lose some weight but on the contrary, you may instead lose weight or gain it. Depression is a two-edged sword and in some instances, it may make you lose weight instead

But in this case, it could be making you retain weight

Those are some of the medical possibilities we can list for now. You will have to take it upon yourself and find out if you have an underlying medical problem not listed above but those are the common

Well, those are some of the possible reasons why you may not be losing weight even after trying and the solutions lie in fixing the relevant problem accordingly


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