is money everything in life ?

This is one of the oldest debates, probably as old the day money was invented  and we created segments and social standings between the rich and poor

Well, money is actually everything artificial or man-made and a few natural things that can be manipulated. The right word should be everything is monetized and not money is everything.

If it was everything in life am sure the rich people would never die because they would definitely have enough money to buy life or even health.

But what kind of life would it be anyway? It would be a very complicated one if we had some people that can live forever just because they are rich comparing it to today

Reasons Why Everything Is about Money

Everything is about money because if you have it you can buy everything that has been monetized which is completely true like cars, health services, houses, and other assets or services

You cannot get any of those things for free other factors constant

Talk about the fact that if you have the money you can actually purchase love or a relationship. But the reality is you are actually not being loved

You are manipulating someone to do what you want them to do because you have something they need and in this case its money.

That person literary has no choice or they would miss out from getting some money from you. It would be more of a blackmail

It’s really hard for a rich person to tell who their real friends are because if you have something good about you and in this case money everyone would want to associate with you to get a share of that good thing you have

The best way to tell if someone really likes you or loves you or is your friend is to get a way of convincing this person that you are now broke to zero and they can no longer get any benefits from you

It’s only your true friends who will stick with you but do not expect a person who is with you for money to stick around when it’s gone

The best side of having money and relationships is you will never be alone because someone will always try to force themselves on you

It’s in relationships that money shows it is everything as anyone would be willing to be with you at all costs as long as you have money.

And even when you have the money you can manipulate anyone or anything to your liking with ease. This definitely makes money everything

Any poor person can easily be manipulated by money

Take time and look at the most powerful people in the world or the most influential people, apart from having access to weapons, they are also rich. Be it presidents or celebrities they have more money than their fans or people following them

This is not a coincidence, it’s because of the things you can get people to do for you when you have money that gets you the power and makes you influential to them

It’s next to impossible to keep integrity or honesty when money is involved it’s why people keep dying in hospitals because a doctor refused to treat them because they do not have money to pay for a medical operation so just like that health facilities become for the rich

Or if a rich person wants a poor man’s land he can bribe the lawyer and judge to make him win a case you could have reported in court because he would have given them money and just like that money has also killed work ethics in the judiciary but this also shows money can influence anything whether right or wrong

These kinds of habits are common thus keeping the rich extremely rich and the poor extremely poor and huge gap between the two with the rich getting richer and poor getting poorer

Money is power

Money is power because you can be manipulated by it. It’s because of the money that you can get anyone to do for you whatever you like and they will not complain because they need the money.

Again it’s not like you have a choice but because you need the money and you will be willing to do anything for it. Some will kill for it; it’s the reason why some partners cheat on their spouses too

Being poor also causes psychological inferiority complex for the poor and superiority complex for the rich

Even a 200 pound 6 feet bodyguard can be slapped by a 5ft 80-pound boss if he got angry at him, it’s not respect in this case at all, so don’t confuse respect with fear

These people fear you because you are rich but not because you are stronger than them.

This also attributed to the fact that if you have the money you can buy anything money can buy to inflict pain on them and no one would want to be a victim of that

Having money puts you in position to inflict all forms of pains on others like emotional pain, mental pain like through stereotyping and stigmatizing the poor, psychological pain, physical pain through creating wars from which some rich people are able to earn through selling weapons or providing help suppliers or even financial pain for most of your workers as most of them are at your mercy

Well if you can inflict all those on a person then you are powerful and definitely money would be everything

With great power comes great responsibility but very few people are capable of controlling that power

Money and religion

Maybe it’s only the poor who are likely to see the kingdom of heaven because they do not have enough money to do all the evils that money can do, well who will cheat with you if you are poor anyway.

So that is one sin you are less likely to commit when poor

But religion too is only run on money, the need for money makes it easier for sheiks, imams, priests and pastors to manipulate their following into giving in money to them in form  tithe so that God  rewards them with abundant riches

I would say 99.9% of religions are praying for their followings to get rich, that shows how money is everything and this also indicates that majority of the people are poor because if they had money they are less likely to care about religion

Take for instance if a rich person is barren he will just go and pay some money at a fertility hospital and have kids, a poor person is  not likely to afford this so he will go to church and hope for a miracle

Or if a rich person has a medical condition, he will hire a personal doctor at a very high cost well as poor person will go to a priest and hope he prays for him so that the medical condition can get better

This would certainly conclude most people go into religion because they have problems one of them being poverty


Money isn’t everything but, everything has been monetized which makes everything to be about money for example;

If you want to get to a miracle in your life. the religious leaders want you to pay some money

If you want to be loved you have to pay some money

when you have a talent, people have to pay you for it

If you want to be respected you should have some money on you

So if you want or need anything in life there is a price tag already attached to it and someday we may have to pay for the air we breathe

This literary implies your life is only as important as your fame, valuable as your bank account and useful as the number of people who benefit from you

And just like that everything is money in this world because everything has a monetary value attached to it


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