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Why write for Us

BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT SELFISH WITH YOUR KNOWLEDGE OR WISDOM AND YOU’RE WILLING TO SHARE IT. But most of all because you have a useful piece of knowledge and information and you have no problem sharing it with the rest of the world.

So if you have any lesson about anything be it a skill, an activity, or life event you would like to teach it to others, be it a life experience that taught you a lesson and you love to share it with others.

A solution to any everyday problem/ life challenge that would benefit others or any informative content you would wish to share is also well come as long as it can be a useful lesson to someone

So don’t hesitate to get back to us with your story

We currently offer no benefits from publishing your story/lesson.

What content we publish

We want content that helps someone learn something useful, a lesson that can be life changing to someone, inspirational, developmental and can be applied in real life at some point based on your own life, something you might have witnessed happening or something useful you’re knowledgeable about.

We love from any field/industry you are skilled in, thus your content would at least provide someone with theoretical skills in something and better if I can be practiced or even better you can provide ways for it to be practical

And lessons that are learned in life for others to learn from and would also be useful in self-development

but most of all we want content that is applicable in every day, a life lesson/story and factual informative content is welcome too

Conclude your lesson/article with the lesson someone ought to have learned from reading it thus helping them know if they really got the message you trying to put across and assess themselves if they learned anything new and useful to them or not.


We always want to ensure you are giving us your own story or content and that’s why we want evidence if possible to help someone else learning. like photos, videos or illustrations would be helpfull let alone it’s hard for two people to experience the same thing tell it the exact same way.

And its hard to have life experiences treat you exactly the same way, so duplicate content won’t be published or will be deleted if discovered, citing to another source through you your article and crediting them is otherwise accepted

We do understand that lessons in some instances are likely not to be so much different, like if you wrote a lesson about CPR, some technical skills and way of application are constant though we do not expect the same for a story/lesson about parenting because we are likely to have different experiences there and even though we the same experience lessons learned could be different

So if you have a lesson you have you learned and you wish to share it with others Contact us