9 powerful reasons why life is so hard and what to do about it

9 powerful reasons why life is so hard and what to do about it

Why is life so hard?

Are you asking yourself this question and you are poor? The answer is yes life is hard life is difficult because almost everything that can make it easy has a monetary value attached to it and you are broke

But what if you are asking the same question and you are rich, and then you are pure evidence that money is not everything as we perceive it.

But maybe life is supposed to be hard because it would be pointless and not worth living if you had everything you desired.

It’s the problems and challenges that give life meaning and without them, life is a meaningless pursuit.

You need challenges and problems to look up to every day to fix to make life worthwhile with a purpose

The biggest problem with this comes in when your problems are not solved and your challenges are not overcome. You will end up depressed and demoralized

It’s this aspect that we will channel our discussion today and look at those problems and challenges that affect you to the extent of making you feel like life is very hard.

Things that make life hard are not only financial related as that takes the most part, but also physical, mental or emotional pain you have can make your life feel hard

You will need to figure out which of these reasons exactly is making you think and feel like life is very hard and do not be surprised if most of them are out of your control

1. You are poor

The generation today and as old as time, most things have been run on money. Its gets too odd when you realize no one will love you if are poor but when actually love is a feeling none of us bought but it actually ended up monetized due to its demand necessity

We all crave loving and being loved back

As if that’s not enough even God who most of us claim loves us needs to be paid for, the desperation for God to do for us miracles has gotten religion into a business entity.

This is where you would question religious entities, does God only want you when you are well off and what are chances I would care about God if I was well off.

Its people that are doing poorly in life that are likely to seek God not those who are well off.

Love and religion are some of the things you would expect to be free since love is a feeling we are born with to express and God wants us to go to him the way we are with all our problems but then it gets sad when  you realize a priest will not pray for you if you don’t take a little bit of money to him in form of tithe even if you have gone to pray for riches since you are poor and neither will anyone love you unless you pay them something

Honestly with the way everything has a price tag on it even what would have been free like love.

Then definitely, life is going to be very hard for you if you lack money to buy things to run your life

Currently, we are lucky there is no price tag on the air we breathe but someday when the air we breathe has been hugely intoxicated, it will be the rich to breathe clean oxygen and would probably be heavily taxed for it.

So you can imagine what poor people will be going through at the point.

I can go the whole day about the issue of money because over 90 percent of people would find life easy if you gave them money, in fact, most of the problems or challenges that are making their lives very hard can be solved by money if not all

2. You have failed at something

Life will certainly turn out to be hard if you failed at something you needed to pass.

The fact that we cannot tell how the future will be, the current test always seems to be the only shot you got and failure to succeed at it, will definitely make life even harder than it was before.

Take for instance you failed a job interview and you have been out of work for a while, this will really make life feel hard considering you are not able to make some money to run daily life errands.

3. You need God to show you a sign.

We all need God to show us a sign. The story of job in the bible shows persistence and enduring all in the name that job is trying to stay loyal to his God he believes his god will reward him

But what about today in the 21st century when you have really tried to pray to God for a sign and you are not getting any glimmer of hope. you will ask God why so much pain?

Then definitely life is going to be very hard if even the all mighty God does not show you a sign that things will get and in the end, you might end up trying other options which might very hard consider that asking God for a sign would have been an easier option

4. Relationships have gone wrong

A relationship gone wrong will have a serious toll on you and is going to make life very hard.
The effect of a break up in relationships depends on how deep you loved someone or how strongly you trusted

Having any of your relationships go wrong be it a break up with a lover or disagreements with parents can certainly make life very hard considering these are natural emotions we crave for with people.

Even friends betraying you would make your life feel so hard, basing on how you trusted them and the effect of their betrayal actions

Depending on how bad a relation can go, it could also lead post-stress traumatic disorder which will not make life any easier for you

5. You have a physical disability or a rare disease

Once you are different from what people are used to or what is perceived as normal by the general population then you will not have it easy at all.

A person that is different in a negative way is going to find life hard take, for instance, being born with no legs, arms or even lacking any body part because they are all equally useful

There are people that are able to make it with disabilities, but how many are they? And that number is really small and we can hardly name any ourselves.

Let alone being physically disabled, most people will shun you which will make you a loner, depressed and unloved. There is no way life will be worth it when no one loves you.

Even an illness like sickle cell or cancer will make life a living hell for some people and this will definitely make life very hard for them.

Few people can bare living with a brain tumor. this will make you feel like death is easy and life is hard

6. You are comparing yourself to someone else

Once you risk and start comparing your self to someone else you are likely to get the two results,

i) Either you will feel happy and better that you are doing better than them                                                                            

ii) or you will feel bad that they are doing better than you.

But the thing with comparing ourselves to others is we mostly look at how they are better than us, we tend to look at their strengths against our weaknesses which will make you feel bad

The end result is asking yourself why life is very hard for you because someone else made it according to your judgment without even considering the factors that led to the different results

7. You lack freedom

We all want to be free much as it’s an illusion at least you need to feel you are free. And if are behind and form of constraint that is stopping you from doing whatever you want then life will feel hard.

Being behind bars is definitely going to make life pretty hard considering your freedom in a lot of ways is put on hold and we become complete puppets that and controlled in every way and cannot express themselves as desired

That will make life hard because life is not meant to be lived like that.

8. Life is supposed to be hard

Think about it. Maybe life is supposed to be hard and you do not have much of an option on it. The law of polarity tends to think that opposites must occur.

Maybe that’s why life is so hard for some and not others

So if life can be easy for someone else then maybe its meant to be hard for you and that’s why it’s actually hard for you.

If you share your troubles with someone, they start sharing their own to prove that your troubles are nothing compared to theirs.

Maybe we have lost the art of understanding and sympathizing that’s if we have ever had it anyway

Maybe its to make you feel better that there are people in a worse state than you so you should be grateful you are not in a worse state like them and hold on other than whining about your problems

But mostly it shows everyone is finding life hard for them in one way or another

9. You are very unlucky or cursed

There is a thin line between a blessing and luck but both imply things going well for you. Some people have all the luck in the world and others do not

But then what happens when everything just keeps on going wrong. You lose your job, your wife leaves, you get an accident. You wonder how some people got so lucky and what the hell happened to you.

Then the possible questions would be why life is very hard? Why is this happening to me? You certainly cannot have a series of unfortunate events and you do not hate life. After all, we all want a good life, not a life full of negative events

But luck is complicated to define or understand because it’s a series of events and actions that can be explained logically so everyone can get it or it does not exist but on the other hand you can notice someone was lucky because nobody ever saw it coming not even themselves

And some are born lucky. Take for instance Paris Hilton she inherited the Hilton hotel franchise, now that’s being born lucky. You don’t have to work hard for that.

So are you lucky or blessed before you find life difficult for you

What to do when life gets hard

These tips will help you when life gets hard but most of all help you to avoid life getting hard

Learn to handle failure.

Failing at anything in life will definitely make your life hard no doubt. Some instances you do not get a second chance and messing up your chance could spell doom for you.

You should learn and accept certain things in your life and get back up and do not let them make the end of you but instead, let your failures be lessons to learn from.

Besides that’s there are no guarantees that hard work pays neither is there an assurance that if you are lazy you will fail

But how do you handle a situation where you fail after putting in your time, energy and hard work because you can get fired tomorrow and be replaced. Can you handle that right now? Because if you cannot life will be very hard for you

Human beings are inherently selfish

Trust is overrated. Everyone for himself and God for us all. No one wants you to succeed or cares if you do unless they will benefit from your success.

You should know this and you should be considered selfish but not fully selfish.

Because you have to treat people the way they treat you and being selfish would be a way to sieve out the bad and good people from your life

Stop comparing your self to anyone and forget the social media scam where everyone has a perfect life apart from you

This is really hard to but believe most people are not happy on facebook or Instagram.
It’s the number of likes and replies that are making them feel better about themselves.

Comparing yourself to your facebook friends Is just going to create a hollow feeling of lacking, not contented and being unsatisfied with what you have because you have seen someone else has a fake better thing than you and you will just keep wondering why is my life so hard compared to others

It’s like someone taking a picture in a plane going for heart surgery. This will make you feel like you have failed in life yet you have perfect health that you would never switch for a plane ticket to have heart surgery because the poster did not talk about the surgery

Everyone is trying to fake being well off  if they are not that’s why you will hardly ever see anyone post a bad thing happening to their lives as if there is none but that’s what social media has come to, it’s a place show people how well off you are and that you have a perfect life

Start your own business

Starting your own business is really going to be hard.

You need money to make money and in this case, you need capital to invest to make more money.

But one thing for sure most times as long as you are working for someone else you are limited to working for a survive wage that can only cater to your basic needs of life.

Unless you earn extremely well you will not have enough disposable income to start up your own business.  Or if you try hard and saved the little you have.

This will leave you in poverty and end up find life hard. having your own job would be a great back up plan

What would you if you got fired or got an accident. That’s when you will ask yourself why life is very hard if you do not own any business to carter for your needs in that period of bad events

Hope for the best but expecting the worst

It’s pretty odd to do something and expect another but that’s one way you can handle failure and realities of life.

If you went in a relationship knowing you can be heartbroken at any time. It would help you handle the break easily than when you did not see it coming

Or when you work very hard at your job but at the back of your mind, you know you can be fired at any time.

Expecting the worst but hoping the best will help you prepare such events in life

Giving religious scams a break

Yeah I don’t know why God wants tithe for when am poor and he is all capable
But the religion in the 21st century you should definitely be given a break because it all works for religious leaders and the sheep that follow them remain in their bad lives

So put your religious beliefs aside because they will just drain with unrealistic and self fish fake leaders who are also trying to make ends meet and trying to capitalize on your ignorance and desperation to control you

In the end, you will ask yourself why God has forsaken you and made your life hard but when you are just living an illusion of an all-mighty God doing things for you
besides, why do bad things happen if there is a god though that is answered by the logical problem of evil and suffering

if you cannot give up on your Lord follow Mathew 6.6 ” But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you. “

There is nothing like government caring for you

The thing your so-called government is more or less like believing in religion.  It’s a control hierarchy system and only those at the top benefit

Taxes to drain you of your hard-earned money benefit politicians who exempt themselves from paying them.

The laws meant to work on other people except for government leaders and really going to make your life hard but not for them.

These are selfish individuals who only care for themselves just like anybody else and they have a high chance of their selfishness paying off than it does for you.

Knowing no one in there for but your self will help you set realistic goals in life up because it’s then that you will be less surprised by the results if they are bad

Be grateful.

And finally are you happy with the little you have.

You cannot have everything, life is not a movie it is real. You will have some things and lack others but that should not make you feel life is hard neither should you settle for less but being grateful will put a smile on your face that you have something good and make your life easy

So you should be counting your blessings


Life is not hard for everyone in one way or another, as shown above, the truth is you are likely to have a problem that is making life hard and it’s up to you to figure out that problem that is making life feel very hard and try to do something about if its within your capabilities.

Otherwise, if things are going your way, you will not pay attention to life being very hard.

I will be honest, there are some problems that are really quite of our control and cannot do much about them but embrace them and learn to live with them.

Hopefully, you have learned something, so you won’t come up and say life is very hard but instead do something about it.

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