9 reasons why it is important to learn a foreign language

One of the recommend skills you should learn in life and is applicable in everyday life is being multi-lingual

Living in a world that is tribalistic by nature. It would be a good idea to fit in perfectly in every society and culture by knowing different languages.

Even if you have no particular reason as to why you are learning a new language. Knowing two or more languages is one thing that would come handy in everyday life

Here are more reasons as to why it is important to learn a foreign language if you need a reason to;

1. Your international travel is catered for

This one of the best reasons to learn a foreign language, you will be able to travel anywhere in the world and not feel out of place.

Besides if you have a passion for traveling then you should definitely be able to speak at least two languages otherwise your travel experiences will become hectic if you cannot even speak a close language in the country you are traveling in.

2. It’s a great way to learn about a culture

If there is any culture you would love to learn about or be a part of it, one way of doing it is by learning about the language being spoken

Every culture or tradition has a language associated with it. Most things like places, names, traditions, and actions are embodied within a society’s language

This could also work the other way round, trying to learn about a new culture would also help you learn a new language since both go hand in hand

The goal of learning about a culture is to fit in just fine. Otherwise taking pork to an Islamic society would give you an experience of a lifetime

You will be absorbed in any culture or society easily if you can communicate to them in their local language  and be able to even learn different food dishes and how to make them

3. It’s one way to find love and make friends too

I don’t know how you can make friends if you cannot talk to them. This implies that you can only make friends with whom you can speak the same language. So your friends’ circle would be limited

To add on that, it’s hard to be in a relationship with someone if you cannot communicate in the same language because you come from different backgrounds

Every time they would communicate with someone else in their native language you will think they are talking something bad about you. And if they laugh you will definitely think they are laughing at you

Besides, it would be fun to create a secret communication with your friends or lover by combining different languages into one

This actually gave rise to the Swahili language in east Africa where Arabic was combined with Bantu languages

4. Helps us to learn how to communicate and express ourselves

This an outstanding reason to learn a foreign language. If you fail to communicate very well the message being delivered would be different

Some words can be used multiple times to mean different things under different instances for example. Answering “sure? “To a statement  can mean a question asking for reassurance

The same sure can be used to confirm something but when spoken, you need to express yourself and tone very well so that the person listening to you does not get the wrong message

This way you would be learning to express yourself and communicate the intended message efficiently without being misinterpreted 

5. An added advantage of getting a job

It’s hard to find a job where you being multilingual would not be handy or an added advantage to your working conditions.

 If you are a footballer and you got a chance to play abroad and you cannot speak the native language in your country of destination

It would be hard to carry on your job well if you cannot communicate to your other workmates because of language barrier let alone failing to do your work well

6. Improves your listening skills

When learning a new language it’s hard to understand let alone listen to the words being spoken to you by a native speaker.

With time you will be able to pick up words slowly by slowly and this would come as a result of critical listening to what is said to you.

In the long run, you would be able to critically listen to what is being said least you fail to get the message

7. Helps us understand and accept our differences

You will need to walk a mile in a man’s shoes before you can judge them

One way of walking in a man’s shoes is by learning his language. This will open you to his culture and tradition and you may understand why someone does something

This makes us ignore our differences like language and concentrate on things that unite us.

People are killing each other and hating each other just because they speak a different language and they certainly see other tribes or countries as enemies

This gives result to tribalism and tribalistic wars just because people speak a different language from each other but if you can speak two different languages you are likely to remain neutral if a tribalistic war broke due having a sense of belonging to either side by just knowing how to speak either language

In fact, you could be their only hope for unity by being able to communicate to them in either language

8. Gives you a new challenge in life

We always need a reason to do something and something to look up to or a goal to achieve.

One of the goals you could achieve in life would be learning a new language. Perhaps could be on your bucket list

9. Studying abroad is made easier.

I have no idea how you will study in Japan if you cannot speak Japanese just because you only know English.

Learning a new language will give you a learning style of yours that always helps you learn a new language if you wanted to

So if you ever got a great opportunity to study in a country whose national  language you cannot speak, it will be easier to apply the same style or technique of learning you used when learning  a second language to learn it quickly or easier

There are endless reasons to learn a new language but the good news is your efforts cannot be wasted and will come handy in one way or another since people are naturally designed to communicate with each other and you will have an upper hand in communication by just learning a new language


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