10 Reasons Why People Cheat in Relationships

Having multiple partners is a normal thing today. Despite the fact it’s looked upon as a bad thing

The percentage of married cheating couples is bigger than loyal couples that you are likely to be the odd man out for not cheating on your wife or husband.

No one has clear stats or percentage on married couples who cheat because something like that that is personal and private and hardly ever gets out in the open unless you’re a celebrity

Cheating, in this case, would refer to having extra-marital affairs as long as you are married or in a relationship with someone else even if it is not official but you consent to your self as partners or lovers

Cheating has nothing to do with gender, race, religion or anything you would want to stereotype it with. It is completely a human thing.

So it’s not about why women cheat, why men cheat or why black men cheat

And below we explore those reasons as to why people cheat and you cannot do anything about it as their reasons for cheating are not within your making and definitely out of your control.

The following could also be reasons why a guy would want to cheat with you or why a married person wants to have an affair with you

1. Because they are born that way

Ever thought about it, some people are born tall others short, some intelligent others dense, some white others black, some loyal and others not, some straight and others gay what are the odds some people are born cheaters well as others are not

Well, the law of polarity says if there are loyal people then cheaters must exist too. Some people are born loyal and for some reasons, they won’t cheat well as others are born cheaters and nothing is going to stop them from cheating

2. Because you are not around.

There are a couple of reasons why you might not be around your partner and for a good reason in most cases being work. Your absence might get them bored and perhaps one way to get busy is by cheating

Well if you are a person that is likely to work overseas or travel abroad in some cases then you need a partner who understands this kind of schedule but if you happen not to find them.

They will definitely cheat on you at every opportunity they get and I don’t think there is much you can do on your side to make it up to them considering you have and need to work anyway

On the other hand, some guys do this to their partners to intentionally make them cheat for whatever reasons

3. Curiosity

Having a loyal partner is a blessing until they ask themselves how and what it feels like to cheat.

They will be the least expected people to cheat considering the impression they would have built up in your head that would also be hard to accept.

When that moment arrives and your partner decides to try out the other side of life, there is little or nothing you can do about it

In this case, you would even find a married man cheating on their wife with another man

The curiosity also makes some people wonder how it feels like to cheat and they are driven to cheat just like that

 4. Your partner has cheating as part of their bucket list

Ever wondered the things your partner ever fancied about to do in life. I mean some people want to climb Mount Everest well as others want to learn to play a keyboard or learn kung fu

So what are you going to do about a fantasy your partner wants to full fill and worse still you do not know about it

5. Opportunity to cheat

This one is complicated; most people turn down advances or approaches made to them because they are married and loyal to their partners. Others always use the opportunity or situations they are in to cheat

While others never get the chance or get into situations that lead them to cheat. There is nothing you are going to do when an opportunity to cheat presents its self to your partner and they decide to take it

The situation at hand could come with a lot of money and your partner cannot resist cheating on you considering the benefits of their cheating and still that’s something you won’t do much about.

In some instances cheating opportunities make people cheat on people they love. On the contrary, they wouldn’t cheat if the opportunity never presented its self considering they wouldn’t create the opportunity themselves

6. Adventure.

Is there something exciting about doing the wrong thing, the strong thrill of fear, danger, and success that comes with it without being caught?

Well, some people find cheating as one of those incidents in life they will live to tell others about even worse something other people will do in a heartbeat just to enjoy as it appears fun to them.

The craving can make you want to cheat on your husband or wife. In fact, there are people looking for wives or husbands to cheat with as an adventure for them

7. Revenge for sexism

In today’s world it’s normal for a man to have any number of wives as long he can take care of them.

And to some women, this is really unfair to them. What if a woman can take care of 4 guys, why not do it?

The truth is society won’t let you live in peace with your number of men much as you can take care of them.

The men will be termed weak and the woman a natural hoe, at the end of it any woman can cheat as much as she wants to full fill her interests whether married or not and what will you do stop it if she happens to be your partner

8. Your partner does not love you.

This is quite easy. It’s a lot easier to cheat on anyone without feeling anything. It’s not that they care about how you feel.

If you love someone, you will truly care about their feelings if they found you are cheating, you could basically lose them or they would kill the person you are cheating with due to jealous.

You would be considerate of your actions towards your partner, It’s very hard for a woman to love a man and still cheat or a man to love a woman and still cheat

Putting yourself in someone else’s shoes only comes  when you care about them and how they would feel if they did what you are doing to them to you

You are not really going to paycheck everyone to pretend as if they love you just because they are being manipulated by money considering they need it too

On the other hand, it’s possible for your partner to cheat and still love you because they cheated with a person with whom they have no feelings or emotions for at all maybe because they want that job promotion or want to pay bills

9. Some people just love cheating

Some people have no serious external or internal factors influencing them to cheat but they just love cheating, they just cannot get enough of it and will always be looking forward to it any time whenever possible without any worth reason

10. Your partner is ungrateful and never contended

A lot of people try to do something about their partners cheating one of them is at least giving them money so as not to be tempted.

But what you do to some people it will never be good enough to deter them from their cheating habits, probably because nothing is ever good enough for them

That being said, some people hardly ever get any special favors to make them loyal and they will still be loyal, maybe they are born that way

But all in all some people will never be contented with one partner, they want to sleep with all kinds of persons, tall short, black white, thin fat. And as you read this, there are people looking for ways on how to cheat


There are not many justifiable reasons to cheat as it’s likely to have more cons than pros and if you are not happy in a relationship then its better you be single or leave.

Basing on the examples above, you cannot do much about those reasons if your partner is cheating you on you and definitely you cannot blame yourself for such things that are out of your control.

Just take a deep breath and let it go. Besides if you can do something about it then why worry and if you cannot do something about then why worry either?


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  1. wally

    Body count matters, no its not nomral or moral to have multiple partners God’s plan doesn’t include sampling. There are several choice words in scripture to back that up. 1 mistake is one thing 2 or more no. One should be a virgin on one’s wedding night to be honest. Pair boding is the other victim here. More pronounced in women than men to be sure and unfair, nonetheless when your body count hits 2 or more for women they start losing the ability to pair bond. It’s very bad advice to suggest sampling for secular or biblical standpoints.

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