coronavirus: 18 Life Lessons Learned from the COVID-19 Pandemic

Most people at least quarantined or socially distanced due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. But when it’s all done, life will not be the same for a while and a lot of lessons have been drawn from this pandemic

Do you know COVID-19 in full is Corona Virus Disease and 19 the year it broke out?

And much as most people are doing self-quarantine in their homes, when it comes to life there is always something new everyone can learn every single day and that’s why this website was created;

To learn something new every day that’s useful and applicable in our everyday lives, actually during this pandemic it would be a very good time to learn something new and useful indoors

And during this trying moment, there definitely some life lessons you would have learned by the time you come out of this quarantine or at the end of this pandemic if you are not in quarantine

Below we pick some life lessons you could have learned during the COVID19 lockdown period while in quarantine;

1. Internet is not a luxury

In a couple of countries before the coronavirus outbreak, the internet has been seen as a luxury to pass time but as of now it’s a utility, most people have been advised to work from and to most people working from home means using the internet which was initially seen as a pass time service

In fact, a lot of information about COVID19 is reaching people through the internet due to increased usage of smartphones than other information Media like TVs and Radios

This also implies that access to the internet should become a basic human right everywhere in the world

2. We eat to live not live to eat

This is not really a lesson but a question being answered. It counts because during this period most people have become victims in that most people want to move out of their homes because they need to buy food

And others can’t stay indoors and have to work in order to get a day’s food as some people can only attain a meal a day

Actually some people can only attain a meal by work a day, which actually means we eat to live since as it turns out if you don’t eat you will die before you even get infected by the virus

This is also the same reason why it’s hard for some people to stay home because they need to look for food on a daily basis otherwise they would stay home for over a month during a lockdown if they didn’t need food

In fact, the need for food is one of the strongest human motivators to work

3. Religion Vs reality (Does prayer work and does God even exist)

Well its times like these that you would expect God to show up, but most if not all places of worship irrespective of religion are closed

Most religious leaders right now are in quarantine themselves because realistically right now you can’t count on prayer to save you from the virus which would really make anyone question if even God, Buddha or Allah is real or just some imaginary control bureaucracy

And whether God is real or not or trying to figure out which religion is right, it’s times like this that people need a visible sign because they believe by seeing but right now religion is the last thing to seek help from

On the other hand, this is a time when some people turn to religion considering there is no guaranteed way of curing the diseases and all that is left is believe in a superior being (God) to help you go through this period without being infected or at least recover

4. Every life matters

Even though most people don’t know who has died personally, the number of deaths is really frightening even though the number of survivors is really encouraging and shows anyone can overcome.

But for those who fail to make it, they meant something to someone and their lives matter in that respect especially since they didn’t do anything wrong and they are just victims of circumstances

5. Don’t underestimate any persons’ job

The MVPs of this pandemic are nurses, of course, doctors have always been celebrated as having a high Intel but right now it’s the nurses in the battlefield with this virus at various health centers and as of now they really deserve a good pay raise because some are even losing their lives

Even farmers are not given even the respect they deserve and this when you may realize the food may not be enough and you wish that maybe the farmers should have grown enough food so that it is abundant to help us stay indoors and prevent sellers from taking advantage of the demand during lockdowns

6. Money can buy medicine but not health

Who doesn’t want to be rich, even during this corona outbreak some people would be willing to work in high-risk areas to earn living a for themselves.

The virus has shown you don’t need to be rich to be infected and since there is no medicine for it, your money may not offer you any guarantees if you get infected

Though it could help you buy all the supplies in shops leaving almost none for others which makes you of course selfish

7. People are Selfish

For those of you who don’t know this, human beings are inherently selfish, in other words, people are selfish by nature

We only care about ourselves before we consider others, that’s why some people made panic buys of essential commodities almost leaving supermarkets empty and almost nothing for others

You will also realize that most countries didn’t care about the outbreak of this virus in china until it affected them and that’s when even the search for a vaccine started

This literally means no one cares about you unless there are directly or indirectly affected by a problem

8. Always make your house a home you love to live in

Interestingly during this time some people hate their homes and want to go out to a bar or in the park or at least stay at work doing nothing because they can’t bear staying in a house they are so much bored from

Well this is a good time for you to make your house a home because a home is not a place but a feeling

9. We are never ready to die but use your time very well

Much as we are always told to live each day like it’s our last one like if you love someone tell them because that may be the last chance you get or the last time you may get to see them, but most people hardly ever do that at all.

We always plan for the future and as of now, most major events have been postponed since we are all sure we will be here next year even though we can clearly see other people dying

We believe we will survive let alone as humans having a survival instinct that makes us fear death and the whole aspect of wondering what happens when we die

This also stops us from preparing for the worst in case it happens like corona pandemic but it also teaches us we have a short time here and we should make full use of it and do whatever we want, need to do or full fill our purpose in life before the time is up

We can’t plan for what we can’t predict

This is not really a lesson but a life situation that’s why its under death another life event.

Even though we are very aware that we will die someday and prepare for that in advance, the truth is we can’t prevent what we can’t predict.

If we most people predicted the epidemic like Bill Gates did and advised to prepare in advance maybe most countries would have set up enough facilities to handle this but honestly who saw this coming

Even the companies that make hospital ventilators never anticipated they would get a high demand for them like now otherwise they would be in business while saving lives

The lesson here is not blame yourself for something you seriously could never see coming because if you did you would have done something about it as it is even a human survival instinct

But if you predict something could go wrong in one way or another do something practical about it or else the next thing you will do is regretting

10. A lot of diseases or infections are caused or spread through poor hygiene

Well I won’t run you through the whole always wash your hands but on a serious notice, practicing good hygiene will help you prevent a lot of diseases and not necessarily only coronavirus

For that reason, you should always practice good personal hygiene on your body and around your environment even after that coronavirus pandemic comes to an end

So definitely you should be washing your hands whether there is a disease outbreak or not as this is more like a biosecurity practice to disease prevention

11. People believe by seeing

The bible says happy are those who believe without seeing, but in reality, most people or even countries only took the corona pandemic seriously after seeing the number of infections and deaths only increasing.

And even when the numbers got high, some countries only started to react when the neighboring countries got high infections, especially in Africa where the virus took long to reach with some people claiming blacks are immune.

Most African countries didn’t put any control measures in place earlier until they got hit by the pandemic.

Actually, when China built a hospital in 10 days, some people saw it as showing off but the fact that they did was a serious warning that China had understood what it was up against well as other countries waited to see people infected and dying to take the epidemic seriously

Even in love, some people would only believe you love them after seeing something probably tangible from you and not just words backed up with no action

12. We should always take our personal health serious

Most of the people recovering from the corona infection are a result of their immunity fighting back since there is no medicine as of now

This is where you realize the old saying, “health is wealth” is true and the life we have is a priceless possession with no price tag on it

And if you took your health for granted, this may be a trying moment for you if you happen to get infected

And we should also endeavor to remind our leaders to set up good health facilities because right now they are more needed than ever

13. You shouldn’t always count on your government

Well government taxes you so definitely you owe them a lot, but there are no guarantees as even some situations are hard for them to control how things run for instance in Italy most hospitals are full and it could take about 7 hours for an ambulance to get to you to take you to  hospital

And even the hospitals are full with lack of enough ventilators, now that’s a situation where even the government cannot help you on a personal basis and you will have to save yourself

14. You definitely need to get hobbies not a hobby

Most people right now are bored indoors because their favorite sport can’t take place due to all major events being canceled; well this is a time when you will need to try out one of your other hobbies

This is more like a backup plan or plan B to anything in life that may not go as planned

15. You should know how to cook.

Well, one of the activities you should be able to do during this lockdown is to cook for yourself since most restaurants are closed. And if you don’t know how to cook, then that is one of the things we recommend you should take your time and learn how to do

This period should also be an indication or a lesson to you that you can actually do without junk food

16. Practice saving some money

Depending on your current situation you should either learn to how to save money that’s if you don’t know or practice saving that’s if you already know how to

One of the reasons some people are having a hard time is not because they have no jobs or low paying jobs but they hardly have any money saved and if they did they would be able to buy necessities to use during the lockdown

17. Friends and family are really useful in lots of ways

Well for people who don’t have friends, this is a time when they would come handy because people are not designed to be alone and to some people, friends are only useful for financial reasons

Having internet and having other people to talk to right now would be a really good thing to help you from breaking down mentally and emotionally due to isolation from the rest of the people due to a lockdown

But then this is also time some people can learn to be alone and contented without emotionally breaking down due to a lack of people around them. And you should also learn to be on your own as if your friends happen to leave, you will be able to cope up on your own

This is also a time for family bonding, well this may be one the few times you get to spend some time with your family the whole day and you have to make full use of it plus supporting each other in different ways

But also this is a time that is testing relationship compatibility as some couples seem to have outgrown each other and they are only realizing it after spending a lot of time together in the house only to notice they have nothing in common

18. We are one and connected

Despite our differences in religion, race or social standings we all one and the COVID-19 virus is proving that because it’s not discriminating in the people it’s infecting by race, gender, sexual orientation or any divisions we have among ourselves as humans

At this moment all religions, tribes, races, people, and governments agreeing on the same things and trying to find a common ground putting their differences aside to help them overcome this together

And this would make you realize all these differences we have among us are not justifiable and are just holding us back even though it’s human nature to always dwell on the differences that divide us than similarities that unite us

And the way the virus spread from one country all throughout the world shows how we have a lot of things that connect and unite us that we can use to our advantage and definitely no man is an island


Otherwise, if you are learning nothing or you have learned nothing during this period then you were probably never affected in any way for some reason or you just wasted the whole lockdown period

There are lots of things one can learn from this pandemic and we would love to hear from you the life lessons that you have learned from the coronavirus global pandemic outbreak


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