5 ways how to tell if someone is lying to you

There are a couple of reasons why people lie and now we look at the possible ways how you can tell if a person is lying

This does not matter why the person is lying so the hints my vary from person to person

Neither do the following tips matter if a person lying is a girl or boy or what they are necessarily lying about

Below are the 5 ways how you can tell if someone is lying to you

1. The easiest way to tell if someone is lying is by anticipating it

It’s hard to tell if someone is lying unless you expect them to or anticipate them to lie. It’s why someone will easily scam you without getting a clue that you are being scammed because you didn’t expect it to happen or even think about it let alone being misdirected

This would be also easy to apply when someone texts as you will be able to look for clues from their text messages to see if they are lying or not

So expecting someone to lie is one way to logically tell if what is being said is the truth or a lie because your mind will also put a focus on it otherwise you will not notice whilst it is happening

For example, if you ask someone if they are home but you don’t believe them then you would try to ask a neighbour to check, that way, the fact that you expect them to lie will help you look for clues prove if someone is lying like asking your neighbour to confirm if someone is really home

2. Asking simple questions in relation to the topic.

This is why during interrogation they start with questions they expect you to know and answer in microseconds.

 And if you start stammering then the chances are high you would be lying for instance being asked what your name is.

This is stored in your short term memory and you answer it in seconds you don’t need to think for long about it.

For instance the year you were born. Where stay. Whether you are married or what you ate for lunch.

Taking long thinking or failure to answer such questions correctly can show someone is lying as they would be buying themselves time to cook up a lie

3. Looking at a person in the eyes

A person failing to look you in the eyes while talking may be a sign of shyness or unease but in some other instances it could be because someone is lying to you

This would also be an outcome of feeling guilty while telling a lie and someone cannot look you in the eye

4. Repeating a question

Asking someone a question and then again they repeat it after you like they didn’t hear it hence buying time to think of a lie to respond with.

You can also ask someone else to ask the same question and see if the person still gives the same answer

In some instances, the person may need to give both of you different answers to make his lie a success

5. Failure to answer a question directly

Being vague when answering a question that needs a direct straight forward answer like no or yes and instead someone opts to explain

Well if you asked someone if they are married and they decided to explain then they could be lying

That would be a question that requires a straight forward answer and needs no explanation


There is no fixed way to tell if someone is lying as some people become good and natural at lying that even body language cannot help you tell if they are lying

Take for instance the way movie stars act as if whatever is happening in a movie is real with all the emotions and their body language set to the scene.

Now that would be a good way to lie if you act like actors in movies

But coming up with your own ways other than the ones given could do the trick for you based on who you are asking

For example, telling a kid you will buy for him candy if he tells the truth may make him say the truth just as simple as that

On the other hand, someone can also use the above as tricks to lie

But since you already know how to tell if someone is lying to you, you will be a few steps ahead of them because you can anticipate it


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