5 effects of telling lies

It’s next to impossible not to tell a lie at one time or another for whatever reasons we do so, it’s quite inevitable in our lives

Here are the reasons why people tell lies that are likely to lead to the following the consequences

But just because most people do it, it does not make lying right or a good thing irrespective of the reasons they do it

Telling lies has consequences especially when the truth is found out like;

1. Lying could turn into a habit

lying will grow into a habit which is not a good thing at all because you will even lie when there is no reason but just as a result of a habit

Constant lying can become a part of you and more like an involuntary activity in that you even lie without you paying attention to it or its effects

but just because you have gotten yourself accustomed to it

It even gets worse when lying is giving you benefits like being able to scam people online. it would be hard to give up such a habit considering its benefits like making easy money

It’s one of the reasons thieves never stop stealing even when they steal enough money to move on and the only thing that stops them is being caught

The habit becomes irreplaceable and hard to break

2. Lying could ruin a relationship

A relationship would be ruined if the person you lied to finds out the truth

Am sure none of us would want to be with a person who lies no matter what and some relationships are never the same when one partner is found to be lying

The trust in a relationship would be broken and even when you change your from your lying habit, your partner will still be skeptical about you telling lies and it is hard to be with someone you do not trust

3. Lying could destroy your inner peace and state of mind

You cannot be a peace with yourself especially when you know the truth could change a lot of things positively even at your expense

Even if you killed a person and denied it, it will eat you slowly knowing that you did it. And it even gets worse when you see someone else paying for your lies and you know you can bail them out of their pain because they are innocent

Its the reason some people easily admit to doing something wrong, sometimes they want to let that lie off their chest and feel relieved of that emotional and mental burden of lying

4. You will be labeled a lair

You will lie once but you will always be labeled a lair even when you tell the truth you will be doubted

Once a liar always a liar. so it will even be hard to tell someone that you need help because they will think you are trying to pull a prank on them

It would be really hard to live life when everything you say or do is seen as a lie

5. Trust, reliability, and credibility will be broken

Once trust is one broken is very hard to repair and if its a business that would literary mark the end of it as no one would honestly want to deal with you at all

This is the worst bit of lying as one core aspect of integrity and honesty would be telling the truth

And once you break it, you will lose all the reputation you would have built over time


There are short term benefits for lying but soon or later the truth will come out and you will face the repercussions of your habit, it’s better to come clean earlier about your lies before you start paying the price for them


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