Are We Meant to be Happy ?

You would be surprised if you realized that everything we do in our lives is to bring us happiness.

As in everything we do whether good or bad, whether, for ourselves or others, the end result and gain is happiness

Of course, before we can think of happiness we must also know or at least feel what sadness is. It’s in this aspect that we know what sadness is and no one wants it that we try hard to be happy

Happiness is a feeling of pleasure, satisfied and being full of joy.  The definition of happiness shows that we are looking for it every day even without our consent

The good things we do for happiness

  • Going to school and getting good grades is going to bring you happiness
  • Starting a family, having kids and a great spouse will bring you happiness
  • Getting a great job where you are paid highly with fantastic allowances will bring you happiness too
  • Winning a law case will bring you happiness
  • Helping needy people starting or up a charity organization will bring you happiness
  • To love and be loved will also bring you happiness, who does not want to be loved anyway
  • Dressing smartly and getting complimented
  • Listening to your favorite song
  • Getting a job promotion
  • Having a good time with friends or family 

The list above also shows you things we seek every day in our lives and end that end result when we get them is happiness or satisfaction

Happiness can also be found in a couple of things, it could be a warm embrace of your child, a hug from your lover, or the cold breeze that blows from the sea up the hills

Even when you go into competitions be it sports or academic competitions and you win you will feel happy

So literary every positive thing we do for ourselves or others we attain happiness from it as the end result and since it never lasts, we keep on chasing it if we lose it

And if we cannot attain happiness naturally at least we will buy it.

The bad things we do for happiness 

First of all, no one ever does anything to inflict pain on themselves even when someone does something bad to themselves they are trying to attain happiness out of it

But lots of people do bad things to others or inflict pain on others to derive happiness or satisfaction out of their actions

It is completely odd and off when you tell someone that people also do bad things to derive happiness from them but we are going to look at that aspect of getting happiness

First the very debatable and sensitive one, people end their lives in search for happiness, this is a bad way to look for happiness

But when people do endure a lot more than they feel they are willing to take or handle, some give up and end their lives to escape the pain. It’s not that there is joy where they are going but they feel they have experienced enough pain and if they cannot find the desired happiness they call it quits

Stealing, This is strange right, but when one steals something from you, they will use it for their personal benefits and in the end, it will bring them happiness so if someone steals money, they buy say a car which will make them happy

Cheating, this is now a normal thing but just because everyone else does it, it does not make it right, some people just derive sexual satisfaction from their cheating which will make them happy

Revenge and vengeance. These are almost the same but people do them to derive satisfaction for themselves which will in return make them happy

The examples of satisfactory revenge lie in crimes of passion especially when relationships go wrong

So just think of any bad thing that people do every day of their lives, anything and trust me they are doing it to get happiness.

The exception of this is the intent under which a certain action is done, for example, if you knock a person dead, technically an accident, the fact that you inflicted unintentional pain on the other person you will not be happy

And in instances like those we show remorse for actions and feel sorry and very sad inside.


Humans are meant to chase happiness at whatever cost and doing whatever it takes to be happy and never getting enough it as they will lose it and seek it gain

It would be unnatural to say humans are not meant to be happy. So if you are looking for happiness in life, then you are indirectly also looking for your purpose in life and fulfilling your purpose in life will bring you happiness

It also gives life meaning to have something to live up to every day that will give you happiness and make it worthwhile


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